Seven Figures: Smart Money Strategies...

Having money and wealth can buy you material things BUT more importantly it buys you options and peace of mind. THAT is what this podcast is all about. Sandy Waters has always been passionate about helping women get to a spot where they feel comfortable, confident and secure about their financial future. “It doesn’t matter how much money you earn, it’s what you do with the money you have.” This show is designed to fit perfectly into your busy schedule. Each week we start with “No Dumb Questions.” A quick 5-minute explanation of the most commonly misunderstood money topics. Topics that many women are afraid to speak up and ask about.We then sit down with a financially confident woman who lets us in on her secrets of success. What does she do that we all should be doing?And finally, since most of us are parents who want to be good financial role models. Sandy ends the show with “A Seat at the Kids Table.” This is the part of the show were the kids get involved. We listen in on their responses to important money questions. Our expert leaves us with advice, how to best teach the lessons they are not learning in school.Reach out to Sandy Waters directly sandywaters989@gmail.comInstagramLinkedIn

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10. Divorce- How to protect yourself financially
This week we Cash in with the Expert Kristin Paul author of Freeing Yourself Financially A Woman’s Guide To Rebuilding Her Finances After Divorce for privacy information.
22 min
9. The biggest tax filing mistakes
This week we "Cash in with the Expert" CPAs Tom Petrella and Michael Phillips Petrella Phillps LLP www.petrellaphillips.comSee for privacy information.
31 min
8. Action plan to pay off your debt
This week we cash in with the expert retired Federal Bankruptcy Judge John NinfoSee for privacy information.
27 min
7. Tips to get the most for your money when sel...
See for privacy information.
31 min
6. Do you have the right life insurance coverage?
Cash in with expert Andy Ocasio from Allstate. See for privacy information.
26 min
3. How to talk about money with your kids
Cash in with a finance teacher at West Irondequoit. See for privacy information.
27 min
5. How to pay off college debt
Get tips from Paul Celuch, of College Assistance Plus. See for privacy information.
19 min
2. What secret ingredient do successful people ...
Cash in with expert Deanna, owner of Brow Diva. See for privacy information.
20 min
4. Questions you need to ask when building a house
Cash in with experts Rick and Jakie Kartes from Stonehaven Custom Homes.See for privacy information.
19 min
1. 401K Crash Course
See for privacy information.
20 min