Phillies Throwbacks

Take a trip down memory lane with this episodic series highlighting notable moments of Phillies past. In an audio-documentary podcast style, interviews with those on and around former Phillies teams let fans experience history through the eyes of those who lived it.

Phillies Throwbacks: Leaving a Legacy: The Dick...
Dick Allen traveled a bumpy road to baseball immortality. From starting as a Minor Leaguer in the Jim Crow South to facing racial intolerance from players and fans in the Majors, Allen persevered through racism and abuse while staying true to his own values. Ryan Howard narrates this 50 minute telling of the journey from Wampum, PA to the brick wall above Ashburn Alley.
50 min
Phillies Throwbacks: Season 1, Episode 5
The Phillies take on the Royals in their first world series appearance since the days of the Whiz Kids
59 min
Phillies Throwbacks: Season 1, Episode 4
The 1980 Phillies take on the Astros in a wild and memorable NLCS.
53 min
Phillies Throwbacks: Season 1, Episode 3
Nothing is easy, and tensions are high as the Phillies make their final push for the NL East title.
39 min
Throwbacks: The 1980 Phillies, Episode 2
Dallas Green takes control and ruffles some feathers in the process.
40 min
Throwbacks: The 1980 Phillies, Episode 1
Throwbacks is a five part look at how the 1980 Phillies were put together, and ultimately became World Series Champs.
38 min