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The Gordon Damer Show
Derek Jeter was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. What was surprising was that he came up 1 vote shy of getting in unanimously. Do you think we will ever find out the identity of the voter who left Jeter off his ballot?
41 min
ESPN NY Tonight: 1/21/20
Jeter gets into the HOF! What's your favorite moment of his career? Larry Hardesty discusses on 98.7 ESPN.
65 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Today the 2020 Baseball Hall of fame class will be announced. In their 8th year on the ballot both Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will almost certainly come up short. With 2 years left do you think that either will ever be elected by the BBWAA ?
43 min
ESPN NY Tonight w/ Larry Hardesty
Larry Hardesty talks about the New York Knicks and what Mike Miller has brought to the team and thinks Jason Garrett will bring a lot as the Giants' offensive coordinator.
62 min
The Gordon Damer Show
It will be the 49ers vs the Chiefs in 2 weeks in Miami. The consensus opening line makes the games a pick'em. So who ya got?
42 min
The Drive with Larry Hardesty
The Chiefs and 49ers won in decisive fashion to setup an exciting Super Bowl matchup and The Rangers lose a heart breaker late in regulation.
36 min
The Gordon Damer Show 1-18-20
Gordon Damer says the MLB got it wrong when it came to the Astros punishment on 98.7 ESPN.
77 min
The Gordon Damer Show
With Carlos Beltran now out with the Mets, 3 teams are looking for a manager with spring training about a month away. Are the Mets the least appealing job?
41 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The status of Carlos Beltran as Mets manager is in doubt with a report yesterday that his support within the organization is "wavering." IF the Mets do decide to move on from Beltran who should they hire as manager?
40 min
Best of ESPN New York 200115 [New York]
What will the Mets decide to do with Carlos Beltran and if they replace him, who would be a good fit?
37 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Yesterday Alex Cora was let go as a result of the Astros cheating scandal. Mets Manager Carlos Beltran's fate remains in limbo. What do you think the Mets will do with their manager?
41 min
The Gordon Damer Show
MLB finally handed down their punishment as a result of the Astros cheating scandal. Was the punishment too little?
46 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The matchups for the AFC and NFC title games are set. Both the 49ers and Chiefs are heavy favorites. If you had to pick an underdog next Sunday it would be?
40 min
The Drive with Larry Hardesty 01-12-20
Larry breaks down the Knicks victory over the Heat and gives his thoughts on the Giants new head coach and his new defensive coordinator.
46 min
Driving Home with Alan Hahn
Alan and Larry wrap up the Knicks big win against the Heat and the wild Chiefs win over the Texans.
15 min
The Gordon Damer Show: 1/11/20
Gordon Damer reacts to the Giants hiring Joe Judge as their head coach on 98.7 ESPN. Plus, what will the punishment be for the Astros?
55 min
ESPN NY Tonight w/ Larry Hardesty
Larry Hardesty celebrates Throwback Thursday and talks Giants' new Head Coach Joe Judge, updates on the Nets and chats with Treavor Scales about the LSU Clemson game.
58 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The Giants are set to introduce Joe Judge as their new head coach at a press conference this afternoon. Is the hiring of Judge the riskiest decision that Dave Gettleman has made in his time as the GM?
40 min
Chris Carlin explains that the Giants hiring Joe Judge as head coach may or may not work out, but the team needs a strong offensive coordinator to develop Daniel Jones.
57 min
The Gordon Damer Show
It had been less than 24 hours since the stunning decision by the Giants to hire Joe Judge as their new head coach. Your initial reaction to the news was?
47 min
The Gordon Damer Show
The NY Giants are set to interview Baylor HC Matt Rhule today. At this point he seems the overwhelming favorite to land the Giants job. If he does become the next head coach of NYG how will you feel?
45 min
ESPN NY Tonight
Larry discusses the Giants coaching situation now that Mike McCarthy is off the table and questions what the Knicks should do with Marcus Morris.
51 min
The Gordon Damer Show
Wild Card weekend had 4 exciting games and plenty of thrilling performances. While there can be plenty of debate of who had the BEST weekend who do you think had the WORST weekend?
43 min
The Drive with Larry Hardesty
Larry talks about the future for both the Jets and Giants and he puts a bow on the Knicks heartbreaking loss to the Clippers.
41 min
The Gordon Damer Show: 1/4/19
Only the Mets could have something like this happen Cespedes. Do Giants fans regret begging to hear from Dave Gettleman? Gordon Damer discusses who the next HC should be.
61 min