Straight Up Texas Podcast

The Straight Up Texas Podcast is the official podcast of the Texas Rangers and hosted by Rangers Radio Broadcaster Jared Sandler and Founder of Texas Humor, Jay Sauceda. Join Jared, Jay and our special Texas celebrity guests as they celebrate the many facets of the Texas Spirit, the tales that come with it and, of course, a Texas Rangers baseball. This podcast is Straight Up Texas, y'all.

Ep. 8 - Chris Young
Chris Young, Executive VP and General Manager of the Texas Rangers, joins Jared and Jay to share some of the blueprint of the team's rebuild. Plus Chris shares what it's like to help lead the team he's been a fan of since childhood.
48 min
Ep. 7 - Cody Cannon
Cody Cannon from the band Whiskey Myers joins the podcast and shares observations about breaking into the music biz, life on the road, and how the group from Texas ended up on the hit TV show, Yellowstone.
37 min
Ep. 6 - Madison Kocian
Don't flip out - but Jared & Jay talk with 2x Olympic medal gymnast & Dallas native, Madison Kocian! Madison pulls the curtain back on her Olympics experience like meeting other high-profile athletes and life around the village, plus she reflects on her favorite Texas Rangers memories. Enjoy.
32 min
Ep. 5 - Matthew McConaughey
Jared & Jay catch up with award-winning actor, author, Austin FC owner & Texas-native Matthew McConaughey. He dives in on his inspiration for his book "Greenlights", his favorite Nolan Ryan story and just what it means to be Straight Up Texas. Enjoy!
67 min
Ep. 4 - Aaron Watson
Country Singer & Songwriter Aaron Watson - who in his own words - IS the definition of Straight Up Texas joins the show to talk about Texas' influence in his career, and why he retired from singing the National Anthem.
50 min
Ep. 3 - Parker McCollum
The Trade Deadline is looming, Jared and Jay talk it out, as well as, break down future names in the Rangers farm system. Then, Country Singer-Songwriter Parker McCollum joins in to talk all things Texas - including how the Lone Star State inspired his music, his favorite venue for a show and his upcoming performance at a Rangers game (that doesn't involve singing). Enjoy!
40 min
Ep. 2 – Travis Heim
Jared and Jay turn up the heat and talk all things BBQ with Travis Heim, the owner and pitmaster at Heim BBQ. Hear about hole-in-the-wall Texas BBQ joints, plus the Rangers legends Travis would invite to his table.
52 min
Ep. 1 - Brad Leland
Jared and Jay do a quick take on Rangers All-Stars and the legacy of Elvis Andrus (3:30). Then they’re joined by actor Brad Leland - Buddy Garrity from "Friday Night Lights" -- to talk about his favorite character from "Friday Night Lights" (15:58), film in Texas (24:00) and swap #StraightUpTX tales. Texas forever!
46 min
Straight Up Texas Podcast
This is the official podcast of the Texas Rangers with hosts Jared Sandler and Jay Sauceda.
12 min