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Garra. Deseo. Intensidad. Determinación. Hacer las cosas Con Ganas! This season of Gigantes Podcast, Spanish broadcaster and host Erwin Higueros sits down with co-host Nick Ortiz, Giants Quality Assurance Coach, and takes you through the 2022 Gigantes season from béisbol to la cultura and everything in between. Erwin and Nick speak with current players, coaches, and front office staff to the Latino mentality of hacer las cosas con ganas, the mentality that currently exists inside the clubhouse and that has empowered us as a community, porque cuando hay ganas todo se puede!

La temporada vino, y se fue
En este episodio de Gigantes Podcast, Erwin y Nick sit down to review and breakdown the 2022 season. They analyze the performance we saw on the field throughout the season, including the bullpen, hitting, and the various pitching rotations used. Además, acompáñanos a conversar acerca del relevista del mes, Camilo Doval.
25 min
Beisbol sin barreras con JP Martínez
Erwin and Nick sit down with our assistant pitching coach, JP Martinez. Listen to this episode to learn more about his start in the sport of baseball and his winter ball experience. También nos cuenta lo importante que ha sido el hablar español para ayudar establecer una mejor conexión con los lanzadores latinos, especialmente con Camilo Doval.
23 min
El Cometa de Carolina
El Cometa de Carolina
18 min
Es Septiembre y el roster lo sabe
Escucha este episodio to find out more about the potential changes to the team roster during the month of September.
20 min
El apagón
In this special edition of Gigantes Podcast, Erwin chats with Tito Fuentes about the 2022 season.
27 min
La ciencia detrás del juego con Saúl Martínez
This week Nick and Erwin sit down and chat with Saul Martinez, el científico deportivo de los Gigantes de San Francisco. He breaks down all the work that is necessary to help keep the players in top physical condition. The goal is to make sure every player is ready for a 162 game season. Follow along to know what some of our players are currently working on.
22 min
Deje mi corazón en San Francisco
Erwin and Nick analyze the process that takes place when management is considering acquiring a player or trading a player to a different organization.
15 min
Yunior Marte, a young veteran
In this episode, join us to learn more about the trajectory of the young reliever, Yunior Marte.
19 min
A la mitad del camino con las miras en alto
Nick will give us his breakdown of the first half of the season and the team’s expectations as we get ready for the second half.
27 min
Sube y baja; Las opciones en el béisbol
Listen to this episode to learn more about how player options work in the Majors. Nick discusses the important communication processes between the Major League team and the Minor League affiliates to make sure everyone is on the same page. También escucharemos de un joven prospecto, Gregory Santos.
25 min
Lesiones son parte del juego
This week, Erwin and Nick discuss the injuries that have affected some of our key players this season. They also analyze the players who have stepped up to support the team from the minor leagues.
17 min
Mauricio Llovera; Llegando a the big leagues
In this episode, Erwin and Nick sit down to talk with el joven Venezolano, Mauricio Llovera. He tells us how his hard work in the minors has earned him the trust of coaches in the big leagues.
16 min
Nuevo manager, nueva filosofía
Nuevo manager, nueva filosofía
18 min
Thairo Estrada; De costa a costa
In this episode, join us to learn more about the career of the young player, Thairo José Estrada. He chats with us about the beginning of his career with the New York Yankees and together we discuss the various positions he has played on the baseball field.
19 min
Un Shift En El Deporte
Listen to this episode to find out more about the new rules that have been implemented and those that are coming in the near future. Erwin and Nick tell us what changes are coming para todos los amantes del deporte, including the players. Adapting will be key to the success of all teams
22 min
Rutina! Rutina! Rutina!
In this episode Nick talks about how important una rutina is to players, whether at home or on the road. But what do you do when esa rutina is interrupted by a lockout? Listen to find out the obstacles that delayed the start of the 2022 season.
22 min
107 Wins: Una Temporada Para Recordar
This episode Erwin introduces co-host Nick Ortiz, Giants Quality Assurance Coach and they break down the Giants 2021 season. 107 wins and a historic season to remember that ended in heartbreak. Erwin and Nick discuss how it was a true team effort from players to staff.
36 min
Johnny Cueto
En este episodio, Erwin Higueros entrevista a Johnny Cueto, lanzador derecho de los Gigantes.
22 min
Reyes Moronta
En este episodio, Erwin Higueros plática con Reyes Moronta. Moronta nos cuenta de su experiencia y proceso en rehabilitación y repasa muchas cosas más!
21 min
Kervin Castro
En este episodio, Erwin Higueros habla con Kervin Castro. Castro comparte con nosotros como a superado después de sufrir una lesión a una joven edad. Apesar de ese retraso el aspira con llegar a las grandes ligas.
18 min
Camilo Doval
Erwin Higueros conversa con Camilo Doval. Escucha para conocer más de este joven talento que ya se encuentra impactando el equipo mayor.
15 min
Wilmer Flores
En este episodio, Erwin Higueros platica con Wilmer Flores. El Venezolano nos platica acerca de las adversidades que se le han presentado en su carrera y como se siente ahora con los Gigantes
11 min
Mauricio Dubón
Erwin Higueros conversa con Mauricio Dubón. En este episodio,
16 min
Jarlin García
Jarlin García
23 min
José Álvarez
En este episodio, Erwin Higueros entrevista a José Álvarez. El relevista zurdo habla de las altas y bajas que ha superado y las lecciones que aprendió.
21 min