Deep To Left With Bucky Dent

Bucky Dent — the author of one of the most dramatic home runs in Yankees history — shares stories from his career, chats with friends and teammates and offers his perspective on Yankees current events.

Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 23: Hot (C...
Since Deep To Left With Bucky Dent debuted last year, fans have been begging for Graig Nettles to stop by. This week, we finally hear from “Puff” himself. The former Yankees captain, a wizard with a glove and a tremendous hitter, as well, recounts some truly hilarious stories from a 22-year career with Bucky and Jon Schwartz.
52 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 22: The Wa...
As the calendar turns to 2021, Bucky joins Yankees Magazine editors Al Santasiere and Jon Schwartz to discuss his memories of prepping for another season. Rest assured, times have changed: It’s doubtful that too many members of the 2021 Yankees are spending their last weeks before spring training working as an oilman on a crane …
40 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 21: The Al...
Ahead of the Dec. 22 debut of UNDER THE GRAPEFRUIT TREE on HBO, CC Sabathia calls in chat about the documentary about his life and career, his upcoming memoir, TILL THE END, and his thoughts after a year away from the game. Always candid, CC talks about his struggles with addiction, the role of black athletes in the community and world, and the ways that he has seen the game change over the past two decades. UNDER THE GRAPEFRUIT TREE: THE CC SABATHIA STORY, a documentary from HBO Sports produced in association with Major League Baseball, premieres Dec. 22 at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO MAX. Special thanks to Patrick Byrne for his help in coordinating this episode.
63 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 20: The Ma...
This week, Clint Frazier calls in to chat about a huge year in his baseball story. After drawing raves for his decision to wear a mask in the field amidst the COVID pandemic, fans and even media members began to see the brash, candid and interesting outfielder in a new light. By year’s end, when he had been named a finalist for the AL Gold Glove at right field, everyone looking forward to what Frazier could offer come 2021. He chats with Bucky and Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about all that went down in 2020, and where he sees things moving in the future.
50 min
Deep To Left with Bucky Dent Episode 19: Red (S...
The episode we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Bucky F’in Dent and Aaron F’in Boone. Our listeners in Boston might want to skip this one, as Aaron and Bucky chat about terrorizing Red Sox Nation. They also share memories of managing in New York growing up in the game and loads more anecdotes
50 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 18: The Swish
We’re bringing the energy this week, as Nick Swisher stops by to do what he does best: Make people happy. The 2009 world champ chats with Bucky about their career highlights, his aspirations to manage someday soon, and how to tell the full story of the 2020 Yankees.
55 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 17: Run It...
Here at Deep To Left, we’ve got to wait ’til next year, as the Yankees got sent home in the ALDS. But Bucky Dent, Al Santasiere and Jon Schwartz recap a weird and thrilling and ultimately over-too-soon season. Plus, Bucky shares some memories about Old-Timers’ Day experiences alongside Yankees legend Whitey Ford, who passed away on Oct. 8.
36 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 16: The An...
This week, as the nights get even more of a familiar fall chill and we give ourselves over to postseason baseball, it’s time to look back at the 42nd anniversary of Bucky’s legendary home run. To help us celebrate, MLB Network’s Bob Costas stops by to chat about baseball history, then Bucky and Jon Schwartz reminisce about the homer and the way it has forever changed his life.
44 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 15: Long S...
This week we bring you not one, but two authors of legendary Yankees home runs. Chris Chambliss drops by to reminisce with Bucky about his own moment of longball lunacy, the walk-off shot that won the 1976 ALCS. Chambliss discusses his treacherous path around the bases, his years coaching the late-90s dynasty and tons more in a conversation you won’t want to miss.
47 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 14: Cover ...
Rick Cerone stops by to reminisce about appearing on the first-ever cover of Yankees Magazine
48 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 13: The P...
This week, Bucky invites his old double-play partner Willie Randolph to the podcast. Bucky, Jon and Al chat with Willie about their memories of 1978, of playing together for so long, and of their respective managerial careers.
54 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 12: Gameday
Finally, finally, finally, we’re talking about baseball games that have actually happened. Bucky chats about the Yankees’ first few games and the joys of watching Gerrit Cole pitch for the team. He also reminisces about Thurman Munson, as he remembers that awful day 41 years ago when his captain’s plane went down.
36 min
Deep to Left With Bucky Dent Episode 11: Conehead
This week, Bucky gets David Cone on the phone to chat about the pitcher’s book, FULL COUNT, which recently came out in paperback. The guys discuss pitching philosophy, share funny stories and recall the details behind Cone’s unforgettable perfect game. FULL COUNT can be purchased wherever you find books, or at 
40 min
Deep to Left With Bucky Dent Episode 10: Lookout!
This week, Bucky gets on the phone with YES Network broadcaster Ken Singleton. The two played against each other many times during the 1970s and 80s, and they chat about baseball from that era, the week Thurman Munson passed away, and what they expect as baseball “summer” camps open around the country.
49 min
Deep to Left With Bucky Dent Episode 9: Flashin...
This week, the YES Network’s John Flaherty stops by to chat about his memories of Bucky’s baseball school. The two former Yankees, both well known for their glovework, share some insight into their process, in a conversation full of hilarious and fun anecdotes.
54 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 8: The Pi...
This week, Mike Torrez calls in to chat with Bucky about their experiences as teammates in 1977, when Torrez won two World Series games, including the Game 6 clincher. Of course, the next year, when the pitcher shipped up to Boston, he was on the mound when Bucky hit his legendary home run. But Bucky and Torrez have built a long and deep friendship over the years, as this great conversation demonstrates.
50 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent: Episode 7: Gator ...
This week, we laugh pretty much nonstop as Ron Guidry calls in to chat with Bucky. The two great friends reminisce about Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner, and the Yankees’ amazing one-game playoff in 1978. You won’t want to miss this one. 
77 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 6 : The So...
This week, Bucky chats with Yankees legend Andy Pettitte, sharing memories about joining the Yankees and returning to the Bronx. Bucky also tries to recruit Andy for Old-Timers’ Day. During the wide-spanning and emotional conversation, the former Yankees look back at the late-90s dynasty, and discuss moving on from the game.  
58 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 5: Chattin...
On this week’s episode, Bucky catches up with Cal Ripken Jr., as the two chat about the ways that the legendary Orioles Hall of Famer changed the position forever. They go deep on topics such as the streak, some famous Yankees infielders and the Ripken Foundation’s efforts to help out during this global pandemic. Additionally, Bucky chats with Yankees Magazine editors Alfred Santasiere III and Jon Schwartz about his memories of Hank Steinbrenner. To learn more about the Ripken Foundation, please visit 
46 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 4: Tex Mes...
This week, Bucky chats with Mark Teixeira, a member of the Yankees’ 2009 World Series championship team. The former Yankees chat about the way that the game has changed over the past few decades, the joys of winning a World Series, and what happens when you move on from a life in baseball. They also share some personal connections — such as the fact that Bucky played high school ball with Teixeira’s father!
54 min
Deep to Left with Bucky Dent Episode 3: Throwin...
For the first time, we have a guest on DEEP TO LEFT WITH BUCKY DENT, as pitcher David Wells calls in to the virtual podcast recording booth. Bucky and Wells share something special: Each is responsible for one of the greatest moments in the history of the franchise, but both also retain so much joy — and so many amazing stories — from a life in the game. Get ready to laugh a ton, but also to learn something about Wells’ natural athletic gifts, his philosophy on teaching the game and a near dust-up with his captain and good friend. 
51 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 2: Flat Cu...
On this week's episode, Bucky gives his take on the COVID-19 shutdown, recalling a few times in his career when baseball stopped for an extended period. He also chats about a recent event with a popular member of the former Yankees and Red Sox teams, and the great relationships that the rivals now enjoy (yes, even Graig Nettles and Bill Lee).
33 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent: Episode 1
It’s the Series Premiere of Deep to Left With Bucky Dent, and we’re hitting the ground running. Join us for a fun, free-flowing conversation about the Hall of Fame, spring training and the landmark restaurant in Boston that reluctantly agreed to serve the town’s greatest nemesis. New episodes of Deep to Left With Bucky Dent — a part of the Yankees Magazine Podcast Network — will be released every other Tuesday during the baseball season. 
44 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent - Trailer
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Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 25: ...
We’re live from George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa! Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz takes you into the clubhouse for chats with two guys fighting for roles on the 2020 roster, Tyler Wade and Jordan Montgomery. Then Jon spends some time with YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits for a wide-ranging discussion of her career to date, her role models and life on the road with a big-league team. In other big news from the Yankees Magazine Podcast Network, we’re launching a new series, DEEP TO LEFT WITH BUCKY DENT on March 3. Make sure to head to to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.
38 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 24: ...
It’s really Spring Training, and moving forward, we’re going to have plenty to talk about with regard to the 2020 New York Yankees. But this week’s episode looks backward, with Al, Nate and Jon spending some time at Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame press conference and chatting about Yankees pioneer Al Downing’s career in pinstripes. We have lots of exciting news coming in the weeks ahead, so make sure you subscribe to the Yankees Magazine Podcast and follow us on Twitter @yanksmagazine.
32 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 23: ...
We're in the final days of the offseason, as this is our last episode before players start officially reporting to camp. Jon and Gary chat about Mike King and Gary's trip to meet the mild-mannered (at least off the field) pitching prospect. Then Jon checks in with All-Star Bryan Hoch to hear all about the BBWAA dinner and to go over some last thoughts before camp opens.
43 min
2/7/19: Yankees Extras | Yanks 'pen could be be...'s Tim McMaster (@MLB_McMaster) and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) continue their position previews with the team's bullpen. From closer Aroldis Chapman (3:30) to Zack Britton (7:20) and new addition Adam Ottavino (8:40), the Yankees' relievers could form one of the best bullpens ever.
12 min
2/1/19: Yankees Extras | Previewing the infield
The Yankees have added multiple new pieces to their infield this offseason.'s Tim McMaster (@MLB_McMaster) and reporter Bryan Hoch (@bryanhoch) explain how Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu will fit into the lineup (1:30). Tim and Bryan also discuss the club's hiring of Allen Herschkowitz as the first environmental science advisor in professional sports (13:00).
15 min
1/25/19: Yankees Extras | Mo, Moose headed to HOF
Mo and Moose are headed to Cooperstown.’s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch talk Hall of Fame (1:15). Tim and Bryan go on to discuss the Sonny Gray trade (7:50) and the signing of Adam Ottavino (9:40). The podcast wraps up with a breakdown of the catcher and DH positions heading into Spring Training (12:15).
16 min
1/16/19: Yankees Extras | How LeMahieu fits on ...
The Yankees added another infielder not named Machado.’s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss how DJ LeMahieu fits into the team's roster (:47). Tim and Bryan then take a closer look at New York's starting rotation (5:00). Lastly, they end the podcast by looking back on the life of former Yankees pitcher and coach Mel Stottlemyre (18:30).
21 min
1/9/19: Yankees Extras | Gray rumors, Yanks' ou...'s Tim McMaster (@MLB_McMaster) and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) discuss the chances that Sonny Gray still gets moved this offseason. Then Tim and Bryan break down the Bombers' outfield heading into the 2019 season.
14 min
1/3/19: Extras | New York Yankees
Where does Troy Tulowitzki fit in the Yankees' lineup?'s Tim McMaster (@MLB_McMaster) and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) break down how the deal impacts the chances of signing Manny Machado. Plus, David Robertson agrees to a deal with the Phillies. They discuss who the Yankees will now target in the relief market. 
17 min
12/12/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Tim McMaster (@MLB_McMaster) and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) come to you from the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas with the latest Hot Stove news, including J.A. Happ returning to the Bronx and what it means for the rotation. Plus, will they find a way to bring Manny Machado to New York?
10 min
12/11/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Aaron Boone speaks to the media at the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas and gives his thoughts about what the team has done so far this offseason, including trading for James Paxton. Plus, he is excited to see what Aaron Judge can accomplish this season after finishing strong and being healthy heading into Spring Training.
25 min
12/6/18: Extras | New York Yankees
What will the Yankees do now that Patrick Corbin and Nathan Eovaldi are off the market?'s Tim McMaster (@MLB_McMaster) and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) break down the latest in free agency. Plus, the latest with Bryce Harper and Manny Machado ahead of the Winter Meetings.
12 min
11/20/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Tim McMaster and Mark Feinsand discuss the Yankees trade for James Paxton. They also break down the 2019 Hall of Fame Ballot.
16 min
11/14/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Brittany Ghiroli and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down the chances of Dallas Keuchel wearing pinstripes in 2019. They also discuss Dellin Betances' plea to Manny Machado and Brian Cashman's award for community service. 
8 min
11/8/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Brittany Ghiroli and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down the club's one-year deal with CC Sabathia. They also discuss the Yankees chances of landing Patrick Corbin, the team's options at shortstop and Bryce Harper's ability to play first base.
9 min
10/31/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Brittany Ghiroli and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss how the team will respond after the Red Sox won the title.They also break down the Yankees’ interest in Manny Machado following the postseason, Brett Gardner's future and how the club will address starting pitching this offseason.
11 min
10/25/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Dani Wexelman and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down the team's chances of signing Manny Machado this Winter. They also discuss CC Sabathia's future, the competition at first base and the club's biggest offseason need.
13 min
10/15/18: Extras | New York Yankees's Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch reflect on the 2018 season, which saw the Yankees win 100 games and reach the ALDS.  They break down Aaron Boone’s first season as skipper and how Didi’s Tommy John surgery will impact the team’s offseason needs.  Plus, what are the plans for the starting rotation in 2019?  Will CC Sabathia and J.A. Happ return or will they make a run at Patrick Corbin?
10 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 37
The Yankees moved on to the ALDS and in the October issue of Yankees Magazine (which serves as the ALDS program at Yankee Stadium), the editors wrote about three of the starting pitchers who will be taking the mound. They talk about one, CC Sabathia, and the deep dive Jon takes into the legacy the pitcher has built on and off the field. Then, Jon’s interview with Sabathia during a recent trip to California.
50 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 34
Hilary, Jon and Thomas discuss manager Aaron Boone’s first few months on the job, then an interview with Boone himself. Plus, a conversation about Dellin Betances and the Yankees’ bullpen.
53 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Bonus Episode — Openi...
In this special bonus episode, hear parts of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton’s first-ever joint interview, conducted exclusively for Yankees Magazine. Plus, Hilary talks to editor in chief Alfred Santasiere III about how he made the interview happen and what some of his takeaways were after spending time with the sluggers. 
16 min
3/20/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Can Giancarlo Stanton put the Yankees over the top?’s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down what the reigning MVP adds to this lineup and why the team feels Luis Severino is ready to achieve ace level status.
13 min
3/13/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Neil Walker is a New York Yankee.’s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss Walker’s deal with the team and Giancarlo Stanton’s approach at the plate this spring.
9 min
3/9/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Potential lineups with Stanton, Judge. How will Boone handle first year in NY?'s Darwin Zook and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss how the Yankees lineup will look with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge and how first year manager Aaron Boone will handle the pressures in New York.
14 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 22
In this episode, Yankees Magazine editor in chief Al Santasiere joins the roundtable as the editors discuss spring training so far, then he gives his thoughts Seahawks quarterback on Russell Wilson’s time with the Yankees. Plus, Nathan has an exclusive interview with pitcher Sonny Gray.
33 min
3/1/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Andujar off to hot start in Spring Training. Yankees offense can be one of the best in the league.'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss Miguel Andujar's red hot start so far in Spring Training and how good the Yankees offense can be with a lineup featuring Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Gary Sanchez.
12 min
2/21/18: Extras | New York Yankees
The Yankees made a move, acquiring Brandon Drury in a trade.’s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss how Drury fits into the 2018 squad and the crowds that are showing up to watch the team take batting practice.
5 min
2/16/18: Extras | New York Yankees’s Anthony Castrovince and Yankees manager Aaron Boone discuss the importance of setting the tone in Spring Training, the competition in the infield and keeping his players fresh through a long season.
6 min
2/13/18: Spotlight | Aaron Boone Press ...
Manager Aaron Boone answers questions from the media before the opening of Spring Training camp. He talks about the challenges of coming into his first camp, the high expectations heading into the 2018 campaign and how he plans to manage Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the strong Yankees lineup.
33 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 20
In this episode the editors discuss signing off on the first issue of Yankees Magazine for 2018, which includes feature stories on new guys Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Boone, editor-in-chief Alfred Santasiere III has an exclusive interview with outfielder Aaron Hicks, and the crew make bold spring training predictions. 
42 min
2/6/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Can Chance Adams crack the Yankees rotation?’s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss why the team needs Adams to help out this season and talk about the opening of Spring Training camp next week.
10 min
1/31/18: Extras | New York Yankees
The Yankees cleaned up at the recent 95th Annual New York Baseball Writers' Dinner.'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch talk about the awards and speeches from Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge and also discuss the 1998 World Series team.
17 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 19
In this episode, the editors discuss their recent travels and Hilary has an exclusive interview with Yankees relief pitcher David Robertson.
45 min
1/22/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Are the Yankees a serious contender for Yu Darvish?'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch talk about the chances that Darvish lands in the Bronx and why CC Sabathia is happy to play the role of villain in 2018.
12 min
1/19/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Where does Miguel Andujar fit into the Yankees' plans for 2018?'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss what the team likes about Andujar and break down if the team possesses the best bullpen of all-time.
14 min
1/12/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Will Yu Darvish pitch in Yankee pinstripes next season?'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch talk about the team wanting to add more starting pitching and the strengths of their potent offense.
17 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 18
Before heading out on the road for stories, Jon and Nathan explain their thought process and methods of reporting during the offseason. Then, Hilary interviews Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch, whose new book, The Baby Bombers: The Inside Story of the Next Yankees Dynasty, dives into the origins of this new class of Yankees stars. And finally, in a draft of Yankees Hall of Famers, Hilary decides whether Jon or Nathan's team of legends would come out on top.
48 min
1/5/18: Extras | New York Yankees
Will Gleyber Torres be in the Opening Day lineup?'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss how Torres is feeling after suffering a season-ending injury last year and examine if Greg Bird can stay healthy for a full season in 2018.
14 min
12/21/17: Extras | New York Yankees
CC Sabathia is back with the Yankees for another season.'s Darwin Zook and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss why Sabathia wanted to come back to New York and if the team is interested in trading for Manny Machado.
12 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 17
In this episode, Hilary and Jon discuss some of the big splashes the Yankees have made in the past few weeks with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Boone. Then, they draft some of their favorite moments from the 2017 season, and rank their top holiday movies.
44 min
12/14/17: Extras | New York Yankees
Reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton is now a New York Yankee.'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down where Stanton could bat in the lineup and what other moves the team could make this offseason.
8 min
12/8/17: Extras | New York Yankees
Aaron Boone is officially the new manager in the Bronx.'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch talk about how Boone won over Brian Cashman in the interview process and where they will look to add a starting pitcher.
12 min
12/6/17: Aaron Boone Introductory Press Conference
The Yankees introduce their 33rd manager in franchise history, Aaron Boone.
33 min
12/2/17: Extras | New York Yankees
Sean Casey, Michael Kay, Mark Feinsand, Danny Graves, Bryan Hoch and Jim Duquette react to the Yankees naming Aaron Boone their manager.
14 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 16
In this episode, the editors discuss the special Monument Park Commemorative Issue of Yankees Magazine and the stories in it. Plus, the gang dissects one of the most popular recurring sections of the Magazine - Quick Hits - and they provide their own answers to some of the rapid-fire questions they often ask the Yankees players.
43 min
12/1/17: Extras | New York Yankees
The Yankees have closed their managerial search and will soon announce who will be leading the club in 2018.'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down the finalists and discuss why Shohei Ohtani would be a great fit in pinstripes.
13 min
11/27/17: 2017 Most Memorable Moments | New Yor... takes a listen back to the most exhilarating plays and can't-miss moments from the 2017 Yankees season.
28 min
11/14/17: Extras | New York Yankees
Aaron Judge took home the AL Rookie of the Year Award, but will he come away with the MVP trophy as well?'s Tim McMaster and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch break down the reasons why he could win the prestigious award and discuss why the team is not in a rush to find their new manager.
11 min
11/9/17: Extras | New York Yankees
Could Rob Thomson be the next skipper in the Bronx?'s Matt Waymire and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss the chance Thomson could be hired as the new manager and why Masahiro Tanaka did not opt out of his current Yankee contract.
14 min
11/1/17: Extras | New York Yankees
Could Shohei Ohtani be in pinstripes next season?'s Matt Waymire and Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch discuss the chance that Ohtani could land in the Yankees rotation and if Aaron Judge can duplicate his numbers from 2017.
15 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 15
In this episode, Hilary, Jon and Nathan discuss the tough ending to the Yankees' season in the ALCS. Hilary interviews Al Santasiere, the editor-in-chief of Yankees Magazine, about traveling with the club throughout the postseason. Lastly, the editors reflect on their favorite stories and moments from the past year.
57 min
10/26/17: Extras | New York Yankees
The Yankees are in need of a new manager for 2018.'s Matt Waymire and Yankees reporters Bryan Hoch discuss why Joe Girardi will not be back in pinstripes next season.
16 min
10/21/17 - ALCS Gm 7 Recap: NYY 0, HOU 4
The Yankees' offense struggled as they come up one game short of the World Series, falling 4-0 in Game 7 of the ALCS against the Astros
16 min
10/18/17 - ALCS Gm 5 Recap: NYY 5, HOU 0
Masahiro Tanaka leads the way for the Yankees, shutting out the Astros seven innings en route to a 5-0 Game 5 victory
17 min
10/17/17 - ALCS Gm 4 Recap: NYY 6, HOU 4
Aaron Judge went yard for the second straight game to help the Yankees beat the Astros, 8-6, and even the ALCS at two games a piece. Joe Girardi spoke to the media after the game.
6 min
10/16/17 - ALCS Gm 3 Recap: NYY 8, HOU 1
Todd Frazier and Aaron Judge slugged three-run homers to back CC Sabathia's six scoreless innings in the Yankees' Game 3 win.
13 min
10/14/17 - ALCS Gm2 Recap: NYY 1, HOU 2
Daily Recap: The Yankees pitching held the Astros offense in check, but a walk-off double from Carlos Correa down New York, 2-1, in Game 2
5 min
10/13/17 ALCS Gm1 Recap: NYY 1, HOU 2
The Yankees fall to Dallas Keuchel and the Astros 2-1 in Game 1 of the ALCS
6 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Episode 14
In this episode, the editors discuss Jon's October feature about The Joe Girardi Show and how he got to see a different side of the Yankees' manager while reporting the story. Then they recap the team's wild start to the postseason and give a quick preview of what they expect in the ALCS.
35 min
10/11/17 - ALDS Gm 5: NYY 5, CLE 2
Didi Gregorius hit two homers off Corey Kluber and CC Sabathia struck out nine batters to help send the Yankees to the ALCS.
10 min
ALDS Gm 4 Recap: NYY 7, CLE 3
Luis Severino came up big for the Yankees, tossing seven innings of three-run ball en route to a 7-3 Game 4 win. Yankees manager Joe Girardi, Aaron Judge, and Luis Severino discuss tying the series up and moving on to game 5 of the ALDS.
15 min
10/8/17 - ALDS Gm 3: CLE 0, NYY 1
Carlos Carrasco completed 5 2/3 innings with seven strikeouts, allowing only three hits. Terry Francona discusses the loss.
3 min
ALDS Gm 2 Recap: NYY 8, CLE 9
Despite smashing three home runs in Game 2, the Yankees bullpen faltered in their 9-8 loss to the Indians. Yankees manager Joe Girardi, Ronald Torreyes, and Gary Sanchez talk about the loss and how they are going to catch up after falling behind 2-0 in the ALDS.
7 min
10/5/17 - Road to the Postseason | New York Yan...
The Yankees were able to ride the highs of a powerful lineup led by rookie Aaron Judge's 52 home runs. reviews the best sounds from the 2017 season in the Bronx.
8 min
10/5/17 - ALDS GM 1 Recap: NYY 0, CLE 4
Sonny Gray allowed three runs over just 3 1/3 innings, and the Yanks managed only three hits in the loss to the Tribe.
3 min
10/3/17 - ALWC Recap - NYY 8, MIN 4
The Yankees slugged three homers as they were backed by 8 2/3 stellar innings from the bullpen to advance to the ALDS
7 min
10/1/17 - Game Recap: NYY 1, TOR 2
Matt Holiday hit a solo home run to provide the only offense for the Yanks in a 2-1 loss. Joe Girardi discusses the loss to the Blue Jays on the final day of the regular season.
5 min
9/30/17 - Game Recap: NYY 2, TOR 1
Aaron Judge crushed a deep home run and Aroldis Chapman picked up the save in the Yankees' 2-1 victory over the Blue Jays
7 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast: Episode 13
In this episode, the editors discuss Hilary's cover story of the October issue of Yankees Magazine about Gary Sanchez, then they run through what to expect for the postseason.
23 min
9/29/17 - Game Recap: NYY 4, TOR 0
Masahiro Tanaka struck out a career-high 15 over seven innings of three-hit ball and Greg Bird drove in two in the 4-0 victory.
3 min
9/28/17 - Game Recap: NYY 6, TB 9
The Yankees homer four times despite losing against the Rays. Joe Girardi speaks about the loss.
7 min
9/26/17 - Game Recap: NYY 6, TB 1
Jordan Montgomery tossed six innings of one-run ball, while Aaron Hicks robbed a grand slam to lead the Yankees to a 6-1 win.
8 min
9/25/17 - Game Recap: NYY 11, KC 3
Aaron Judge homered twice to surpass Mark McGwire for the most homers by a rookie in a year, powering the Yankees to an 11-3 win. Joe Girardi spoke to reporters following the win.
4 min
9/23/17 - Game Recap: NYY 5, TOR 1
The Yankees clinched a postseason spot thanks to six strong innings from Sonny Gray and a three-run homer from Greg Bird in their 5-1 win over the Blue Jays. Yankees manager Joe Girardi speaks about clinching a playoff berth, and Aaron Judge, Didi Gregorius, Brett Gardner, CC Sabathia and Sonny Gray also discuss clinching a playoff berth.
4 min
9/22/17 - Game Recap: NYY 1, TOR 8
Masahiro Tanaka allowed three big homers, including a grand slam, preventing the Yankees from clinching a playoff berth in their 8-1 loss to the Blue Jays. Tanaka and Yankees manager Joe Girardi talk about their 8-1 loss to Toronto.
10 min
9/20/17 - Game Recap: NYY 11, MIN 3
Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius each homered as the Yankees swept the Twins with an 11-3 victory.
5 min