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Welcome to the show... now and later?
On this week's MLB Pipeline Podcast, Sam Dykstra, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff dig into the slew of top prospects making their big league debuts lately, with some (Kyle Harrison, Noelvi Marte and Ceddanne Rafaela) potentially impacting playoff races. The trio then looks into their collective crystal ball to predict the likelihood of other Top 100 prospects getting the call to help their teams' postseason hunt. The guys then break down the newest additions to the Top 100 list before answering a pair of questions about Padres catching phenom Ethan Salas
55 min
Talking with the 2023 Draft Class
MLB Pipeline hosts Jonathan Mayo, Jim Callis, & guest-contributor Sam Dykstra drop-in for three in-depth interviews with college hitters from the 2023 Draft Class. Jim sits down with the Ranger’s 4th overall pick, Wyatt Langford. Jonathan chats with Nolan Schanuel, 11th overall pick for the Angels, and Sam talks with outfielder Chase Davis, first-rounder for the St. Louis Cardinals.
58 min
Top 100, farm system rankings and more!
Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff dig deep into the newly released rankings on this week's episode of the MLB Pipeline Podcast, starting with the top of the Top 100 list, looking at how the 2023 draftees fit in, just how unprecedented the top of the rankings is and where No. 1 prospect Jackson Holliday fits in historically among all No. 1 prospects from rankings past. Jonathan sat down with Twins prospect Brooks Lee during a visit to St. Paul to talk about his climb from 2022 first-round pick to the top of the system. Speaking of farm systems, the trio then looks at the new ranking of all 30 of them, with the Orioles staying in the top spot for a fifth straight time, before wrapping up with a question from the Mailbag.
68 min
The Lists Are Coming!
MLB Pipeline's updated Top 100 Prospects list and organization Top 30s will be unveiled later this week.
59 min
It's all about the Trade Deadline
After a frenzied Trade Deadline, but Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff have you covered on all the moves from a prospect perspective on this week's MLB Pipeline Podcast. They discussed the four members of the Top 100 Prospects list who were traded (to the Mets, Guardians and White Sox), along with some other prospects who made big jumps up the rankings with their new organizations.
52 min
Meeting the Deadlines
The MLB Pipeline crew is on high alert with both the Draft signing and Trade Deadlines coming within a week of each other. Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff have you covered on both fronts on this week's episode, first breaking down which teams in playoff contention have the prospects to make a big splash on the trade market, and how likely they are to do so. The trio turns to the Draft signing deadline after that, focusing on the bonus records set in this year's class. Shifting gears, the guys dig into how new Hall of Famers Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff were scouted and signed ... and traded before finishing up, as always, with a question from the listener mailbag.
61 min
Draft: '23 signings, '22 performers, '24 top pr...
A week after the Draft ended, it still dominates discussion on the Pipeline Podcast with Jim Callis, Sam Dykstra and Jason Ratliff. They break down notable deals from the first week of signings, look at the best performers from the 2022 Draft and look forward to the top prospects in next year's crop. They also discuss the recent wave of Top 100 Prospects called to the Majors, led by Tyler Soderstrom (Athletics) and Endy Rodriguez (Pirates), and the two latest additions to the list, Roman Anthony (Red Sox) and Kevin Alcantara (Cubs), before fielding a fun question from the listener mailbag.
64 min
Draft & Futures Game Analysis
Straight from a Seattle Seahawks copy room at Lumen Field, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff wrap up the most chaotic week of the year by recapping the just concluded Draft and Futures Game. They break down what happened at the very top of the Draft, where LSU's Paul Skenes and Dylan Crews made history by going 1-2, and then delve into the rest of the first round before highlighting some of the teams they think did best as well as one pick in each of the top 10 rounds that they view as being the best value. Next, they recap the Futures Game, including the eye-popping performance by Brewers' Jacob Misiorowski, and the High School All-American Game and Home Run Derby, both of which saw 2024 Draft prospect PJ Morlando take top honors. And lastly, they answer a question about where the top pitchers in this year's Draft class will slot into the Top 100 Prospects list.
61 min
The Draft And Futures Game Are Almost Here!
Two of the biggest events on the MLB Pipeline calendar are fast approaching, and Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff have them covered on the latest Pipeline Podcast. First, the guys unveil the Number One Pick Odds Super Computer to calculate exact odds (and projected signing bonuses) for five players the Pirates could take with the top choice. One of those prospects, Indiana high school outfielder Max Clark, joins Jonathan for an interview before the crew breaks down the best individual tools in the Draft. Then it's time for our annual Futures Game home run derby draft as Jonathan and Jim pick the players they think will put on the best shows in batting practice before Jason tries to usurp them both with a squad of sluggers they passed over. As always, the podcast concludes with a listener mailbag question . . . which unsurprisingly relates to the Draft.
72 min
There's No Wrong Answer
In reviewing changes to the top of both the Draft Top 250 and the pro Top 100 on this week's MLB Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff agree that "there's no wrong answer" when debating whether Paul Skenes or Dylan Crews belongs atop the Draft list and when discussing Jackson Holliday or Elly De La Cruz at No. 1 of the Top 100.
69 min
It's Combine Time
Jim Callis & Jason Ratliff are in Phoenix for the Draft Combine, which occupies most of their thoughts in the latest edition of the Pipeline Podcast. They discuss how the event has evolved in its three years of existence and spotlight some of the standouts from the past, including Brewers right-hander Jacob Misiorowski, who stops by for an interview. They focus on some players who could make an impression at this year's event, such as Vanderbilt left-hander Hunter Owen, Phoenix high school outfielder Duce Robinson and Minnesota righty George Klassen. After some College World Series talk and some musings about why Louisiana State righty Paul Skenes should be the No. 1 overall pick, they dip into the mailbag for a Draft question.
60 min
A Schoch-ingly Good Episode
On this week’s MLB Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo, and Jason Ratliff kick things off by looking at the upcoming College World Series and the elite-level draft talent still playing in it.
57 min
Booking a De La Cruz/Crews
Recording minutes before the Reds officially called up phenom Elly Da La Cruz, the MLB Pipeline Podcast gang -- Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff -- were prescient in spending a considerable amount of time in this week's episode talking about the No. 4 overall prospect in the game, including answering a mailbag question that asked the group to compare De La Cruz to the top position players in this year's Draft class. That helped the trio come full circle as they began the pod looking at the top Draft prospects still playing in the NCAA postseason, including No. 1 prospect outfielder Dylan Crews, his LSU teammate, right-hander Paul Skenes, and Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford, the top three players on MLB Pipeline's Top 200 Draft prospects list.
61 min
The Draft Top 200, plus Royce Lewis
On the heels of releasing the new Top 200 Draft prospects list, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff break down the rankings on the latest episode of the MLB Pipeline Podcast. They start by discussing the executive poll that kept Dylan Crews in the top spot followed closely by his LSU teammate Paul Skenes before discussing some of the biggest leapers up the list. After all the Draft talk, former No. 1 overall pick Royce Lewis joins the podcast to discuss his return from his second knee injury and to the big leagues. Then the trio discusses the Orioles' Coby Mayo hitting the Top 100 for the first time and Ben Joyce's big league debut with the Angels before looking at the Prospect Team of the Week, highlighted by Mariners first baseman Tyler Locklear and Dodgers right-hander Emmet Sheehan. And as always, they finish up with a question from the mailbag.
72 min
Top Of The Draft
As MLB Pipeline prepares to update and expand its Draft list to 200, the latest Pipeline Podcast kicks off with a discussion about the very top of those rankings. Should right-hander Paul Skenes move ahead of Louisiana State teammate/outfielder Dylan Crews for the No. 1 spot, and is Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford making a move on Crews as well? Other topics of discussion included new Top 100 Prospects Austin Wells (Yankees) and Jeferson Quero (Brewers), Dodgers right-hander Bobby Miller's big league debut, bargain prospect finds, Orioles shortstop Jackson Holliday's never-ending hot streak and a listener question about how much injuries factor into prospect evaluation.
62 min
Market Corrections: Updated Top 100 list
Following the recent update of the Top 100 Prospects list, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff dig into the changes, looking at the top 15 prospects, the players who made the biggest jumps and falls and the new additions. They then discuss two recent big league callups: Marlins right-hander Eury Perez and Reds infielder Matt McLain. Jim and Jonathan highlight two players from the newest edition of the Prospect Team of the Week (Baltimore's Colton Cowser and Cleveland's Parker Messick) before discussing some of the latest Draft buzz. And they wrap up, as always, by answering a question from the mailbag.
60 min
It's Draft Season!
Our Pipeline Podcast crew is fully immersed in the Draft these days, so that's the main focus of this edition. Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo begin with a detailed discussion of Pipeline's first full mock draft for 2023, with Louisiana State stars Dylan Crews and Paul Skenes standing out the most among a clear top five group of talents. Then they take a look back at the 2013 Draft and how it might play out a decade later, starting with clear retro No. 1 overall pick Aaron Judge. After that, they discuss how Rangers right-hander Kumar Rocker and Reds shortstop Matt McLain are sending their stock surging with hot starts and answer a listener mailbag question about high school position players who may be flying a little under the radar.
57 min
Marcelo Mayer & The 2021 Draft
The 2021 Draft is the unifying theme of the latest Pipeline Podcast, highlighted by Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff interviewing Marcelo Mayer, who went No. 4 overall to the Red Sox two years ago. The guys take a look at how the shortstop-heavy 2021 class has played out so far, including prospects who have seen their stock change the most for better or worse. They also discuss a recent wave of Top 100 Prospect callups (among them: 2021 draftees Tanner Bibee and Bryce Miller) as well as the latest Rookie Power Rankings and Prospect Team of the Week before dipping into the listener mailbag.
61 min
Draft Fever Is In The Air
Previewing the soon-to-be released Draft Top 150 prospects list.
58 min
Quick to the bigs
In this week's MLB Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff celebrate Zach Neto's rapid ascent to the Angels' big league lineup and talk about his future and how he fits in with other quick-to-the-Majors draftees in years past. From there, it's back to the Minors as the trio highlights some members of the first Prospect Team of the Week, including Neto and the Mets' Brett Baty, who was also promoted to the big leagues, before welcoming in five new members of the Top 100 list. The guys turn their attention to the Draft and the top of boards to preview the new Top 150 rankings coming next week before answering some listener mailbag queries about the Rangers' Evan Carter.
63 min
Who's Next?
With the Minor League season in full swing, Jim Callis & Jonathan Mayo use the latest Pipeline Podcast to speculate on which prospects will be the next to get summoned to the big leagues -- and who might be the next to rank No. 1 on the Top 100 list. They agree that Mets third baseman Brett Baty and A's first baseman Tyler Soderstrom among those deserving of a call. With current No. 1 prospect Francisco Álvarez in New York and several other phenom set to graduate soon, Jim & Jonathan ponder the merits of Brewers outfielder Jackson Chourio and several shortstops -- including the Orioles' Jackson Holliday, who joins the podcast -- as potential new No. 1 prospects. The guys also discuss the most recent additions to the Top 100 and answer a listener question about early-season standouts
53 min
Top Prospects Make Strong Debuts
On the latest Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff start by discussing how two of baseball's best prospects, Cardinals outfielder Jordan Walker and Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe, fared in their initial taste of the big leagues.
66 min
It's Opening Week!
With MLB's Opening Day on March 30, Triple-A Opening Day on March 31 and the rest of the Minor League schedule getting underway on April 6, there was a lot of excitement for this week's MLB Pipeline Podcast.
57 min
Spring Standouts & Speedsters
On the latest Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Jason Ratliff discuss a plethora of prospects who have stood out in big league camps, including outfielders Jasson Dominguez (Yankees) and Zac Veen (Rockies) and right-handers Brandon Pfaadt (Diamondbacks) and Gavin Stone (Dodgers). Righty Cade Horton, the No. 7 overall pick in last year's Draft, joins Jim for an interview at Cubs camp in Arizona. The guys also chat about some of the fastest phenoms in the game, including Top 100 Prospects Corbin Carroll (Diamondbacks) and Elly de la Cruz (Reds), and answer a listener mailbag question about which rookie infielders will be the most productive in 2023.
64 min
ST, WBC, FB and Bibee
With many top prospects vying for Opening Day roster spots, Jim Callis, Sam Dykstra and Jason Ratliff look at some players who have either helped or hurt their chances with their Spring Training showings.
80 min