Amazin’ Conversations with Jay Horwitz

Mets PR Legend of 40 years and current V.P. of alumni relations and team historian, Jay Horwitz, talks to some of the most interesting people he can find.

Amazin’ Conversations is a weekly opportunity for listeners to not only hear stories from Mets alumni you would never get anywhere else, but interviews with some incredible people outside the world of baseball.

How Did MAGIC Help Michael Cuddyer During His B...
Michael Cuddyer was with the Mets for their incredible 2015 World Series run and got to be teammates with longtime friend David Wright, whom he grew up in the same town as and both attended the same high school. Cuddyer shares memories of the Wilmer Flores game. the Yoenis Cespedes trade, his relationship with former Met and Twin (like himself) LaTroy Hawkins and talks to Jay about his magic skills and how they helped him on the diamond.
23 min
What Does Jon Matlack Think the 1973 and 2024 M...
Jay sits down with Jon Matlack to discuss the unforgettable pennant race and playoff run of the 1973 Mets. Jon tells stories of Willie Mays’s base-running IQ, Jerry Grote’s senses behind the plate, and what led up to the notorious brawl between Bud Harrelson and Pete Rose. Jon encourages Mets fans to maintain optimism in the 2024 playoff race, insisting that anything can happen over the course of a baseball season.
16 min
Mike Piazza Reflects on Roger Clemens Bat Throw...
As the Subway Series rivalry is heating up during the summer months, Jay sits down with Mike Piazza to discuss some of Mike’s greatest moments vs the Yankees. Mike breaks down his feud with Roger Clemens, recalls Ted Williams visiting him as a 16-year-old prospect and debates whether American or Italian pizza is superior. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Teaser 0:48 Picking up Mike in a Limo 1:28 Italian Olympic Team 3:11 Daughter Applying for College 4:34 Living in the U.S. vs Europe 5:14 Remembering Vince Piazza 6:04 Matt Franco Game 7:25 Subway Series Games 7:59 Roger Clemens 9:21 World Series Game 5 10:20 Ted Williams 11:51 Bobby Valentine Mustache 12:20 Managers with Huge Personalities 13:12 All Leiter's 1999 Playoff Shutout 14:08 Robin Ventura's Grand Slam Single 15:30 Pete Alonso's Free Agency 17:05 Being Embraced by New York 17:49 News in Italy 18:18 Francisco Alvarez 19:26 Willie Mays 20:18 London Series 21:25 Mets Ownership 22:40 New York vs Chicago vs Italian Pizza
24 min
Lee Mazzilli Reflects on the Legacy of Willie M...
In the wake of the passing of baseball legend Willie Mays, Jay sits down with his old friend and former Met, Lee Mazzilli, taking a moment to look back on Willie’s legacy.
14 min
Is The Leiter Family The MOST Successful Family...
The Leiter family is the first time two professional baseball players have had sons to both go on and play for MLB themselves! In this conversation, Jay talks to Marc and Al about the kind of baseball dads they were, the stress of watching your kid vs playing yourself, their own stories about playing each other and more!
24 min
Is Turk Wendell Living His Best Life as a Farmer?!
Turk Wendell is enjoying his second career as a farmer, living on a farm in Adel, Iowa with cattle, pigs, chickens and cats! Listen to this breakdown where Turk explains what a day in the life of a former big leaguer turned farmer is like and learn how many eggs Turk gets a day, how the cattle are …dispersed and more! Make sure to check out our version on the Mets YouTube page to see the pictures and videos from Turk himself!
24 min
What METS Memorabilia Did This ASTRONAUT Bring ...
Mike Massimino has been to space a few times but it seems his favorite place is sitting at a ballpark watching the Mets! In this interview, he talks to Jay about what piece of memorabilia he brought to space and how the whole concept came about, his friendship with Tom Seaver which resulted in him bringing a bottle of Tom's wine to space and Mike's many media appearances, speaking engagements and his role on The Big Bang Theory.
23 min
Is Daniel Murphy Going To WRECK Chase Utley In ...
Daniel Murphy is preparing to face off against Chase Utley in a Home Run derby when the Mets and Phillies face off in London! In this conversation with Jay Horwitz he discusses the preparation for that as well as his new career as a broadcaster having called a few Mets games for SNY.
20 min
The Story Behind Some of The Most Iconic Mets P...
Marc Levine has been taking photos for Mets since the late '80s and behind every iconic Mets photo is someone snapping the shots and for so many of them, that guy is Marc Levine. Marc talks about some of the legendary photos he has taken like the Endy Chavez catch from 2006, the Johan picture after his no-hitter that became a shirt, the Darryl Strawberry and Keith Hernandez fight on his first day and many more!
33 min
Earl Monroe Talks Knicks 2024 Run and Jalen Bru...
On this episode we are joined by Earl “The Pearl’ Monroe, someone Jay Horwitz got the privilege top watch in action at the garden for many years! Earl got to feel the thrill of being a champion in New York and he speaks with Jay about how good this Knicks team looks, what of himself he sees in Jalen Brunson and if he thought Walt Frazier always had the broadcast career in his path.
17 min
Darryl Strawberry Talks Long Road To June 1st N...
Darryl Strawberry and his wife Tracy join Jay Horwitz in the lead up to Darry's number retirement on June 1st. Darryl and Tracy have devoted their life to their faith and helping others and talk about the importance of Darryl's journey and how the bumps along the way have helped him save many more people's lives than he could have ever expected.
21 min
Jimmy Kimmel Talks Mets Fandom, Favorite All-Ti...
Jimmy Kimmel produced the ESPN docuseries "Once Upon a Time in Queens" based on his lifelong Mets fandom. Jay caught up with Jimmy, spoke with him about his first pitch in 2015, why he wore 31 when throwing the pitch, memories of going to Mets games and much more!
16 min
Todd Hundley Talks Pete Alonso, Getting Advice ...
Todd Hundley talks about being an every day catcher, a story about getting advice from Barry Bonds, his take on Pete Alonso's swing and much more!
25 min
Jay Horwitz Talks BRAND NEW Silver Sluggers Pro...
This season the New York Mets launched their first-ever Silver Sluggers. Jay sits down with Katie Rakowski, Manager of Marketing and Program Activation at the Mets to discuss the inspiration behind the program and even reveal some special alumni guests that will be participating.
9 min
Butch Huskey Talks About Being Last Met To Wear 42
When MLB retired Jackie Robinson's number 42 league wide, those who were wearing it prior got grandfathered in, one of those players was Butch Huskey who had promised as a child he would wear that number if he were to make it to the show. Butch reflects on the importance of the number, Jackie's career, and the night when the Mets helped retire the number league wide.
18 min
Jack Fisher Talks About Being The First Met to ...
Jack Fisher was the first Met to pitch at Shea Stadium 60 years ago this month, against the Pirates and the Mets will play the Pirates on the anniversary of the beloved ballpark's opening. Jack reminisces about striking out Roberto Clemente for the first K at Shea, the fans that supported the team through it all for that tough first year and much more!
18 min
Bud Harrelson's Mets Legacy, Bond with Tom Seav...
In this episode, Jay welcomes Kim Harrelson, the former wife of Mets great Bud Harrelson who passed away just a few months ago. Later this week at Opening Day, the Mets will be honoring Bud by not only having his family be a part of the Opening Day ceremonies, but the Mets will be wearing a patch to honor Bud for the 2024 season. Kim talks about the impact of this decision on her family, Bud's fight against Alzheimer’s and his incredible friendship with "The Franchise" Tom Seaver.
21 min
From Ping Pong to Play-by-Play: Marv Albert's J...
Marv Albert, the longtime voice of the New York Knicks, the Rangers and even worked pre and post game for the Mets during the '69 and '74 championship runs! He came back in '86 with Bob Costas and tells a story of being in the Mets dugout for it. In this interview Marv also talks abut being from a broadcast family dynasty, what his earliest origins were and much more!
18 min
Did Matt Harvey Like Being Called The Dark Knig...
Matt Harvey reflects on the phenomena that was Harvey Day, his rookie year, the 2015 Mets World Series run and what it was like being the face of what felt like the hottest team on the planet at the time.
21 min
How Did Darryl Strawberry Save Barry Lyons’ Life?
Barry Lyons caught for early Dwight Gooden and had his life saved by Darryl Strawberry, in this episode of Amazin' Conversations he reflects on both instances and talks about his time with the Mets ahead of two major number retirements coming this year,
22 min
What Is The Origin of Bill Raftery's "Onions!" ...
Jay is joined by his longtime friend and legendary college basketball coach and announcer Bill Raftery. Jay and Bill reminisce over their years working together, where Bill gets all of his iconic catch phrases from and what he thinks the state of local teams like St. Johns and Rutgers can look forward to
22 min
Which Mets Starters Witnessed The Birth of Jon ...
Jon Niese talks with Jay about his time with Mets, the pitchers who watched him see his child's birth of facetime, Carlos Beltran paying for his nose job and his hunting preserve.
17 min
Was Garth Brooks on The 2000 Mets?!
As Spring Training is upon us, Garth Brooks and Jay reminisce over their time together back in the spring of 2000 when Garth Brooks joined the Mets for camp. Garth shares his stories of playing with Todd Zeile, Mike Piazza and John Franco, getting his 2000 NL Championship ring, keeping in contect with players like Robin Ventura and much more in this very surprising Mets alumni episode!
14 min
Was Benny Agbayani Patrick Mahomes' Favorite Ba...
Benny Agbayani is an all-time beloved Mets, "Benny and the Mets" used to fill the airs of Shea Stadium. Jay talks with Benny to talk about his new passion, coaching his son who is a top ranked high school prospect in Hawaii. Benny also spoke about some Mets memories like his playoff home runs, thinking he was giving away a third out ball to a fan, and of course, his times playing catch with a young Patrick Mahomes!
16 min
Could The Mets Have Won in 1986 Without Sid Fer...
Many people say the Mets would not have been able to lock down their World Series championship in 1986 without Sid Fernandez. Jay and Sid discuss this as well as many other topics in an especially great conversation. Sid also talks about his memory of Sandy Kofax visiting the Dodgers at Spring Training, pitching behind Doc Gooden, playing with Darryl Strawberry, and being managed by Davey Johnson.
18 min