Lakers Talk with Allen Sliwa
This is a Lakers town, and Allen Sliwa is getting you closer to the team during Lakers Talk weekly on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.
HR 1: Hello DeAndre
Allen Sliwa talks about the addition of DeAndre Jordan and past expectations for Kyle Kuzma.
44 min
HR 2: Band's Back Together
Allen and Lakers Nation Trevor Lane talk Rajon Rondo and Lakers.
45 min
HR 1: Another Oldie But Goodie
Allen Sliwa talks about Rajon Rondo signing with the Lakers.
49 min
HR 2: Next Laker's Signing
Allen and Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer talk NBA and Lakers.
53 min
HR 1: Russ' Skills
Allen Sliwa talks about the strengths Russell Westbrook brings to the Lakers.
44 min
HR 2: Ben Gay and Icy Hot
With the new Laker pieces Allen Sliwa shares his thoughts.
46 min
HR 1: Blown Out of Proportion
Allen Sliwa isn't worried about the the advance NBA age of team Lakers.
46 min
HR 2: The Westbrook Fit
Allen Sliwa talks about the Westbrook fit and more free agency.
51 min
HR 1: Free Agent Arms Race
Allen Sliwa talks about all the Lakers free agency moves this week.
46 min
HR 2: Third Star Fit
Brad Turner talks about the possiblility of DeMar DeRozan to the Lakers
48 min
HR 1: Coming Soon
Allen talks about the rumor that DeMar DeRozan is heading to LA.
42 min
HR 2: Stephen A: AD for Lillard!
Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer talks NBA Finals, Lakers free agency and more.
43 min
HR 1: Balling for Lonzo
Allen ask Laker fans do you want Lonzo Ball back.
47 min
HR 2: 25th Anniversary of Kobe to Lakers
Allen Sliwa welcomes The Athletic's Jovan Buha who talks about the NBA Finals and Lakers.
46 min
HR 1: How Many More Years
Allen talks about LeBron's comments wanting to finish his career with the Lakers.
42 min
HR 2: NBA Finals with Brain Windhorst
Allen Sliwa welcomes ESPN's Brian Windhorst who talks about NBA Finals and Lakers.
43 min
HR 1: AD Expectations
Allen Sliwa talks about whether AD has fulfilled the Los Angeles fan base expectations.
48 min
HR 2: LeBron Window
Allen Sliwa welcome The Athletic's Jovan Buha talking Clippers / Suns.
45 min
HR 1: Cruise with Kuz?
Allen Sliwa welcome The Athletic's Jovan Buha talking Clippers / Suns.
46 min
HR 2: LeBron Staples Statue?
Allen welcomes Brad Turner of the LA Times talking NBA playoffs.
44 min
HR 1: Go Clippers?
Lakers Talk's Allen Sliwa ask fans if they are rooting for the Clippers.
46 min
HR 1: Why Should Clippers Lose?
Lakers Talk's Allen Sliwa look why you. as a Laker fan, root against the Clippers in the playoffs.
48 min
HR 2: Favorite Kobe Championship?
Trevor Lane, senior writer for Lakers Nation who talks Lakers off season.
42 min
HR 2: Next Year?
Allen and callers discuss the needs and change for next year.
38 min
HR 1: Sun Sets on Lakers
Lakers Talk's Allen Sliwa look at the end of the Lakers season.
49 min