Caught Offside

Andrew Gundling and JJ Devaney cover the week's soccer news from the international leagues, FIFA World Cup and MLS.

Caught Offside: Recapping a memorable USMNT win over Mexico.
50 min
Caught Offside: BONUS PODCAST - USMNT defeat Ho...
Caught Offside: Recapping the US Men's 1-0 win over Honduras
47 min
Caught Offside: UCL Final review and EPL Devund...
Caught Offside: Chelsea are champions of Europe
100 min
Caught Offside: EPL/Atletico/UCL Final filled B...
Caught Offside: wrapping up the Premier League season
89 min
Caught Offside: Tremendous Character
Caught Offside: Leicester rise while Barca fall
92 min
Caught Offside: In the dumpster
Caught Offside: Juve approach rock bottom and Chelsea knock off City
78 min
Caught Offside: Chelsea are into the Champions ...
Caught Offside: Chelsea will meet Man City in the UCL Final
77 min
Caught Offside: The Mancunian Episode
Caught Offside: Man City are through to the UCL Final
87 min
Caught Offside: Back to Business
Caught Offside: League Cup review, Super League fallout and more
82 min
Caught Offside: Collapse of the Super League
Caught Offside: The dramatic downfall of the European Super League
46 min
Caught Offside: The Super League
Caught Offside: Explaining the European Super League
88 min
Caught Offside: EMERGENCY PODCAST - The Super L...
Caught Offside: Emergency podcast on the European Super League
39 min
Caught Offside: Bonus podcast - UCL and CCL recap
Caught Offside: Recapping the UCL quarterfinals
63 min
Caught Offside: Blankety Blank
Caught Offside: Recapping El Clasico and previewing MLS 2021
86 min
Caught Offside: Calm or Chaos?
Caught Offside: analyzing the EPL clubs that are in a state of chaos
77 min
Caught Offside: Humble Island
Caught Offside: the current state of US Men's Soccer
75 min
Caught Offside: International Break... Annnnnnn...
Caught Offside: What we're looking for from the USMNT
83 min
Caught Offside: Receipts
Caught: Offside: Musah, Man City, St. Patrick's Day and more
81 min
Caught Offside: Staring into the abyss
Caught Offside: Barca on the rise, Liverpool in freefall
80 min
Caught Offside: Feeling all alone
Caught Offside: Examining the EPL relegation race
82 min
Caught Offside: the top 4 race tightens
Caught Offside: Happy days for Everton and West Ham
79 min
Caught Offside: Being Kylian Mbappe
Caught Offside: Mbappe and Haaland emerging as world superstars
67 min
Caught Offside: The Ole-Coaster ride continues
Caught Offside: Manchester City further the gap
68 min
Caught Offside: Bad Champions
Caught Offside: Why has Liverpool's season spiraled in this direction?
79 min
Caught Offside: EPL, USMNT, Transfer Window and...
Caught Offside: Lionel Messi strikes again!
76 min
Caught Offside: Mour of the same
Caught Offside: Liverpool defeat Tottenham yet again
63 min
Caught Offside: LAMPARD OUT - "Franks for the M...
Frank Lampard gets the sack as Manager of Chelsea
74 min
Caught Offside: GQulisic
Caught Offside: Deep dive into Christian Pulisic
79 min
Caught Offside: Hoppe Days, Midweek Peak & Live...
Caught Offside: Previewing Liverpool's matchup with Man Utd
79 min
Caught Offside: Frankly speaking
Caught Offside: EFL Cup semifinals recap and deep dive into Chelsea's struggles
91 min
Caught Offside: Peace out, 2020!
Caught Offside: Looking back on the year that was in the world of soccer
103 min
Caught Offside: LAFC's CONCACAF bummer
Caught Offside: Recap of Tigres' win over LAFC
79 min
Caught Offside: Liverpool-Tottenham reaction pod
Caught Offside: Immediate reaction to Liverpool's 2-1 win over Spurs
45 min
Caught Offside: The team gossip
Caught Offside: MLS Cup recap & Champions League knockout stage preview
82 min
Caught Offside: ARSENE WENGER joins the pod plu...
Caught Offside: Legendary Manager Arsene Wenger joins the show
76 min
Caught Offside: The fly in the ointment
Caught Offside: North London Derby recap and MLS Cup Final preview
92 min
Caught Offside: EPL, Revs, USMNT and more
Caught Offside: What's wrong with Arsenal?
76 min
Caught Offside: Maradona
Caught Offside: Reflecting on the life and legacy of Diego Maradona
16 min
Caught Offside: EPL title race and MLS madness
Caught Offside: EPL title challengers begin to emerge
85 min
Caught Offside: First impressions of the new lo...
Caught Offside: Initial impressions of the youthful USMNT
68 min
Caught Offside: USMNT reaction pod
Caught Offside: Recapping the US Men's draw with Wales
44 min
Caught Offside: Rinse-Repeat at United
Caught Offside: More of the same in Manchester
81 min
Caught Offside: USMNT squad, EPL and more
The USMNT announce their upcoming squad
79 min
Caught Offside: Statement Games
El Clasico recap, Man City issues, UCL preview and more
69 min
Caught Offside: Wild EPL weekend and UCL preview
Why American fans should be excited about the Champions League
95 min
Caught Offside: International Break Wheel of Fo...
Projecting our USMNT starting-11
89 min
Caught Offside: Surreal Sunday
Man Utd and Liverpool both fall apart
93 min
Caught Offside: Jumping to Conclusions
Making early EPL proclamations
78 min
Caught Offside: EPL recap and USMNT status update
Liverpool roll and Bale is back
83 min
Caught Offside: EPL is back, break out the full...
Recapping the first week of the EPL season
73 min
Caught Offside: 2020-21 EPL Season Preview PART...
Previewing the upcoming EPL season
81 min
Caught Offside: 2020-21 EPL Season Preview PART 1
Previewing the 2020-21 EPL season
53 min
Caught Offside: Messi updates, Arsenal uptick, ...
Which clubs could sign Lionel Messi?
81 min
Caught Offside: MESSI
Examining Messi's uncertain future
66 min
Bayern triumph in the 2020 UCL Final
59 min
Caught Offside: Interview with Kate Abdo
Talking Champions League w/ Kate Abdo
24 min
Caught Offside: Champions League Semifinal revi...
Recap of Champions League semifinals
70 min
Caught Offside: Man City and Barcelona: what we...
Recap of City and Barca's UCL defeats
67 min
Caught Offside: The Lost Quarterfinal of Atalanta
Champions League and MLS recap
75 min
Caught Offside: EPL Devundlings and Jon Champion
Final analysis of the 2019-2020 EPL season
97 min
Caught Offside: EPL recap, De Boer out, Dash tr...
The Premier League has reached the end
92 min
Caught Offside: MLS, Barca, EPL and more!
FC Barcelona are at a crossroads
87 min
Caught Offside: Blue Monday for UEFA
EPL's race for the top 4 is very much on
94 min
Caught Offside: MLS Is Back and EPL continues
Previewing the "MLS Is Back" tournament
91 min
Caught Offside: Boy Wonder-ful
Christian Pulisic begins to emerge for Chelsea (hopefully that fits)
88 min
It took 30 years but Liverpool are back on top! JJ basks in the glory of a memorable night as the boys discuss Klopp's impact, the Coutinho-turning point, who gets a statue and much much more.
55 min
Caught Offside: "EPL Back for Additional Coverage"
The English Premier League is back and while some may have found the soccer to be, let's just say, less than stellar, we don't care! Plus, our list of great players defined by not-so-great moments.
78 min
Caught Offside: "EPL Back For More"... again
The boys cover all angles of the EPL restart - is this the dawn of a Liverpool dynasty? Should Wolves be disappointed if they don't qualify for Champions League? Are Arsenal at a crucial crossroads? All that and much more!
91 min
Caught Offside: Goin' to Disney World
The boys dive in to MLS' restart plans and discuss what's to come in La Liga's return. Plus, what Timo Werner might mean for Christian Pulisic at Chelsea.
78 min
Caught Offside: Cobi Jones on protests, race, s...
US Soccer legend Cobi Jones joins the guys for an in-depth discussion on George Floyd's death, race in America, representing his country and much much more...
20 min
Caught Offside: The soccer world reacts
We discuss the soccer world's response to the ongoing events in America. Plus, MLS' restart is a go, Andrew wonders if his hair is "wedding appropriate" and more...
66 min
Caught Offside: Der Klassiker recap
It was a big day in the Bundesliga as Bayern take a leap forward in their quest for an 8th straight title. The boys recap the match, discuss fake crowd noise, wonder how Don Garber can plug the leaks and more!
65 min
Caught Offside: Bundesliga Back For More
The boys take a look back at the Bundesliga's return, rewrite the career history of various soccer stars, discuss MLS TV ideas and much more.
61 min
Caught Offside: Previously on "The Bundesliga"...
With the Bundesliga returning this weekend, the boys get you caught up with what you need to know. Plus, the latest developments with MLS and an in-depth look at "Ultra" culture.
86 min
Caught Offside: Bundesliga returns, USWNT legal...
The boys rejoice at the return of the Bundesliga & ask what this may mean for other leagues. Jeff Carlisle updates us on MLS & we discuss the USWNT legal case. PLUS: the worst transfers in Premier League history.
82 min
Caught Offside: League restarts in question and...
The boys are back talking league restarts and fan culture in the US vs England. Plus, the great Guy Mowbray joins for a really fun chat on England's WC '18 run, last year's memorable UCL moments, the loudest roar he's heard in a stadium and much much mor
85 min
Caught Offside: The new Newcastle
The boys are joined by Kristan Heneage to examine the anticipated sale of Newcastle United. Plus, what's the one game that you could NEVER stomach re-watching?
85 min
Caught Offside: When will the games return?
The boys are back to discuss everything from when soccer could return to the USMNT's youth movement to Man United's transfer decisions and much much more!
152 min
Caught Offside: In a basement and an apartment
The boys reconvene to discuss Liverpool's awkward furlough/non-furlough. Plus, Kyle Walker gets caught, Jose Mourinho's brazen training session, the greatest EPL transfers of all time and more!
74 min
Caught Offside: Con. Cup Time Machine
The boys take you back in time for an emergency podcast following an American classic. Plus, our thoughts on the EPL's possible return plan, DaMarcus Beasley's all time 11 and much more!
99 min
Caught Offside: Wheel of Football Special
The show goes on! The boys break out "the wheel" and discuss their EPL players of the decade, failed transfers from the past, which games they could watch on repeat and much more!
73 min
Caught Offside: Looking out for one another
The boys are here to try and bring at least a granule of normalcy to a situation that has been anything but. We discuss the immediate future of each league, Dempsey's gem vs Juve, Carlos Cordeiro's resignation and more.
76 min
Caught Offside: Coronavirus update, UCL recap a...
With news breaking by the minute, the guys react to what has become a truly surreal moment in sports. Plus, a Champions League recap, the USWNT's court battle and more.
81 min
Caught Offside: the good, the bad, the Jose
The guys discuss which teams are feeling good after the weekend and which teams are not. Plus, we get you ready for a big week of Champions League action and wonder if Scotland is on the verge of big things.
83 min
Caught Offside: Liverpool, MLS, El Clasico and ...
So many things! Liverpool lose, MLS kicks off, Barca drop el Clasico, protests in the Bundesliga, City win a trophy, we give soccer documentary recommendations, human Twitter debuts and much much more!
88 min
Caught Offside: Champions League Recap & MLS Pr...
It's a big day as the boys do everything in their power to get you ready for the upcoming MLS season. Plus, Man City grab a huge win in Madrid and Bayern dominate Chelsea.
89 min
Caught Offside: Champions League 1st legs
The Champions League returns! Tottenham come out slow, Klopp gets annoyed and Haaland strikes again! Plus, our favorite sports movies and a truly horrifying red card.
87 min
Caught Offside: Manchester City EMERGENCY POD
Huh, who knew that Financial Fair Play was an actual thing. The boys give their instant reaction to the severe ruling against Manchester City in this emergency podcast.
38 min
Caught Offside: EPL reset and USMNT/MLS updates
It may be winter break for the EPL, but not for us! The guys get you ready for part 2 of the season including an "In the Club" with Sheffield United. Plus, Gio Reyna's goal, Timmy Chandler's resurgence, Dele Alli's mistake and more.
96 min
Caught Offside: EPL, USMNT and more
The boys meet up to discuss what's up with Man City and what this win meant for Spurs. Plus, attendance issues for the US, party issues for PSG and Brexit issues for the EPL.
98 min
Caught Offside: The end of the magic
It's a jam packed pod where the boys discuss the perception of England's domestic cups, Gregg Berhalter's "Leadership Council," and Kobe Bryant's soccer influence.
94 min
Caught Offside: Liverpool vs history and Andrew...
The boys discuss Liverpool and the multi-faceted greatness of Virgil Van Dijk. Plus, where it all went wrong for United and Gab Marcotti joins for a tour around Europe.
80 min
Caught Offside: Caught Offside Cup
The Caught Offside Cup once again goes Liverpool's way; the boys discuss that as well as Jose Mourinho's approach (Warning: their will be debate). Plus, Brian McBride gets a job, Zidane gets a trophy and Leroy Jenkins gets a mention.
78 min
Caught Offside: New year, new Wheel of Football
The boys are back in-studio together again talking about Man United's shortcomings, Everton's dreadful FA Cup, Jurgen Klinsmann's "new legacy" and much much more!
85 min
Caught Offside: EPL Festive Period winners and ...
With the "Festive Period" now behind us, the boys lay out their 3 winners and losers from the last couple weeks in the EPL. Plus, of our two hosts, who would be more likely to dislike Adam Sandler? Download and find out.
65 min
Caught Offside: the Festive Period
It's a trans-continental pod as the boys link up to discuss Liverpool's greatness, Wolves' triumph over City, gifts that JJ receives for Christmas and more.
83 min
Caught Offside: A Caught Offside Christmas
It's a festive pod as the boys debut their new holiday album. Plus, we recap a "meh" El Clasico, discuss Klopp's squad decision and analyze the Champions League draw.
70 min
Caught Offside: Group Stage Recap
The boys give their final analysis of the Champions League group stage and make their predictions for what will happen in the knockout stage. Plus, "JJ's funny stories" and Mbappe vs Tuchel.
65 min
Caught Offside: Slam Dunc, Manc Derby and more
The boys get your week started with a look back at United's Derby Day triumph and Duncan's big day for Everton. Plus, could this Leicester be better than that other Leicester???
68 min
Caught Offside: The Photo Shoot
It's a bonus mid-week pod as the boys discuss Everton's continuing struggles, Liverpool's consistent relentlessness, Lampard's praise for Pulisic and more.
60 min