Angels Recap with Trent Rush

Angels Radio AM830 host, Trent Rush, brings you Angels updates, exclusive player interviews, fan questions, and more!

Angels Recap – Episode 84
With less than two months left of the 2021 regular season, Trent Rush provides his insights on the team and shares updates from Angels Manager Joe Maddon and General Manager Perry Minasian.
29 min
Angels Recap – Episode 83
With the recent call-ups of multiple young Angels talents, host Trent Rush reflects on the future of the club and the impact of these top prospects.
28 min
Angels Recap – Episode 82
In honor of ‘70s Throwback Weekend at the Big A, host Trent Rush takes you back in time as he speaks with Angels aces Frank Tanana and Clyde Wright! Hear also from veteran L.A. broadcaster Ted Sobel.
54 min
Angels Recap – Episode 81
Learn more about the behind-the-scenes action of the All-Star Game as Angels Director of Communications Adam Chodzko details the demands of the mid-summer classic.
49 min
Angels Recap – Episode 80
Host Trent Rush recaps the 2021 All-Star Game and Angels Scouting Director Matt Swanson stops by to discuss the team’s recent draft picks.
37 min
Angels Recap – Episode 79
Hear from Mike Trout, Joe Maddon, Jared Walsh, and David Fletcher as host Trent Rush takes you through health updates, hit streaks, and more!
24 min
Angels Recap – Episode 78
On this episode of the Angels Recap Podcast, Trent Rush dives into the recent Angels pitching changes and highlights the unique success of Shohei Ohtani!
26 min
Angels Recap – Episode 77
Host Trent Rush dives into Shohei Ohtani’s phenomenal performance this season and highlights the pitching prospects in the Angels minor league system.
30 min
Angels Recap – Episode 76
Angels superstar Mike Trout discusses the joys of fatherhood, the team's recent performance and what it means to play 1985-style baseball! 
31 min
Angels Recap – Episode 75
Get to know Angels pitcher Alex Cobb as he talks about the Cobb family dogs, the mentality he brings to his game, and his connection to military families.
30 min
Angels Recap – Episode 74
Angels Recap Podcast host Trent Rush walks you through the team’s recent performance, who is heating up, and the updates on an injured Mike Trout.
43 min
Angels Recap – Episode 73
Trent Rush answers fan questions and has an in-depth conversation with MLB Network studio host and new co-host of Intentional Talk, Stephen Nelson!
39 min
Angels Recap – Episode 72
Trent Rush shares his thoughts on Angels phenom Shohei Ohtani and what Mike Trout’s injury means to the team.
20 min
Angels Recap – Episode 71
Angels Recap Podcast host Trent Rush chats with Taylor Ward about his approach at the plate and his tenure with the team.
26 min
Angels Recap – Episode 70
Learn more about Angels outfielder Scott Schebler as he dives into his journey in the big leagues, his competitive nature, and the impact of the veterans on this team.
33 min
Angels Recap – Episode 69
Angels pitcher Andrew Heaney shares his thoughts on finding his rhythm this season, the role analytics plays in his game, and the energy surrounding this team.
29 min
Angels Recap – Episode 68
Hear from Angels infielder Jose Rojas as he talks about his journey to the big leagues, his versatility on the field, and what it means to play for his local team as an Anaheim native.  
29 min
Angels Recap - Episode 67
With the first few games of the 2021 season in the books, General Manager Perry Minasian talks through the talent and makeup of this team.
30 min
Angels Recap – Episode 66
Trent Rush shares his insights on the team leading into the regular season and chats with veteran Angels outfielder Justin Upton!
28 min
Angels Recap – Episode 65
Angels pitching prospect Chris Rodriguez discusses his recovery following back surgery and shares his experience this spring.
38 min
Angels Recap - Episode 64
Host Trent Rush breaks down Ohtani’s stellar Spring Training performance, Bundy’s role as the team’s Opening Day starter, and his predictions for the regular season lineup.
31 min
Angels Recap - Episode 63
Get to know new Angels infielder Jose Iglesias as he chats about joining the team, his passion for music, and his experience as a father.
22 min
Angels Recap – Episode 62
Trent Rush provides an update on Angels Spring Training as he breaks down Ohtani’s progress, the impact of the rising pitching prospects, and the future of Albert Pujols.
38 min
Angels Recap - Episode 61
Trent Rush speaks with Jared Walsh about his breakout 2020 season and his versatility on the field. Hear also from Mike Trout and Joe Maddon about the make and culture of this team.
38 min
Angels Recap - Episode 60
Angels Spring Training is officially underway! As pitchers and catchers report for their first day of camp, Trent Rush discusses the team’s rotation and dives into Shohei Ohtani’s progress with manager Joe Maddon.
40 min