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Sports News
New York Sports and Beyond
Featured this week: Larry Hardesty chats with Warren Breining, Director at Athletes Helping Athletes, about sportsmanship in light of the Astros cheating scandal.
37 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Chris Sale will undergo Tommy John surgery and more NBA players test positive for COVID-19. Plus, Gordon reveals 7 second round matchups of his rewatchable movie bracket.
45 min
ESPN NY Tonight
Larry asks the listeners "Who are your top 5 Next Gen QB's?"
45 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Is Tom Brady leaving New England the most shocking move in sports? Plus, Gordon reveals the wild card region of his "Rewatchable" movie bracket.
46 min
ESPN NY Tonight
Larry offers his thoughts on the DeAndre Hopkins situation, Giants and Jets free agency moves, the COVID-19 developments in the NBA and much more.
43 min
Larry's Top News Stories
Larry offers his thoughts on all the top news stories of the day including Adam Silver's sit down with Rachel Nichols and more.
8 min
Judging Judge
ESPN Giants reporter Jordan Raanan joins 98.7 FM's Larry Hardesty to discuss the Giants' free agency moves specifically what we have learned about Joe Judge, how the team's approach has changed, Blake Martinez and more.
18 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Tom Brady is leaving New England and is expected to sign with the Buccaneers. Plus, Gordons reveals the action region in his rewatchable movie bracket.
44 min
ESPN NY Tonight: 3/17/20
Bigger free agent story, LeBron heading to South Beach or Brady bolting for Tampa Bay? Larry Hardesty discusses this on 98.7 ESPN.
38 min
The Gordon Damer Show
NFL Free agency has kicked off. The Giants and the Jets are already making moves. Plus, Gordon reveals the comedy region of his rewatchable movie bracket.
46 min
ESPN NY Tonight w/ Larry Hardesty
Larry Hardesty goes over the NFLPA vote, free agency trades, franchise tags and more on tonight's episode of ESPN NY Tonight.
71 min
ESPN NY Tonight w/ Larry Hardesty
Larry Hardesty uses audio clips to give you the day's top news stories.
11 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The NBA could return in mid to late June. Plus, the NFL players have voted to approve the new CBA. And Gordon introduces the rewatchable movie bracket and reveals the drama region.
47 min
The Gordon Damer Show: 3/14/20
Gordon explains the fallacy that there's a shortage in content. Plus, an extended version of Net-Picks & Chill on 98.7 ESPN.
54 min
ESPN NY Tonight
On tonights show Larry asks you what your favorite memories of meeting an athlete are.
49 min
Best of ESPN New York 200313 [New York]
Rich Cimini joins Larry to discuss what the Jets and Giants should do in Free Agency.
17 min
New York Sports and Beyond
Featured this week: Sherrie Mazur speaks about the V Foundation for Cancer Research's month of March; NYSB host emeritus Bill Daughtry on the effects of COVID-19 on sports & the death of NY sports radio pioneer Ed Ingles.
38 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Basically all sports have been either postponed or cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus. What do you do now?
46 min
ESPN NY Tonight w/ Larry Hardesty
Larry Hardesty goes over the day's top stories with audio from around the media.
6 min
ESPN NY Tonight w/ Larry Hardesty
Larry Hardesty addresses the suspensions and cancellations that dominated almost every league in sports today due to the coronavirus pandemic.
64 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Last night the NBA made the stunning decision to suspend the season due to the coronavirus. How long do you think that suspension will remain in effect?
40 min
ESPN NY Tonight
Larry reacts to the NBA's announcement that the season will be suspended
35 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Do you believe that any sports league will cancel games due to concern over the coronavirus? Plus, Hofstra returns to NCAA Tournament for first time since 2001
39 min
The Gordon Damer Show
NFL free agency begins on March 18th and reports are that the Giants and Leonard Williams are "not close" on a new contract. What is the best case scenario for the Giants when it comes to Williams?
42 min
ESPN NY Tonight
Larry gives his take on the Atkinson firing and is joined by Kristie Ackert to talk Yankees and their injury bug.
53 min