The National Curriculum

School is back in session. Join a rotating collection of some of Australian football’s finest brain thinkers in Joey Lynch, Nick Stoll, Nick D'Urbano, and Josh Parish -- as well as some special guests along the way -- for The National Curriculum.

Every week, the TNC crew will look back at the week that was in Australian football and bring you the best analysis and opinion in Australian football. No cow is too sacred, no topic too taboo, or figure too untouchable to be spared the wrath of Good Football Takes™

Yuel tidings, high boots, Defiance of conventio...
<p>Nick Stoll, Teo Pellizzeri, Josh Parish and Joey Lynch review Round 3 of the A-League Men, featuring the return of VAR, another Sturridge no-show, crypto ticket prices, and seagulls.&nbsp;</p>
87 min
A-League Men Round 2: ft. Teo Pellizzeri! | 28 ...
<p>The Jets are box office, the Wanderers aren't, Victory’s fans are up and about, and there might be a need for some international fraud watch. <br> <br> Joey Lynch, Nick Stoll, Nick D'Urbano, Josh Parish, and debutant Teo Pellizzeri are back to take you through week that was in Australian&nbsp;sokkah.</p>
95 min
A-League Men Round 1: Time to overreact! | 21 N...
<p>Here comes the future: technical difficulties, underdone players, and unplayable pitches. The new A-League is beginning to look a whole lot like the old one...</p> <p>Upon the triumphant return of The National Curriculum, podcast stalwarts Joey Lynch, Josh Parish &amp; Ante Jukić are bolstered by new recruits Nick Stoll &amp; Nick D'Urbano to analyse and overreact to Round 1 of the new A-League Men's season.&nbsp;</p>
91 min