Straight Up Texas Podcast

Welcome to the official podcast of the Texas Rangers! Listen in as Rangers 1B Nathaniel Lowe, Jared Sandler and Hannah Wing chat about what’s going on in the Rangers organization, talk with some of the Rangers favorite people & deep dive into a BTS look at life in the big leagues.

Episode Seven: Dave Raymond
"Face of the Rangers" Dave Raymond joins the show.
64 min
Episode Six: Kirby Yates
Kirby Yates brings the laughs in this new episode!
64 min
Episode Five: Facing the Giants
Tweaks against lefties, a fishing trip from the memory bank, and a BIG update on Wendy Lowe. Join Jared and Nathaniel for this new episode.
59 min
Episode Four: Evan Carter
Evan Carter jumps in the mix with Nathaniel & Jared!
62 min
Episode Three: Dane Dunning
Dane Dunning and the guys talk must-haves at the ballpark (who does it right and who doesn't), plus their thoughts on robo-umps in the game.
63 min
Episode Two: The Houston Series
We break down the start of the season. And don't miss the surprise question that made Nathaniel Lowe burst out laughing!
54 min
Episode One: The Champs are Back
The Straight Up Texas Podcast presented by Whataburger is back! Hear from the champs as Nathaniel Lowe and Jared Sandler chop it up.
61 min
The tales of a World Championship run
Wait! Where was Nathaniel Lowe when Marcus Semien homered in Game 5? That and more tales from the magical World Championship run
127 min
Behind the Championship Call
Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks on what goes into making the championship-winning call.
40 min
Don't Do That...
What lessons must a rookie learn?
57 min
Highs & Lowes
The Rangers find themselves in the middle of an August slide, but the team is staying focused on what matters. Plus what former teammate has Nathaniel cracking up.
46 min
August Additions
The art of a baseball skirmish plus what Max Scherzer did that made Nathaniel double take in the team dining room.
52 min
The "Lowe" Down
Nathaniel Lowe talks second-half start, the "love-tap" he gave his brother in the Rays game, plus the one thing the whole team is trying to get Travis Jankowski to do in a game
42 min
Hanging with HeanDog
Andrew Heaney says he was asked to sign WHAT???
73 min
Marcus Semien Joins the Show!
The Rangers 2B opens up on life as a Major League dad & explains why the Rangers should have a large showing in the All-Star Game!
51 min
I Said What I Said
From the road, Jared and Nathaniel break down his viral claim that he expects this team to be competitive down the stretch.
57 min
The Road Trip
The hosts chat about long road trips, Eovaldi’s success and throw in a fun side bet if Nathaniel steals a base in tonight's game!
53 min
Bustin' Streaks
Learn why June 9 will be a big day for the Lowe fam!
49 min
BONUS: City Connect Episode
Hear from the team about the City Connect story!
36 min
Silver Bats and Green Jackets
Nathaniel gets his Silver Slugger award home, talks drinks on the links, why he loves the Masters & watching a teammate break a record!
45 min
Welcome back to the Straight Up Texas Podcast!
Jared and Hannah welcome a new player cohost! Who is the best golfer in the Rangers organization and what makes this season different?
45 min
Fan Fest Fun!
Fan Fest Fun!
45 min
Mr. Ranger
Story time with Tom Grieve, aka Mr. Ranger, as he recounts 55 years of stories on the diamond, as a General Manager and in the TV booth.
70 min
Ranger Blake
Happy 9/21! On this bonus episode, Rangers Hall-of-Famer John Blake shares the significance and drama that led up to September 21, 1971 - the day the Rangers move to Arlington was approved.
62 min
For the People of the Metroplex
The ultra-creative duo from By Way of Dallas hop on the podcast to talk up the new Rangers collaboration and they may have unlocked a wild idea for a Whataburger documentary???
58 min