He's opinionated, thought-provoking, sometimes cranky, and occasionally funny. Chris Carlin's view of New York sports is a little different than most.

Mike Renner, PFF
Chris Carlin is joined by Mike Renner of PFF to discuss the upcoming NFL Draft specifically speculating where the Giants will go, Tua vs Burrow and more.
14 min
Teddy Aviles,SNY
Chris chats with Teddy Aviles to discuss the untimely demise of NY Post photographer Anthony Causi due to COVID-19.
10 min
Chris feels any sports organization rushing to come back this spring is highly irresponsible and offers a reason why. Plus, Carlin Chronicles and Beat the Fat Man!
53 min
Justin Tuck
Chris Carlin was joined by Super Bowl Champion Justin Tuck to take a look back at the 2007 season from training camp all the way to the Super Bowl win.
37 min
Chris offers his take on the Rex Ryan-Geno Smith drama, LeBron's statements and much more.
36 min
Mike Sielski
Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer joined Chris Carlin to discuss his story on Bobby McIlvaine, who perished on 9/11/2001 in the tragedy, playing a game of basketball against Kobe Bryant in High School and the way his family cherished the video.
19 min
Andy Martino, SNY
Andy Martino joined Chris Carlin to debate the idea of the MLB creating the biosphere, the quality of "Tiger King" as a show and much more.
25 min
Chris offers his take on the Tom Brady interview with Howard Stern, his thoughts on the MLB Biosphere idea and more.
42 min
Steve Gelbs, SNY
Chris Carlin was joined by Steve Gelbs to discuss the ways he Dand JD Davis remain creative in quarantine, his experience when the news first came out about the work stoppage
9 min
Katie Nolan
Katie Nolan joined Chris Carlin to discuss how she is maintaining creativity in the quarantine, her reaction to Tom Brady leaving New England and much more.
14 min
Steven Matz
Chris Carlin is joined by Steven Matz to discuss the good work he is doing with his Tru32 initiative for First Responders, how he found out the regular season was being paused because of COVID and much more.
15 min
Chris Carlin offers his disagreement for the latest plan the MLB rolled out, his thoughts on the virtual NFL draft and more.
54 min
Maurice Jones-Drew
Maurice Jones-Drew joined Chris Carlin to offer his take on the virtual draft, what impact it may have from a player's perspective, why he prefers Tua over Burrow, why the Giants could get Chase Young and more.
20 min
Jeff Passan
Jeff Passan joined Chris Carlin to discuss where the MLB's isolation idea originated, the likelihood of it happening and much more.
22 min
Chris offers his thoughts on the virtual NFL draft, how crucial this draft selection is for Dave Gettleman and does a dry run at a new segment, "Beat the Fat Man".
50 min
Mike Garafolo, NFL Network
Chris Carlin is joined by Mike Garafolo to discuss how the teams around the NFL feel about the virtual draft, how the draft will look and much more.
16 min
Carlin offers his admiration for Justin Turner's idea regarding the 2020 MLB season, reacts to the K'Andre Miller story, Giant draft strategy and more.
55 min
Chris fires off on the fact that AJ Hinch may be reinstated after this season, Carlin Chronicles and much more.
40 min
Julie Stewart-Binks
Julie Stewart-Binks joins Chris Carlin to let us know how she is occupying her time during the quarantine, the catharsis of her venting through social media and much more.
21 min
Mark Teixeira
Mark Teixeira joined Chris Carlin to take a look back at the 2009 World Series run with the Yankees specifically what that time meant to him.
35 min
Chris offers his take on the NFL draft going on, as usual, the Jets-Clowney potentiality, reacts to some interesting messages from Twitter and more.
57 min
Meredith Marakovits, YES Network
Meredith Marakovits joins Chris Carlin to discuss how she incorporated social media to tell more in-depth Yankees stories, who fascinates her the most on YES and much more.
20 min
Chris breaks down Tiger King, which he dubs the greatest piece of television he was seen in five years, and compares notes with the listeners. Plus, discusses Giants-Jets draft moves.
57 min
Andy Martino, SNY
Andy Martino joins Chris Carlin to speculate what the MLB regular season is going to look like, if innings will be reduced, how this specifically affects the Yankees and more.
20 min
Chris kicks off with an Aaron Judge-Giancarlo Stanton scorching hot take and debates it throughout the entire show. Plus, updates the movie bracket and more.
58 min
Mike Quick
Mike Quick joins Chris Carlin to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having on HS students across the tri-state, how they are dealing with it emotionally and how this can affect college recruitment.
17 min
Chris Shearn
Chris Shearn joins Chris Carlin to discuss a very little known Yankees story, discusses his contributions to sports fans during this crisis, and debates Judge vs. Stanton.
19 min
Today should be MLB opening day for 2020 so with that in mind Chris shares a few opening-day memories throughout his life. Plus, "The Carlin Chronicles" and more.
52 min
Gary Cohen
Chris Carlin is joined by Gary Cohen to look back at Yohan Santana's no-hitter which was simultaneously the first No-No in Mets history.
12 min
Josh Thole
Chris Carlin looks back at the first no-hitter in Mets' history with Josh Thole who was the catcher for Yohan Santana on that momentous day.
23 min
After setting the stage for his legendary guests for the show Chris discussing the developing Robby Anderson saga, continues to lobby for Matt Harvey and more.
37 min
Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria joined Chris to share his feelings about the Mets being the Mets even with no season, the Jets draft potential and how much he has enjoyed working on Brockmire.
21 min
Bobby Valentine
Chris Carlin was joined by former Mets skipper Bobby Valentine to relive the late 1990's seasons where he battled the Braves specifically that '99 season, if there was genuine hatred for them and more.
19 min
Chipper Jones
Chris Carlin was joined by MLB Hall of Famer Chipper Jones to reminisce the late 1990's season that he battled the Mets, the 9/11 game, what it was like during the John Rocker controversy and much more.
27 min
Chris offers his thoughts on the crushing news for the Mets with Noah Syndergaard, the Robby Anderson departure and more. Plus, updates the "Best Sports Movies" the bracket.
53 min
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky joined Chris Carlin to look back at that very special 98-99 season specifically what went through his head during the last play, retirement, his special phone call with Michael Jordan and more.
32 min
Chris dedicates this show to looking back and honoring the 1990's New York Knicks, discusses Jets-Giants free agency moves and more. Plus, updates on the movie bracket.
65 min
Mike Breen
Hall of Fame broadcaster Mike Breen joined Chris to take a thoughtful look back at the 1990's Knicks and how the ride was for him calling those games.
24 min
Jeff Van Gundy
Chris was joined by Jeff Van Gundy to take a look back at the 1990's Knicks and what that momentous time was like for the city of New York.
41 min
Chris offers his thoughts on the Darius Slay-Matt Patricia situation and how he compares to Joe Judge, offers results on the Jimmy Chitwood Region of the "Greatest Movies Bracket" and much more.
51 min
Chris continues talking top 64 sports movies of all time. Jeffrey Lyons and Paul Schwartz also join the show.
53 min
Carlin Chronicles Episode 3
Drunk and Pantsless
4 min
Chris gives his take on the Tom Brady to Tampa bombshell, reacts to the Nets opting to test their players for COVID-19, Jets-Giants free agency and much more. Plus, the latest on the "Best Sports Movies of All Time" bracket.
62 min
Carlin: 3/17/20
Brady made a huge mistake today. Plus, Carlin explains why Jets fans shouldn't throw a parade just yet on 98.7 ESPN.
42 min
Ryan Dunleavy: 3/17/20
Ryan Dunleavy of the NY Post joined Carlin on 98.7 ESPN to discuss what the Giants have done so far in free agency. Plus, why the Brady decision was good news for the Giants.
13 min
Peter King: 3/17/20
Peter King of NBC Sports joined Chris Carlin on 98.7 ESPN to discuss Brady's shocking departure from New England.
16 min
Chris Carlin talks about the recent moves made in NFL free agency and speculates on the impact of new franchise tags. He also unveils his sports-movie bracket!
74 min
Chris Carlin talks to ESPN reporter Rich Cimini about the moves the NY Jets are looking to make during free agency.
12 min
Chris Carlin talks to ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan about the moves the NY Giants are taking during free agency.
13 min
Chris talks your favorite sports memories, what the Giants and Jets should do in free agency, and is joined by Steve Pikiell to talk Rutgers basketball.
47 min
Chris Carlin takes a break from the stress of coronavirus to share some of his favorite sports stories and asks listeners to share their feel-good moments as well.
76 min
Chris Carlin says if it comes down to it the Yankees should keep Gleyber Torres over Aaron Judge.
49 min
Bill Lang - Coronavirus
Former Associate Chief Medical Officer at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Dr. William Lang joins Chris to discuss the impact of Covid-19.
13 min
Chris Carlin highlights some of Kobe and Gigi Bryant's memorial service. He also talks New York Rangers and how the combine discovered that Joe Burrow has small hands.
17 min
Chris Carlin goes over David Ortiz's comments on Mike Fiers, the upcoming NFL free agency, and Yankees Spring Training.
47 min
Kristie Ackert
Kristie Ackert of the NY Daily News joins Chris Carlin to discuss the Severino injury, Judge's recovery, the Yankees use of Stanton, and more from Yankees Spring Training.
10 min
Steve Palazzolo
Chris welcomes Steve Palozzolo of Pro Football Focus to discuss NFL Free Agency.
11 min
Pikiell: Rutgers Basketball & upcoming Michigan...
Chris Carlin speaks with Steve Pikiell about Rutgers basketball, the graduation rate of his players and upcoming Michigan game.
10 min
Discusses Astros scandal, Yankees should move o...
Discusses Astros scandal, Yankees should move on and Giants draft prospect
58 min
Andy Martino
Chris Carlin speaks to Andy Martino about the Astros scandal and what the Yanks should do next.
14 min
Chris Carlin dives deeper into the Houston Astros cheating scandal by addressing how Rob Manfred and Jose Altuve are handling the punishments and backlash.
66 min
Carlin: 2/11/20
What's not to like about the proposed MLB postseason format change? Chris Carlin discusses on 98.7 ESPN.
17 min
Steve Spagnuolo: 2/4/20
Steve Spagnuolo joins Chris Carlin on 98.7 ESPN to reflect on the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.
10 min
Carlin: 2/4/20
The bombshell came quick for the Knicks, who should they hire to fill the void? Plus, Mets fans just can't get their hopes up for anything! Chris Carlin discusses on 98.7 ESPN
44 min
Steve Spagnuolo: 2/4/20
Steve Spagnuolo joined Chris Carlin on 98.7 ESPN to reflect on the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.
44 min
Chris talks the pointless Elfrid Payton fight, the embarrassing Marcus Morris post game comments, and breaks down the Chiefs vs 49ers matchup with Charles Davis
49 min
Chris Carlin talks to callers about how they're processing the news of the passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi in a tragic helicopter accident.
55 min
Tom Thibodeau
Chris Carlin talks to Coach Tom Thibodeau about his relationship with Kobe Bryant and the impact he left on basketball.
14 min
Jack McCallum
Chris Carlin talks to Sports Illustrated reporter Jack McCallum about the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant.
14 min
Adrian Wojnarowski
Chris Carlin talks to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski about the life and legacy of the late Kobe Bryant.
12 min
Chris Carlin wonders if Eli Manning will get into the Hall of Fame, chats with Former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi, and Peter Rosenberg helps explain Chris' recent twitter feud.
55 min
Chris Carlin talks about the MLB cheating scandal, Mets' managerial search, Super Bowl LIV and what lessons the Giants can learn from this NFL postseason.
59 min
Chris says the MLB sign stealing scandal isn't going away anytime soon, and reacts to the Giants hiring Jason Garrett to be their offensive coordinator.
47 min
Logan Ryan
Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan joined Chris to discuss the Titans victory over the Ravens and the upcoming matchup against the Chiefs.
9 min
Todd Frazier
Texas Rangers third baseman and former Yankee and Met Todd Frazier joined Chris to discuss the MLB sign stealing scandal.
10 min
If the Mets move on from Carlos Beltran, Chris thinks Terry Collins would be a good fit. Plus, Bobby Valentine shares his thoughts on the cheating scandal.
46 min
Should Cora and Beltran be fired?
Chris Carlin discusses the firing of Astro's GM and manager and predicts a similar future for Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran's involvement in the organization's cheating scandal.
41 min