Sox Degrees

White Sox broadcasters Jason Benetti and Len Kasper talk with Chicago celebrities and figures around baseball, some with close White Sox ties, and some six degrees away. No topic is off limits in this free-flowing conversations around the White Sox universe.

14. Stacey King and Adam Amin
Jason and Len are joined by Chicago Bulls TV broadcasters Stacey King and Adam Amin as they discuss King and Amin filling in on a recent White Sox telecast, the differences between calling basketball and baseball and looking ahead to the coming NBA season.
48 min
12. Dan Epstein
12. Dan Epstein
55 min
11. Céspedes Family BBQ
Jason and Len are joined by baseball bloggers and podcasters Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman from Céspedes Family BBQ
55 min
10. Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas
It’s an hour of jersey talk with Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas. Len, Jason and Paul discuss what makes a uniform’s look “classic,” some of their favorite and least-favorite redesigns of all time, and reminisce about MLB’s “Turn Ahead The Clock” uniform series.
61 min
09. Sarah Langs
Len and Jason are shared by reporter/researcher Sarah Langs to discuss taking part in the first all-female broadcast in MLB history, how she combined her love of baseball and writing into a career and how she covers the sport on Twitter.
52 min
07. Roger Bennett
Roger Bennett, host of “Men in Blazers” and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Reborn in the USA,” joins the podcast to talk about his history of cheering on the White Sox and Bears from across the pond. Bennett discusses how he became a Chicago sports fan, his deep love of Joey Cora and his enjoyment of this year’s current White Sox team.
58 min
06. Sean Evans from “Hot Ones”
Sean Evans, host of the hit YouTube show “Hot Ones,” joins the podcast to talk about his love of the White Sox, how he learned to interview guests on-camera by watching David Letterman and Howard Stern, his affinity for Anthony Bourdain and more.
57 min
05. Happy Fourth
Sox Degrees is off this week, but check out highlights from the first month of episodes. Hope you had a happy and safe Fourth of July, we will see you next week with guest Sean Evans of Hot Ones.
1 min
03. Rob Friedman of @PitchingNinja
Rob Friedman, owner of the @pitchingninja social media handles and FlatGround Pitching, joins Len and Jason to discuss all things pitching. They talk about how a lawyer became one of the biggest names in MLB social media circles, advising Major Leaguers on adding new pitches to their arsenals, and more. Plus, special White Sox guests join the show to ask their own questions.
54 min
02. Bob Odenkirk
Jason and Len are joined by Bob Odenkirk, star of “Better Call Saul” and the new film, “Nobody.” They talk about Bob’s memories of Disco Demolition Night, his unproduced TV series about minor-league baseball, Midwestern comedy stars and so much more.
58 min
01. Rick Hahn
White Sox VP/GM Rick Hahn joins Sox Degrees’ first episode! He discusses his earliest baseball memories, his emotions watching the team from the GM’s chair, and catching a game with Bo Jackson.
47 min
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