Orioles Magic: The Podcast

Orioles Broadcasters Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold sit down with Orioles players, from the past and present, to breakdown news, highlights and emotions during their time with the Orioles.

Ep. 26: Best of Orioles Magic The Podcast
Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold sit down as they recap their favorite interviews including Rick Sutcliffe (3:38), Alan Mills (6:40), JJ Hardy (12:06), Scotty McGregor (13:20), Jim Palmer (16:20) and Ben McDonald (18:17).
21 min
Ep. 25: Switch-Hitting Marvel Ken Singleton
O's Hall of Famer Ken Singleton joins Brett Hollander & Geoff Arnold to discuss his O’s career, the '83 World Series & his broadcasting career.
50 min
Ep. 24: Roch Kubatko’s 2020 O’s Season Preview
MASN’s Roch Kubatko joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to talk about the O’s roster and 60-game season. Kubatko discusses roster surprises and the dynamic of the roster makeup (5:00). Kubatko also talks about what to expect from the trade deadline (13:20) and shares his thoughts on how the O's will handle their top prospects (16:28). Kubatko wraps it up talking about Heston Kjerstad (24:35).
30 min
Ep. 23: J…J Hardy!
Orioles fan favorite J.J. Hardy joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to discuss everything from pickle ball to his days with the Orioles. Hardy talks about what the trade to Baltimore meant for his career (11:55). J.J. also discusses the O’s special playoff runs in 2012, 2014 and 2016 (26:00), and shares what it felt like to walk up to the plate at Camden Yards to PA Announcer Ryan Wagner’s famous “Now batting, J…J Hardy” (38:00).
43 min
Ep. 22: The Story of Utility Man Jeff Reboulet
Longtime utility man and former Oriole Jeff Reboulet joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to discuss his 12-year career in the big leagues. Reboulet shares detailed stories from his days with the 1997 Orioles (8:11) and discusses the impact that playing with Hall of Famers had on him, including Kirby Puckett (31:53). He also shares what he has been up to in his post-baseball life (37:36).
43 min
Ep. 21: Jim Callis Reviews Orioles’ 2020 Draft
MLB Pipeline senior writer Jim Callis joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to recap the Orioles' 2020 Draft. Callis reviews all six of the O’s draft picks, including Heston Kjerstad (3:54), Jordan Westburg (11:10), Hudson Haskin (12:14), Anthony Servideo (14:40), Coby Mayo (17:59) and Carter Baumler (19:30). He also offers insight on what player development might look like if there is no Minor League season (30:47).
47 min
Ep. 20 Jonathan Mayo Discusses the 2020 Draft
MLB.com and MLBPipeline.com analyst Jonathan Mayo joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to discuss his final mock draft picks for the Orioles (3:25), what will happen after players aren’t drafted (30:00), and the quality of the Orioles farm system after the 2020 Draft (19:30).
47 min
Ep. 19: GM Mike Elias Talks Draft Strategy
Orioles General Manager Mike Elias joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to discuss the 2020 Draft, including preparation for the virtual draft (4:10), as he also offers interesting insight on draft strategy (12:27) and how talent is evaluated (21:16). 
33 min
Ep. 18: Ben McDonald Talks 2020 Draft
Former Orioles pitcher and 1989 No. 1 overall pick Ben McDonald joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to analyze who the Orioles could take with the No. 2 pick in the 2020 draft (10:48), how this year’s draft might affect future drafts (18:51), and minor league development (21:55). He also tells stories from his career (29:56), including the times he brought alligators into the clubhouse (49:43).
56 min
Ep. 17: Joe Saunders’ 2012 Wild Card Heroics
Former Orioles pitcher Joe Saunders joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to discuss the night he calls the No. 1 moment of his Major League career, his start in the 2012 AL Wild Card Game vs. Texas (5:20). Saunders also discusses the O’s late playoff push that season (9:03), the dramatic ALDS vs. the Yankees (12:58), and his baseball journey, starting with being an Orioles fan as a high school player (16:28).
34 min
Ep. 16: Alan Mills Talks Baseball and Brawls
Former Orioles pitcher Alan Mills joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to talk about his career, including how he managed pressure as a reliever (9:22), the O's playoff teams of 1996 and 1997 (15:57) and the 1998 brawl at Yankee Stadium (23:12).  
48 min
Ep. 15: Jim Johnson’s Record-Setting 2012 Season
Former Orioles All-Star closer Jim Johnson joins Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to highlight his eight years in Baltimore, over which he recorded 122 saves and set the club’s single-season record with 51 saves in 2012. Hear him recall his record-breaking 2012 season, including Game 2 of the ALDS (8:24), the dominance of the O’s bullpen that year (16:49), and Buck Showalter (31:16).
54 min
Ep. 14: Inside Jim Palmer’s Hall of Fame Career
Orioles legend Jim Palmer sits down with Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to look back on his Hall of Fame pitching career, starting with beating Sandy Koufax in the 1966 World Series at age 20 (7:27). Palmer also talks about how pitching has evolved over time (19:41) and his favorite Orioles team that he was a part of (36:35).
69 min
Ep. 13: The Night Stevie Wilkerson Made History
Orioles outfielder Stevie Wilkerson sits down with Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to discuss the night he became the first position player in Major League history to earn a save. Wilkerson describes that historic night, getting Albert Pujols to fly out to end the game, and what he is doing to stay ready for the season. Presented by Miller Lite.
43 min
Ep. 12: Chris Hoiles Reflects on His Memorable ...
O’s Hall of Fame catcher Chris Hoiles sits down with Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to relive the top moments of his 10-year career in Baltimore, including his dramatic walk-off grand slam in May of 1996 (5:47), catching Hall of Famer Mike Mussina (17:51), and being part of Cal Ripken Jr.’s record-breaking 2,131st consecutive game (36:19). Presented by Miller Lite.
45 min
Ep. 11: Eddie Murray Describes His 500th Home Run
This Week on Orioles Magic: The Podcast, presented by Miller Lite, Eddie Murray sits down with Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold share his memories on the 1983 ALCS win against the White Sox, his 500th home run and working with Earl Weaver.
41 min
Ep. 10: Chad Bradford Details His “Submarine” P...
This week on Orioles Magic: The Podcast, presented by Miller Lite, Chad Bradford describes his “submarine” pitching approach (3:10), his depiction in Moneyball and relationship with Billy Beane (8:45), and his incredible postseason record (17:26).
32 min
Ep. 9: Rodrigo Lopez Describes Playing Baseball...
On this week on Orioles Magic: The Podcast, presented by Miller Lite, Rodrigo Lopez shares his memories with Brett and Geoff about playing with the Orioles in the snow (2:01), pitching against Derek Jeter and Manny Ramirez (19:46) and playing with Miguel Tejada (27:26).
45 min
Ep. 8: Bill Ripken on Old School vs. New School
Bill Ripken joined Brett and Geoff to chat about his brother Cal Ripken's 2131 game streak (9:28), playing for his father and sharing his thoughts on old school baseball versus new school baseball (25:59).
41 min
Ep. 7: Coolbaugh Describes Record Breaking Game
Former Orioles First-Base Coach Scott Coolbaugh joins Brett and Geoff to discuss Ryan Flaherty (16:05), the record-breaking game against the Phillies (9:31) and the evolution of hitting against the shift (26:41).
38 min
Ep. 6: Sutcliffe Breaks Down Camden Yards' Firs...
Rick Sutcliffe shared his favorite stories with Brett and Geoff about the first Opening Day at Camden Yards (10:52), his relationship with Ben McDonald (18:38) and Cal Ripken (17:42).
50 min
Ep. 5: Roberts Reminiscing on O’s Largest Comeback
Brian Roberts sits down with Brett and Geoff to discuss the biggest comeback in Orioles history (7:16) and his family workouts during quarantine (26:40).
38 min
Orioles Magic Ep. 4: Boog Powell on 1970 Orioles
Brett and Geoff sat down with Boog Powell to chat about the 1970 World Series team (8:40) and playing with Brooks Robinson (10:52) and Earl Weaver (17:43).
32 min
Orioles Magic Ep. 3: Steve Pearce on Clinching ...
First baseman Steve Pearce joins Brett and Geoff to talk about his tradition with Tommy Hunter (12:42), the emotions during the 2014 postseason (9:10) and the chemistry in the clubhouse.
36 min
Orioles Magic Ep. 2: Scott McGregor Reminisces ...
Orioles Hall of Famer Scott McGregor joins Brett and Geoff to break down the 1983 team (6:43) , his relationship with Earl Weaver (11:55) and the daily Wheel of Fortune routine in the clubhouse (20:32).
34 min
Orioles Magic Ep. 1 : The Robert Andino Effect
On our premiere episode, Brett and Geoff catch up with Robert Andino to discuss his emotions during the 2011 “Curse of the Andino” game against Boston (14:00), the team’s chemistry (19:07) and keeping busy during quarantine (33:50).
39 min