The King Road Killings: An Idaho Murd...

When four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death in their off-campus house on King Road, the media descended on the tiny town of Moscow, Idaho. ABC News Correspondent Kayna Whitworth brings listeners behind the scenes as she investigates the savage murders that captivated and horrified the nation in the winter of 2022. The King Road Killings, an immersive, reported series from ABC Audio, follows the case against Bryan Kohberger, the criminology PhD student charged with the murders. In the series, Whitworth takes a close look at why these students might have been targeted, how fear can grip a town when little information comes from law enforcement, and what happens when your community becomes the latest “true crime” storyline. A five-part narrative series, plus special update episodes as new information comes to light. Look for Season 2 at the start of the trial.

True Crime
The King Road Killings Update: A Longer Road to...
33 min
Brief Update: Bryan Kohberger Pre-Trial
10 min
Ep. 5: Unresolved
41 min
Ep. 4: Who is Bryan Kohberger?
42 min
Ep. 3: The Investigation
43 min
Ep. 2: The Aftermath
38 min
Ep. 1: The House on a Hill
31 min
Breaking News: The Arraignment
5 min
Breaking News: Idaho College Murders Suspect In...
4 min
Introducing | The King Road Killings: An Idaho ...
Announcing a new podcast on the Idaho murders, launching June 7th.
2 min