Maddon Mondays

Catch up on every episode of "Maddon Mondays" as Angels Manager Joe Maddon and Roger Lodge discussed a variety of topics during The SportsLodge on Angels Radio AM830.

Maddon Monday: June 29
With baseball returning this week, Joe Maddon and Roger Lodge tackle some health and safety protocols. The two also discuss the one year passing of Tyler Skaggs, some of Joe’s favorite ballparks and the best way to drive across the country.
30 min
Maddon Monday: June 22
Fresh of a fun Father's Day for both Joe Maddon and Roger Lodge, the duo chat about the latest MLB season updates, the readiness of the squad, and a couple recommended reads from Joe.
26 min
Maddon Monday: June 15
In this episode of Maddon Monday, Joe Maddon joins Roger Lodge and discusses the progress of his garden, the latest MLB chatter, and social justice initiatives Joe and Roger are passionate about.
29 min
Maddon Monday: June 8
Joe Maddon returns to The Sports Lodge for another episode of Maddon Monday! He and Roger Lodge discuss the reported MLB offers, a new show recommendation, and a present Joe once received from Bill Belichick.
27 min
Maddon Monday: June 3
It's Maddon Monday on a Wednesday! Skipper Joe Maddon talks leadership, the latest rumors around MLB and a job he missed out on early in his career.
21 min
Maddon Monday: May 26
It’s Maddon Monday, Tuesday edition! This week, Joe Maddon and Roger Lodge discuss their Memorial Days without baseball and Joe’s upcoming projects.
20 min
Maddon Monday: May 18
From childhood mischief to new team safety measures, listen to Roger Lodge and Joe Maddon’s latest Maddon Monday discussion.  
27 min
Maddon Monday: May 11
Roger Lodge and Joe Maddon consider the logistics surrounding baseball’s proposed return. 
23 min
Maddon Monday: May 4
Join Roger Lodge and Joe Maddon as they discuss everything from car ride music to the generational talents on the current Angels roster.
23 min
Maddon Monday: April 27
Kick off your week with Roger Lodge and Joe Maddon as they discuss Angels pitching and the leaders of the 2002 World Series team.
25 min
Maddon Monday: April 20
This week, Roger Lodge checks in with Joe Maddon on his family and pets, latest reads, and recently watched TV specials!
21 min
Maddon Monday: April 13
Think you know Joe? Test your knowledge as he and Roger Lodge review wine and reflect on Joe’s interest in music
23 min
Maddon Monday: April 6
Rodger Lodge and Joe Maddon discuss the impact Joe’s father played in his life, as well as Joe’s unique connection to the Angels.
20 min
Maddon Monday: March 30
On the first “Maddon Monday,” Rodger Lodge and Joe Maddon discuss everything from Tommy La Stella buying dinner to leaders that have inspired Joe.
22 min