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The official Seattle Mariners Podcast features programs that take a daily and long-range look at Mariners baseball. Seattle Mariners Baseball: Game highlights, analysis, interviews and previews, hosted Gary Hill. Extras: Beat reporters join national correspondents to take a look ahead at the developing story lines latest news.

No. 669: Catch
We take a look at a wild day at the ballpark. Kyle Lewis made an incredible catch and we hear from him. Shannon chats with Dylan Moore about his fine season.
24 min
No. 668: Be a Good Sport
We have a very fun visit with Taylor Trammell. We also remember the great Bob Robertson.
24 min
We celebrate Roberto Clemente Day! We hear from his son Luis Clemente and former teammate Steve Blass. We will also review the last two days for the Mariners.
27 min
No. 666: Jim Callis
We review a great weekend as the Mariners take all three versus Texas. Jim Callis, senior writer for MLB Pipeline, joins us to talk about the M's system.
35 min
No. 665: Swamp Dawgs
We talk hitting and writing screen plays with Mariners acting hitting coach Hugh Quattlebaum. Jason Churchill is here to chat about the trade deadline and his impressions of the season so far.
28 min
No. 664: Marco CG
Marco throws a gem against the Angels and we have the highlights and reaction. Jerry Dipoto joined us to talk about the trade deadline.
28 min
No. 663: Dunn Deal
Mariners take the third game of the series versus the Angels behind Justin Dunn. We hear from Dunn as the M's look for a series split. We also talk Tacoma with Kristopher Negrón.
23 min
No. 662: Brown and Gold
Mariners take the first game from the Padres in the three-game series and we have the details. Director of analytics Jesse Smith talks White and Moore.
22 min
No. 661: Texas Sweep
We detail the sweep of the Texas Rangers over the weekend. Andy McKay chats with Shannon about the players in Tacoma.
28 min
No. 660: Gilbert
We have the highlights from the two-game split with the Dodgers in Seattle. We hear from Kyle Seager after a very special four days. Aaron Goldsmith and Gary Hill chat with Logan Gilbert.
22 min
No. 659: Pete Woodworth
We review the two games against the Dodgers in LA. Marco was brilliant and we will hear from him. We also chat with new pitching coach Pete Woodworth.
22 min
No. 658: Josh Gibson
We review the weekend against the Astros. We also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues with an classic Dave Niehaus and Buck O'Neil. We also explore the life and career of Josh Gibson with Sean Gibson.
26 min
No. 657: Kelenic
Aaron Goldsmith and Gary Hill chat with Jarred Kelenic. We have the highlights and reaction from the last two days in Texas.
21 min
No. 656: Sheffield
Justus Sheffield was excellent against the Rockies and he will talk about it. Shannon Drayer visits with Jarret DeHart.
25 min
No. 655: Hancock
Mariners lose to the Angels and we have the details. Aaron Goldsmith chats with M's first round Draft pick Emerson Hancock.
20 min
No. 654: Finally
Mariners Pod finally returns. Justin Hollander visits to talk about the start of the M's season. J.P. Crawford chats with Shannon Drayer about his great start.
18 min
No. 653: Blowers 8 RBI's
Mariners Classics will feature the marvelous 8 RBI game from Mike Blowers. On Mariners Pod Mike will talk about that amazing night. We will also hear his vintage interview with Dave. Shannon will also explore the importance of 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
17 min
No. 652: Cameron 4-HR Game
On Mariners Classics we will take a listen to the incredible four-home run game authored by Mike Cameron. On MarinersPod, we will hear from Cameron, Boone, Rick, Dave and Lou.
17 min
No. 651: Lost Interviews
We take a listen to a found interview with the great Tony Gwynn. Roger Clemens will also give the backstory of how he almost missed the start in his 20 strikeout game against the Mariners.
17 min
No. 650: Nearly Perfect
Brian Holman was nearly perfect against the A's on April 20, 1990. We will take a listen to the entire bottom of the 9th inning. We will also revisit a conversation with Holman and Ken Phelps together.
35 min
No. 649: Colin Curtis
On Mariners Classics we have Felix Hernandez dominating the New York Yankees on June 30, 2010. Colin Curtis was starting in left field that day for the Yankees. We talk to Colin about his journey from growing up in Issaquah to facing Felix in his very first MLB start.
22 min
No. 648: Felix Grand Slam
Mariners Classics continues with the Felix Grand Slam game. Ryan Rowland-Smith was the winning pitcher from that game and joins us to talk about it.
25 min
No. 647: Pyramid of Awareness
Aaron Goldsmith is back as we have a very long and meandering chat about our favorite conversations.
79 min
No. 646: Shannon Talking Felix
Felix Week continues as Shannon Drayer stops by to share some Felix stories. She also tells us about her favorite Felix start.
25 min
No. 645: Felix Week
Felix Week starts tonight on Mariners Classics with his domination of the Red Sox in 2012. We will recap the game here. We will also revisit a very fun chat with Dan Shulman.
18 min
No. 644: Favorite Things II
Aaron Goldsmith returns and we talk about your Favorite Things stories. We also chat about #civilskillets, RC Cola, hot dogs and more.
60 min
No. 643: The Kingdome
We say goodbye to The Kingdome on Mariners Classics tonight. On MarinersPod we listen to the touching last words from Dave on his final Kingdome broadcast. Lou, Edgar, Jay and Alvin Davis will also share their memories.
15 min
No. 642: Griffey and Griffey
We will listen to history tonight on Mariners Classics when Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. go back to back. We will hear the story from Rick Rizzs. Griffey Jr. and Griffey Sr. will share their thoughts. Hall of Famer Dave Winfield will also talk about what it was like to be there.
18 min
No. 641: Lou and Church
On Mariners Classics we have the 2001 division cinch. On MarinersPod we have Dave talking with Lou about that night. Jason Churchill joins us as well as we talk about the Draft, the AL West and so much more.
25 min
No. 640: Favorite Things Part I
Aaron Goldsmith is here and we talk about our favorite items. We again ask for your stories. Neil Scott also joins the show to tell the story about the recording of the first Mariners broadcast.
49 min
No. 639: O'Keefe
Mariners Classics features the first game in Safeco Field history. We will play some audio of Dave from the booth and dugout in 1998 during construction. Our good friend Colin O'Keefe will visit to share some stories.
28 min
No. 638: Felix
The next two nights on Mariners Classics will feature Felix Hernandez. Tonight we will hear his perfect game and tomorrow his final start. On Mariners Pod we will enjoy the highlights and praise from his perfect game and his career in two different pieces. Enjoy.
15 min
No. 637: Favorite Games II
Aaron Goldsmith returns as we take a listen to stories of your favorite games. We take some time to explore "What's the matter with Gary?" We also inform everyone that Aaron is growing a mustache.
53 min
No. 636: 2001 ALDS Comeback
The next two days on Mariners Classics will feature Games 4 and 5 of the 2001 ALDS. Today on Mariners Pod, we will take a listen to the final half inning of each of those games and the celebration after.
26 min
No. 635: Keith Hernandez
Keith Hernandez joins us as we revisit one of our favorite conversations.
12 min
No. 634: Favorite Games Part I
Aaron Goldsmith joins Mariners Pod and we talk about our favorite games. We are also asking for you to tell us about your favorite games. There are guidelines though so you'll have to listen to find out.
51 min
No. 633: The Gasman
The great Mike Gastineau joins us. The Gasman stops by to talk about the 2000 and 2001 playoff runs which are playing right now on Mariners Classics.
21 min
No. 632: Inning with George Brett
By request- The inning we spent with George Brett last year in Kansas City.
20 min
No. 631: Rickey Henderson
We remember when Rickey was a Mariner. The Henderson debut will be featured on tonight.
11 min
No. 630: Mark Simon Returns
We visit with one of our favorites- Mark Simon. We talk defense and The Fielding Bible 5 with Mark.
21 min
No. 629: Jackie
We celebrate Jackie Robinson with a number of very special guests. We will hear from Vin Scully, Don Newcombe, Bob Kendrick, Ken Griffey Jr. and Sharon Robinson.
30 min
No. 628: Mariners in the Wild II
The follow-up to Mariners in the Wild Part I. We share your stories and a couple of ours as well.
47 min
No. 627: A 2-0 Count for Edgar
Mariners Classics will feature Game One of the 2000 ALDS. On Mariners Pod we will listen back to one of the greatest stories ever told on Mariners Radio. Ken "Hawk" Harrelson tells us how Lou got a 2-0 count for Edgar with the game on the line in the most unique way.
6 min
No. 626: Comeback in San Diego
Tonight on Mariners Classics we go back to June 2, 2016 when the Mariners completed an amazing comeback in San Diego. On Mariners Pod we chat with Aaron Goldsmith about that night.
13 min
No. 625: The Ancient Mariner
Gaylord Perry's 300th victory will be featured on Mariners Classics tonight. On Mariners Pod, we will hear from Gaylord. We also ask Julio Cruz why recording the final out was a challenge.
9 min
No. 624: Valle and Ripken
The 2001 All-Star Game will be featured on Mariners Classics tonight. On Mariners Pod we will talk with Dave Valle, who came away with a couple of classic stories from the weekend. We will also hear from MVP Cal Ripken Jr.
8 min
No. 623: Al Kaline
The baseball world says goodbye to the great Al Kaline. We will listen back to a wonderful conversation between Aaron Goldsmith and Mr. Tiger.
14 min
No. 622: Edgar and The Double
Game 5 of the 1995 American League Division Series against the New York Yankees is tonight on Mariners Classics. On Mariners Pod we examine The Double as friends and foes talk about that moment. We also take a listen to the minutes following that big moment.
25 min
No. 621: M's in the Wild Part I
We share a very funny story about a chance meeting with a Seattle Mariner. We also ask for your stories.
24 min
No. 620: Game 4 Postgame
The 1995 Division Series continues with Game 4 tonight on Mariners Classics. Hear from Edgar after his marvelous game along with Lou Piniella and an unhappy Buck Showalter.
22 min
No. 619: The Groz
The 1995 ALDS continues on Mariners Classics and there is no better person to talk it about it with than Dave Grosby. The Groz was pregame/postgame host for Mariners Radio in 1995.
23 min
No. 618: First Playoff Pregame
Mariners Classics will feature the entire 1995 ALDS starting tonight. On MarinersPod we bring you the All-Star pregame show before the first playoff game in M's history.
19 min
No. 617: Randy Johnson No-Hitter
Tonight on Mariners Classics ( we play the Randy Johnson no-hitter versus the Detroit Tigers from June 2, 1990. On MarinersPod we will hear the final out and the interview after the game with Randy. HOF pitcher Jack Morris will also share the story from the other side.
7 min
No. 616: Autographs II- Dave Fleming's Uncle
The follow-up to No. 613: Autographs. We read and hear your stories about autographs
37 min
No. 615: Lou
Thinking about Lou after listening to the 2001 Season Opener last night.
5 min
No. 614: Opening Day Past
We do our best on what should be Opening Day. Today ROOT Sports and the Mariners Radio Network will play the 2001 season opener featuring the debut of Ichiro. On Mariners Pod we play the pregame show from that day.
22 min
No. 613: Autographs
Aaron Goldsmith and Gary Hill share autograph stories and then they ask for yours.
39 min
No. 612: A Conversation with Justus Sheffield
Rick Rizzs has a springtime chat with Justus Sheffield.
10 min
No. 611: Jon Miller
A classic conversation with the great Jon Miller
15 min
No. 610: Conversation with Jarred Kelenic
Rick Rizzs sat down early in the spring with Jarred Kelenic.
9 min
No. 609: An Inning with Bob Uecker
One of the highlights of the spring was spending an inning with the great Bob Uecker
15 min
No. 608: Corey Brock
We talk Mariners with Corey Brock from The Athletic.
20 min
No. 607: Conversation with Kyle Lewis
Rick Rizzs has a springtime conversation with outfielder Kyle Lewis.
9 min
No. 606: Baseball
We are going to talk some baseball in these uncertain times. Whether you are here for a sense of normalcy, distraction, levity or whatever the reason... you are most welcome. We will start with the full game replay of the 16-13 comeback win against the San Diego Padres on June 2, 2016.
223 min
No. 605: 2/18/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
We chat with Tom Murphy, Tim Laker and Shannon Drayer from Arizona. Andrew Simon from talks defense and Joe Doyle visits to chat about J.P. Crawford and so much more.
92 min
No. 604: 2/11/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
We talk defense with Perry Hill. Sam Dykstra reports on the impact of prospects in 2020 across the AL West. We chat with Trevor Gooby about upgrades to the ballpark. Greg Johns previews spring. Ryan Rowland-Smith shares some insights from an excellent conversation with Marco Gonzales.
92 min
No. 603: 2/4/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
It was a big day for Marco Gonzales and we have the details. Assistant GM Justin Hollander and infielder Patrick Wisdom join us. Angels beat writer Jeff Fletcher talks to us as the Angels break news. Frances Traisman talks tickets and Tip Wonhoff tells us about SABR.
93 min
No. 602: 1/28/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
Kyle Lewis and Justin Dunn join us. We have a great conversation with Andy McKay. Chris Townsend stops by to talk A's.
92 min
No. 601: 1/21/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
First baseman Evan White. We get a chance to meet new Head Athletic Trainer Kyle Torgerson. Bill Mitchell from Baseball America takes a look at the M's top-10 prospects. We look at the Astros with Brian McTaggart from We also talk Hall of Fame and listen to a story about one Hall of Famer told by another.
88 min
No. 600: Félix Hernández Perfect Game Broadcast
Enjoy all nine innings of the Félix Hernández Perfect Game
120 min
No. 599: 1/14/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
We have terrific conversations with Shed Long Jr. and Brandon Brennan. Director of analytics Jesse Smith joins us as well. Evan Grant is one of our favorites and he talks about his HOF vote and what the Rangers have done this offseason.
97 min
No. 598: 1/7/20 Mariners Hot Stove Show
Austin Nola and Brian DeLunas join the Hot Stove. We dedicate the second hour to our good friend Ron Fairly. We share stories and replay one of our classic conversations with Red.
95 min
12/13/19: Mariners Hot Stove Show
Mariners Hot Stove is back! On our first edition of the Mariners Hot Stove Show of this offseason hosts Rick Rizzs, Shannon Drayer, Mike Blowers and Garry Hill Jr. to talk to General Manager Jerry Dipoto, new pitching coach Pete Woodworth and 2018 first round draft pick Logan Gilbert. We wrap the show with a very special feature dedicated to the late great M's broadcaster Ron Fairly.
89 min
No. 597: Red
We celebrate the amazing baseball life of Ron Fairly. We will hear some of his greatest calls and enjoy a couple of past conversations with Red.
40 min
No. 596: So Long, For Now
The final podcast for the 2019 season. We will hear from Jerry Dipoto, Scott Servais, Kyle Seager, Jarred Kelenic and Cal Raleigh.
31 min
No. 595: Happy Felix Day
We celebrate the amazing career of Felix Hernandez. We will hear some of his greatest moments. We will also take a listen to the entire 9th inning from his perfect game.
19 min
No. 594: Cespedes Family BBQ
The guys from Cespedes Family BBQ join us. Texas League Coach of the Year Pete Woodworth also visits.
20 min
No. 593: Ichiro, Félix and Lewis
Lewis has been on fire. Félix was excellent and Ichiro gave a great speech.
27 min
No. 592: Kyles
Kyle Lewis hits a home run in his second AB. Kyle Seager continues to hit home runs. Jerry Dipoto visits.
26 min
No. 591: Julio
Mariners beat the Rangers in the first game of the series and we have the details. Julio Rodriguez tells us about his great season. We chat with Jason Churchill about the system.
34 min
No. 590: Felix Returns
Felix returns and we detail his start from Saturday. Mariners take two of three from the Blue Jays and we hear from Jake Fraley and Justus Sheffield. Dan Shulman also visits
33 min
No. 589: Seager Says
Kyle Seager has been on fire and he gives us the details on what has been working. We touch on what should be a very exciting weekend against the Blue Jays. Austin Shenton is also here.
23 min
No. 588: Home Runs and Cartwheels
The Mariners beat Tampa Bay in the first game of the series after taking two of three from Toronto. We have all the details. Brian Anderson tells us some great stories and Andy McKay is here.
32 min
No. 587: Seager
Kyle Seager has a big series in Detroit as the Mariners take two of three. We also chat with Luke Arkins.
19 min
No. 586: Back 2 Back 2X
Mariners hit back-to-back home runs twice in an interesting game one win versus the Tigers. Luis Clemente also visits.
25 min
No. 585: Sheffield and Dunn
Mariners split a short series with San Diego. We celebrate Edgar Martinez this weekend and welcome back Mike Zunino. Shannon chats with Sheffield and Dunn.
19 min
No. 584: Deadline
Mariners split in Texas and start a weekend series with Houston tonight. We hear from Jerry on the Deadline. Ryan Stiles talks about his unique role with the club. Shannon Drayer talks Modesto and Joe Rizzo visits.
27 min
No. 583: Court and Nola
Mariners sweep the Tigers in four games and we have the details. We visit with Austin Nola, Ryan Court and Matt Boyd.
31 min
No. 582: VogelBlasts
Mariners take two of three from the Texas Rangers and we have the details. Jarret DeHart talks hitting with Aaron Goldsmith and Tim Lopes chats about his journey to the Majors.
30 min
No. 581: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 1 (The Speech)
The Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame speech.
13 min
No. 580: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 2 (HOF)
Edgar the Montage.
8 min
No. 579: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 3 (Eyes and Bats)
Edgar Martinez overcame a great deal to become a Hall of Famer. Edgar was constantly working on his craft on the physical and mental side.
9 min
No. 577: 11 Days of Edgar - Day 5 (Grand Salami...
We present the entire bottom of the 8th inning from Game 4 of the 1995 ALDS versus the New York Yankees. The Edgar Grand Salami Inning.
19 min
No. 576: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 6 (The Double)
The Double. Edgar Martinez, Dan Wilson, Mike Blowers, Ken Griffey Jr., Lou Piniella, Tony Fernandez and Dave Niehaus provide their perspective.
6 min
No. 575: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 7 (On the Board)
Edgar Martinez hit a huge home run versus the White Sox in the 2000 playoffs. Here is the story behind that home run as told by Ken "Hawk" Harrelson.
6 min
No. 574: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 8 (#11)
A classic Edgar chat from the past with Aaron Goldsmith after finding out that his famous # 11 would be retired by the Seattle Mariners.
8 min
No. 573: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 9 (Hall Visit)
Jon Shestakofsky from the National Baseball Hall of Fame tells us about an early visit by Edgar to The Hall.
5 min
No. 572: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 10 (Ever!)
What do other Hall of Famers think about Edgar Martinez? A few of them will tell us.
4 min
No. 571: 11 Days of Edgar- Day 11 (Greatest Swing)
4 min
No. 570: Happy 4th
The Cardinals take two of three from the Mariners and we have the details. Andy McKay joins us for a long conversation. Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney is also here.
33 min