Tampa Bay Rays Podcast

"Tampa Bay Rays Podcast" features Neil Solondz bringing you in-depth interviews that help you get to know the Rays players, coaches and executives on a personal level, plus weekly news and notes. "25th Anniversary Podcast” is where we will celebrate 25 years of Rays Baseball, honor the greatest teams, players and moments in franchise with special guests all season.

Kevin Cash From the Winter Meetings
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Kevin Cash, Adam Berry, Chanda Lawdermilk & Kevin Ibach to chat all things Rays and Winter Meetings.
41 min
Erik Neander from the Winter Meetings
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Rays President of Baseball Operations Erik Neander & East Coast Scout of the Year Bobby Heck.
29 min
Yandy Diaz & Michael Johns
Chris Adams-Wall hears from AL Silver Slugger Yandy Diaz & is joined by new first base coach Michael Johns.
26 min
Rays Off-season & World Series Review - 11/7
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times to review the World Series, discuss the Rays off-season so far & more!
20 min
2023 World Series Preview
This Week in Rays Baseball with Chris Adams-Wall
35 min
2023 LCS Preview
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Andy Freed & Neil Solondz to preview the LCS & more with special appearances from Chris Mueller & Becca Carney.
27 min
2023 Season Wrap-Up
Hear from Peter Bendix, Erik Neander & Kevin Cash to wrap-up the 2023 season & preview what's to come during the offseason.
28 min
Yandy Diaz & Dewayne Staats
Chris is joined by Yandy Diaz , Dewayne Staats, Courtney Ellison & Andy Freed on the final This Week in Rays Baseball of the 2023 season.
50 min
Curtis Mead & Xavier Isaac
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Curtis Mead, MiLB award winners Xavier Isaac & Carson Williams, Brian Auld, Melanie Lenz & Michael Harrison.
52 min
This Week in Rays Baseball: Here to Stay
The Rays have announced a historic agreement has been reached with the City of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County to move forward with a new state-of-the-art ballpark and transformational development by the Hines Historic Gas Plant Partnership on the site of the current stadium. In this special podcast we’ll hear from Rays President Brian Auld, St. Peterburg Mayor Kenneth T. Welch, Senior Managing Director of Hines Michael Harrison, and the Rays Chief Planning and Development Officer Melanie Lenz.
40 min
Colin Poche & Peter Bendix
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Colin Poche, Peter Bendix, Jason Leikam & Neil Solondz on This Week in Rays Baseball.
52 min
Andrew Kittredge & Michael Johns
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Andrew Kittredge Michael Johns, Marc Topkin & Rich Hollenberg on This Week in Rays Baseball.
54 min
Randy Arozarena & Chad Mattola
Chis is joined by Randy Arozarena Chad Mattola, Morgan Ensberg & Doug Whaechter on This Week in Rays Baseball.
52 min
Brady North & Tricia Whitaker
This Week in Rays Baseball.
50 min
Aaron Civale & Kyle Snyder
This Week in Rays Baseball - 8/13
62 min
Tyler Glasnow & Erik Neander
Chris is joined by Tyler Glasnow, Dan Dement, Erik Neander & Marc Topkin on This Week in Rays Baseball.
52 min
Bob Stephenson & Brady Williams
Chris is joined by Bob Stephenson, Brady Williams, Andy Freed & Adam Berry on This Week in Rays Baseball.
43 min
Zack Littell & Jake Diekman
Zack Littell, Jake Diekman, and sculpter Steven Dickey who crafted the Evan Longoria & Akinori Iwamura statues
43 min
Jake Diekman & 2023 Draftees
Chris Adams-Wall is joined by Jake Diekman, The Rays 2023 draftees, Chuck Ricci and Peter Bendix on This Week in Rays Baseball.
47 min
Wade Boggs & 2023 Rays All-Stars
Wade Boggs, Shane McClanahan, Yandy Diaz, Randy Arozarena, director of amateur scouting Chuck Ricci and more
46 min
25th Anniversary - Episode 8
Neil is Joined by Wade Boggs and Dave Martinez.
27 min
Taj Bradley & Evan Longoria
Chris Adams-Wall hosts his 1st episode of This Week in Rays Baseball. Our guests: Taj Bradley, Evan Longoria, Jeff McLerran, & Neil Solondz
48 min
25th Anniversary - Episode 7
Neil is joined by Evan Longoria
27 min
Shawn Armstrong & Chris Adams-Wall - 6/25
Neil is joined by Shawn Armstrong, Chris Adams-Wall w/ Andy Freed, Rodney Linares & Ralph Wimbish Jr. We also celebrate Neil's final TWIRB.
49 min
Zach Eflin & Doug Waechter
Neil is joined by Zach Eflin & his father Larry, Doug Waechter, as well as Josh Lowe's parents, David & Wendy, to celebrate Father's Day!
49 min