The Bigs

Welcome to MLB's first player-to-player podcast! Xavier Scruggs played professional baseball for 12 years, reaching the Majors with the Cardinals and the Marlins. Now he's taking fans behind the scenes with the biggest stars in the game today. We're getting deep into the topics you won't hear about in a postgame press conference, like the times All-Stars and MVPs leveled up into legends, when they doubted themselves and how they spoke out for change. From clubhouse relationships to career turning points, nothing is off the table.

Ozzie Smith
For this final episode of Season 1, we’re bringing you a conversation with a Hall of Famer! Ozzie Smith was elected to Cooperstown on the first ballot following an iconic 19-year career that included 15 All-Star selections, 13 consecutive Gold Gloves and a World Series ring.
30 min
Welcome To: The Bigs
Xavier Scruggs played professional baseball for 12 years, and now he's going deep with MLB's biggest stars about the turning points in their lives and careers. From leveling up on the field to speaking out off it, these are the player-to-player conversations that usually stay inside the clubhouse.
2 min