From the Braves Booth

From the Braves Booth, an official podcast of the Atlanta Braves, takes the fans from the field to the Braves Radio Network broadcast booth! Play-by-play announcer Ben Ingram, color analyst Joe Simpson, and producer/engineer Jonathan Chadwick look at what is happening with the team, recap the previous week and share stories from the booth.

Behind The Braves Joint Episode
Ben, Joe and JChad are joined by Greg McMichael and Ricky Mast in the radio booth before Game 3 of the World Series for a special joint episode of Behind the Braves and From The Braves Booth!
23 min
Episode 18
Episode 18
52 min
Episode 17
Fresh off the heels of an incredible NLDS, Ben and Joe look forward to the Braves' NLCS matchup vs. the Dodgers.
53 min
Episode 16
Ben and Joe recap Game 1 of the NLDS and look ahead to the rest of the series. Then, Ben, Joe and JChad answer questions from listeners submitted to including the differences in broadcasting regular season and postseason games, what changes the most for managers in how they handle postseason games, if bunting is still taught at the major league level, if the radio crew ever collaborates with the TV crew and when the radio crew might start wearing pearl necklaces. All that, and much more!
50 min
Episode 15
Ben and Joe return from the 10-day west coast road trip to discuss Austin Riley’s recent tear, the upcoming final – and critical – homestand, and compare the 2021 club with previous Braves teams.
49 min
Episode 14
Ben and Joe discuss the remaining two weeks of the 2021 regular season, what the Braves need to do in order to win a fourth consecutive NL East title, the current construction of the Braves lineup, and potential postseason matchups. Then, Ben, Joe and JChad answer questions submitted to including their favorite baseball movies, where they sit on the team plane, who deserves the most credit if the Braves win the NL East title this season, what they think are each other’s best qualities, where the term “rubber game” originated from, how they prepare for each broadcast, and much more!
55 min
Episode 13
Ben and Joe discuss Ozzie Albies’ great play and toughness, the remainder of the 2021 regular season and the Braves' chances of winning the NL East. Then, Ben, Joe and JChad answer questions submitted to including their favorite restaurants in Denver, what they would each name a boat, their favorite parts of traveling to San Francisco, Phoenix and San Diego, if the transition to radio has reenergized Joe, which MLB stadium has the best press box food, JChad’s gear, how Ben and Joe maintain their cool on the broadcast during controversial moments on the field, what type of pens Ben uses in the booth, how they would structure the Braves postseason rotation, their favorite college football teams, their favorite walk-off moments in broadcasting, what Braves prospects they're most excited to see in 2022 and much more!
51 min
Episode 12
Ben and Joe discuss the Braves’ current road trip, previous seasons during which the Braves played in cold weather in Colorado and memories from Coors Field. Then, Ben, Joe and JChad answer questions submitted to including who’s the funniest person in the booth (and who’s the funniest looking person in the booth), what kind of snacks they like to eat during the game, what their walkup music would be if they were players, how the MLB replay system could be improved, how players feel about teams they played for after they’ve retired, what they like about Dodger Stadium and Coors Field and much more!
48 min
Episode 11
Ben and Joe discuss the Braves' recent 9-0 road trip, the upcoming schedule and what it’s like to grind through the August/September portion of the baseball schedule as a player. Then, Ben, Joe and JChad answer questions submitted to including how often they talk to each other during the offseason, their ideal pregame meal, their thoughts on the Travis d’Arnaud extension, how confident they are in the Braves possibly winning the World Series in the next 5 years, their favorite memories of listening to baseball on the radio while they were growing up, if they became superstitious during the Braves’ recent winning streak, what are the best/worst vantage points from broadcast booths in baseball, which baseball city has the best golf courses, if JChad has any aspirations to be on the air, their opinions on potentially having robot umpires in baseball (and if robots might then take over the world) and much more!
50 min
Episode 10
Ben and Joe discuss the recent offensive surge of the 2021 Braves, the transformation of the team since the trade deadline, the return of Huascar Ynoa, the chances of each of the Braves starting infielders hitting 30 home runs and/or winning a Gold Glove, and the depth of the current lineup.
56 min
Episode 9
Ben and Joe discuss the Braves’ recent series vs. the Cardinals and Nationals, the upcoming 50 games that remain in the 2021 regular season and the imminent return of Travis d’Arnaud. hen, Ben, Joe and JChad answer questions submitted to!
46 min
Episode 8
Ben and Joe discuss being back on the road with the team for the first time since 2019, how excited they are about the team after the moves made by the front office at the trade deadline and the remaining 2021 schedule for the Braves and their NL East rivals.
43 min
Episode 7
Ben and Joe discuss the current state of the 2021 Braves and the options that the front office has leading up to this week’s trade deadline.
45 min
Episode 6
Ben, Joe and Nick Green discuss the radio booth bat rack, differing philosophies regarding bat sizes, the current state of the 2021 Braves, the upcoming 15-game stretch in 13 days, the bullpen and what the team needs to do leading up to the trade deadline to become buyers.
54 min
Episode 5
Ben, Joe and Chip Caray discuss the Braves’ wild walk-off win vs. the Marlins, the entertaining 4-2 homestand, the upcoming road trip and the current state of the NL East.
43 min
Episode 4
Ben, Joe and JChad discuss the current state of the NL East, the importance of the Braves getting healthy and perhaps making some key acquisitions at the trade deadline, which teams have surprised them thus far in the 2021 season and who they would pick for MVP and Cy Young at this point.
45 min
Episode 3
Ben, Joe and JChad discuss the Braves’ recent back-to-back doubleheaders including what could be a pivotal win against the Mets, the importance of playing well leading up to the All-Star break, looking ahead to the trade deadline and the possibility of Kyle Muller making significant contributions to the big-league team in 2021. Then, the guys answer questions submitted to including what goes on in the booth that fans don’t see, what moments on the field have brought Ben and Joe to their feet in the booth, what they think are the best seats in Truist Park, how often they attend a game that they aren’t broadcasting, what they do in between innings, who would win in a fight between the radio and TV broadcast crews, who has better hair: Chip Caray or Dansby Swanson, how many games they work per season, their favorite moments and games that they’ve called and much more!
40 min
Episode 2
Ben, Joe and JChad discuss the Braves’ recent road trip, the upcoming schedule for the remainder of June and their thoughts on MLB’s crackdown on foreign substances. Then, the guys answer questions submitted to including how they remember to give a top of the hour station ID at the top of every hour, how often they have theme days in the radio booth (such as Miami Vice and pro wrestling), how often they hang out with the Braves TV broadcast crew, their favorite cities and stadiums to visit on the road, what Joe remembers about the time that he pitched in the big leagues, what they do during rain delays, advice for prospective professional broadcasters and more!
38 min
Episode 1 - Premiere Episode!
Ben Ingram, Joe Simpson and Jonathan Chadwick kick off the premiere episode of From The Braves Booth by discussing the recent Braves homestand, how great it’s felt to have fans back in the ballpark, the recent performance of the Braves bullpen and the upcoming series vs. the Phillies.Then, the guys answer fan questions submitted to including the current construction of the Braves lineup and active roster, when the broadcasters might start traveling on the road with the team again, the special preparation that it takes to broadcast away games remotely, the funniest moments in the booth so far this season, the power of Double Stuf Oreos and who would win in a push-up contest.
36 min
Trailer – Welcome to “From the Braves Booth”
Join us each week during the season as Ben, Joe and JChad take you into the booth and talk all-things Braves (and whatever else is on their mind!).
3 min