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102 - Tom Laidlaw - 10/30/2019
Former NHL'er, Tom Laidlaw on trying to win Survivor, playing with Wayne Gretzky, what it feels like to get traded, if hockey fights should still exist, the True Grit Life, and so much more.  See for privacy information.
52 min
101 - Stephen Jackson - 10/23/2019
Stephen Jackson on fake tough guys, Backwoods blunts, the Malice at the Palace, Don Nelson's We Believe Warriors, Darryl Strawberry, his new project with Matt Barnes, and so much more. See for privacy information.
36 min
100 - David Goggins - 10/16/2019
The soul-snatcher, David Goggins on identity relapse, looking in the accountability mirror, dropping 122lbs, detesting mediocrity, what it means to do a live autopsy, and why his mind is his most powerful weapon. A must listen if there ever was one. See for privacy information.
63 min
99 - Randy Couture - 10/9/2019
Randy Couture on the early days of UFC, fighting twice in a night, what kept him going into his late 40's, Conor McGregor, the challenges of acting, and so much more. See for privacy information.
42 min
98 - Mike Leach - 10/2/2019
WSU Cougars HC, Mike Leach on celebrating a historic season too long, what he told scouts about Gardner Minshew, the Air Raid working in the NFL, and so much more. See for privacy information.
55 min
97 - Barry Zito - 9/25/2019
An extremely open conversation with Barry Zito on the empty pursuit of fame, overcoming ego, his complicated relationship with his parents, being left off the 2010 postseason roster, and finally finding peace within himself. See for privacy information.
39 min
96 - Tilman Fertitta - 9/18/2019
Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta on how he made his billions, why the paddle is coming for everyone, what keeps him pursuing success, why he loves pairing Russ with the Beard. the future of mobile sports gambling, and so much more. See for privacy information.
35 min
95 - Michael Young - 9/11/2019
Michael Young on the Texas Rangers retiring his number, hanging with A-Rod at a J-Lo concert, playing with Josh Hamilton, the heartbreaking 2011 World Series, and being a UC Santa Barbara legend. See for privacy information.
43 min
94 - Jordan Palmer - 9/4/2019
Jordan Palmer on Andrew Luck’s retirement, Baker Mayfield’s crazy ability to deal with adversity, a potential heir apparent to Tom Brady, the strongest arm he’s ever seen and thoughts on Kyler Murray, Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, and Josh Rosen. See for privacy information.
47 min
93 - James Wilks - 8/28/2019
James "Lightning" Wilks went from fighting to film-producing. And he's on a mission to debunk the biggest lies from the meat industry and spread the word about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Don't knock it till you hear it. See for privacy information.
39 min
92 - A.J. Hawk - 8/21/2019
AJ Hawk on going from the NFL to broadcasting, trying to tackle Adrian Peterson, the Favre/Rodgers transition, his time at OSU, getting spoiled at the Derby, and why if you don't know Jocko Willink, AJ doesn't want to know you. See for privacy information.
57 min
91 - Sugar Ray Leonard - 8/14/2019
Tremendous conversation with Sugar Ray Leonard about the fight game, then and now, why he wanted a quick rematch with Robert Duran, why there was never a rematch with Marvin Hagler, the one punch that changed his life, how he overcame his demons outside the ring, and so much more. See for privacy information.
42 min
90 - Terry Bradshaw - 7 /24/2019
Terry Bradshaw on what he remembers about the Steelers/Raiders rivalry of the 70's, what Big Ben is in store for without Bell and AB, why he can't stand divas, what handing the Lombardi to Art Rooney meant to him, and so much more. See for privacy information.
43 min
89 - Todd Fuhrman - 7/17/2019
Sports gambling expert Todd Fuhrman describes the sea change in the wagering world, where you can find an edge at the book, and why mobile betting is the future. See for privacy information.
41 min
88 - Jocko Willink - 7/10/2019
Jocko Willnick offers his thoughts on useful rebellion, why discipline truly equals freedom, how to take control of your own mind, why donuts are telling you lies, and so much more. Plus, your voicemails. See for privacy information.
45 min
87 - Bob Costas - 6/25/2019
Bob Costas on his first love of baseball, how to do a great interview, why he's not on Twitter, how things ended at NBC, and when firsthand gambling intel backfires. See for privacy information.
48 min
86 - Coach K - 6/18/2019
Mike Krzyzewski joins the podcast to talk about Duke's big night at the 2019 NBA Draft, Zion's potential impact on the Pelicans, Kevin Durant's injury, and how he adapts to players 50 years younger than him. See for privacy information.
55 min
85 - Urijah Faber -6/11/2019
In this episode, Urijah Faber discusses his comeback to the fight game at age 40, why he'll never cheat the sport, Henry Cejudo, and who would win in the cage; Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber? See for privacy information.
40 min
84 - Rex Chapman -6/4/2019
Rex Chapman joins the podcast to talk about playing in the era of Michael Jordan, his recovery from addiction, and babysitting Steph Curry. Plus your voicemails. See for privacy information.
46 min
83 - Tom Glavine - 5/28/2019
World Series MVP and Atlanta Braves legend, Tom Glavine joined the podcast to talk about growing up as a two-sport star, what analytics can't measure, and how golf added five years to his baseball career. Plus your voicemails. See for privacy information.
36 min
82 - Roger Lodge -5/21/2019
Friend of the Jungle and media personality, Roger Lodge joined the podcast and talked about his time hosting Blind Date, why Mike Trout wanted to stay with the Angels, and what living with John Stamos was like. All of that, plus your voicemails. See for privacy information.
38 min
81 - Bill Hader -5/14/2019
Episode 81 of the Jim Rome podcast features Bill Hader, the co-creator, star, writer, director, and producer of HBO's hit show Barry. Bill and Jim discuss playing a hitman, coming up with the idea for the show, the nerves that come with performing on Saturday Night Live, acting scared in It: Chapter Two, and starring in a TV series with Henry Winkler. All that, plus another batch of Listener Voicemails. See for privacy information.
25 min
79 - Mark Cuban - 4/30/19
The Dallas Mavericks owner and business mogul joins Episode 79  of The Jim Rome Podcast and discusses his climb in the business world, off season trips with Dirk Nowitzki and Shark Tank.  See for privacy information.
42 min
78 - Eddie Olczyk - 4/23/2019
Stanley Cup Champion and NBC Sports analyst Eddie Olczyk joins Episode 78 of the Jim Rome Podcast. They discuss the wild first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the difference between regular season hockey and playoff hockey, the upcoming Kentucky Derby, and Eddie's battle with cancer.   See for privacy information.
37 min
77 - Trent Dilfer - 4/16/2019
NFL Veteran and Super Bowl champion Trent Dilfer joins Jim for Episode 77. They discuss the upcoming NFL Draft and the quarterbacks coming off the board, throwing a punch at John Randle, coming into the league with high expectations, getting booed at an Outback Steakhouse, winning a Super Bowl, losing his son, and making the decision to become a high school football coach. See for privacy information.
54 min