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The Gordon Damer Show
It is Wild Card weekend in the NFL. The Patriots host the Titans on Saturday night. There has been plenty of speculation on the future of Tom Brady. Do you believe that Saturday night will be Brady's final home game in Foxboro?
46 min
The problem for Giants ownership is the inability to adapt - winning organizations are ones that are constantly changing and adapting.
44 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Giants coaching search is already underway with some interviews set to take place this week. When its all said and done the 18th head coach of the Giants will be?
45 min
Pat O'Keefe
Pat O'Keefe fills in for Stephen A. Smith: Pat Shurmur hasn't earned the right to be brought back as Giants head coach in 2020.
80 min
The Mike Gunz Show
Mike Gunz wraps up the decade talking Giants and Jets.
32 min
Connor Rogers
Connor Rogers of Bleacher Report joined Mike Gunz to discuss the Jets offseason.
14 min
The Gordon Damer Show: 12/28/19
Gordon Damer discusses Shurmur & Gase being judged differently. Plus, an analysis of the NYC sports debacles this last decade on 98.7 ESPN.
65 min
Driving Home w/ Alan Hahhn
Alan Hahn joins Larry to recap the Knicks disappointing loss to the Wizards and more.
13 min
The Drive with Larry Hardesty
Larry puts a bow on the Giants and Jets wins and talks to you about whether or not the Giants would have been better off tanking
48 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Gordon discusses the Knicks seeming to turnaround a bit after Mike Miller took over, the Jets-Steelers game and Tom Coughlin's exit in Jacksonville.
56 min
The Gordon Damer Show
After Gerrit Cole's press conference, people are talking about his sign and the Nike swoosh sign on the Yankees jersey. Do you like it?
39 min
ESPN New York Tonight
Larry takes your calls on the Jets, the Giants, and Star Wars
44 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Yankees introduced Gerrit Cole yesterday at the Stadium. Owner Hal Steinbrenner stated "We need to win some World Championships." Do you think the Yankees need to win multiple titles to justify the Cole signing?
39 min
The Gordon Damer Show
While the Knicks have won 3 of their last 4 games there are reports that if the Knicks wanted to land Masai Ujiri after this season it would cost them 2 1st round picks. Would you do it?
39 min
Alan Hahn: 12/17/19
Alan Hahn joined Larry Hardesty following the Knicks returning from their road trip with a dominant win on 98.7 ESPN. What does it mean?
14 min
ESPN New York Tonight: 12/17/19
Larry Hardesty reacts to the Knicks destroying the Hawks on 98.7 ESPN.
37 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Astros & Patriots have both made headlines recently over allegations of cheating. *IF* the allegations against both are proven to be true which scandal is worse?
40 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Giants win over Miami sets up a very important week 16 match up against Washington. A loss moves the Giants closer to the 2nd overall pick. A win could drop them down to at least 4th. What would you rather have?
41 min
Fight Night with Peter Rosenberg
Stephen A Smith, Teofimo Lopez and Ariel Helwani join the show to break down all the big fights from Top Rank Boxing and UFC 245.
40 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Gordon discusses the Yankees signing Gerrit Cole, the Knicks 2 win streak, the Irishman and much more.
60 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Jets lose to the Ravens, but you expected that. The Yankees bring back Gardner, but will they bring back Betances? Also, is The Irishman terrible?
41 min
The Gordon Damer Show
While the season is not over yet it is clear the Giants will have to make a coaching change when its over. Who do you think would make the best fit? Plus, Gordon's rebuttal
39 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Yankees have landed Gerrit Cole for a reported 9 years and $324m. The Yankees are the biggest winner in the record deal. Who is the biggest loser?
39 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Giants lost their 9th straight game last night to fall to 2-11 on the season. Assuming that Eli continues to start, do you want the Giants to win for Eli?
40 min
ESPN New York Tonight
David Fizdale deserves his fair share of the blame for the #Knicks failures but he isn't the only one to blame. Plus, Treavor Scales joins the show to talk College Football.
44 min