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121 - Tim Grover - 3/18/2020
Tim Grover on training MJ and Kobe, not believing in cheat days, why showing up is none of the battle, how to development an elite mindset, staying fit during the COVID-19 outbreak, and tapping into your dark side. See for privacy information.
48 min
120 - Caron Butler - 3/11/2020
Caron Butler on making Kobe proud, the Bron/Brow pairing, Pat Riley's addiction to greatness, selling drugs as a kid, playing his way into UCONN, and going from patty-flipper to owner/tycoon. Real talk. See for privacy information.
45 min
119 - Matt Barnes - 3/4/2020
Matt Barnes on his bond with Kobe, podcasting with Stack, smoking tree during his career, playing the bad guy, if the Lakers have enough, the Long Beach Jam, and so much more.  See for privacy information.
25 min
118 - Scott Pioli - 2/26/2020
Scott Pioli with some all-time stories on breaking into the business with Bill Belichick, choosing between Hood and Parcells, what he misses about the game, why he's an "awful" loser, and how he paid it forward with Katie Sowers. See for privacy information.
44 min
117 - Trevor Moawad - 2/19/2020
Trevor Moawad on doing simple better, going from average to great, minimizing negativity, mastering neutral thought, how to hit the reset button, using what you have, listening to external language, and so much more.  See for privacy information.
54 min
116 - Kyle Long - 2/12/2020
Kyle Long on retirement, being a Bear for life, his Pops, Kobe Bryant, Jack's Surfboards, the real Jay Cutler, his love for NASCAR, and so much more.  See for privacy information.
45 min
115 - Gary Vaynerchuk - 2/5/2020
Gary Vaynerchuk on executing three Super Bowl ads, the halftime show, keyboard warriors, why this is the best time to start a business, saving your money, the secret to happiness, and much more. See for privacy information.
34 min
114 - Phil Simms - 1/29/2020
Phil Simms on thawing out after our hit in Kansas City. Tom Brady's future, two classic LT stories, Eli's retirement, playing for Bill Parcells, who he likes on Sunday, and so much more. See for privacy information.
49 min
113 - Jorge Masvidal - 1/22/2020
Jorge Masvidal on backyard fighting, running with Kimbo Slice, being an entertainer and an artist, how his life changed in five seconds, his favorite Abe Lincoln quote, and why isolation is key. See for privacy information.
34 min
112 - Dan Wetzel - 1/15/2020
Dan Wetzel on EP'ing Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, how he went from NFL star to convicted killer, why he took his own life and how this story compares to OJ Simpson's. Extremely riveting conversation. See for privacy information.
43 min
111 - Seth Greenberg - 1/8/2020
Seth Greenberg on the wild story of our first meeting, gambling content in sports media, if he'd ever coach again, the killer side of Mark Few, young Allen Iverson, beating KU on the road, and so much more. See for privacy information.
47 min
110 - Bob Mehr - 1/2/2020
Bob Mehr wrote the definitive book on The Replacements and joined the pod to talk about their legacy, front man Paul Westerberg’s genius and the time Westerberg famously stiffed the Jungle. See for privacy information.
50 min
109 - Andrew Hawkins - 12/18/2019
Andrew Hawkins on his unbelievable grind, the internship with Maverick Carter, why life is all about leverage, how he rigged part of his pro day, meeting Joe Thomas, Spygate II, Lamar Jackson, and so much more. See for privacy information.
51 min
108 - Danny DeVito - 12/11/2019
The iconic Danny DeVito on crashing weddings with The Rock, why he joined Always Sunny, working with Jack Nicholson, auditioning for Taxi, and co-starring with me in Space Jam back in '95. See for privacy information.
40 min
107 - Michael Lombardi - 12/4/2019
Michael Lombardi on Ron Rivera's firing, Jerry Jones minimizing head coaching, Tom Brady's future, the culture in Cleveland, working for Bill Walsh, finding Charles Haley, and, of course, Bruce Springsteen. See for privacy information.
44 min
106 - Holly Robinson Peete - 11/27/2019
Holly Robinson Peete on starting on Sesame Street, being the wife of an NFL QB, starring in a reality show, advocating for Parkinson's and autism awareness, and so much more. Great conversation. See for privacy information.
44 min
105 - Kevin and Bean - 11/20/2019
Unreal session with the LA radio legends, Kevin and Bean. We talked RHOF, on-air chemistry, coming up in the 90's, careers they've launched, splitting up after 30 years, what's next, and so much more. See for privacy information.
55 min
104 - Bill Romanowski - 11/13/2019
Longtime friend Bill Romanowski on what he'd give to play just one more down, Antonio Brown's days as a Raider, lighting up Jerry Rice at practice, loving the boos, and crushing it in his post-playing days. See for privacy information.
56 min
103 - Teemu Selanne - 11/6/2019
Teemu Selanne on growing up in Finland, his first camp in Winnipeg, handling rockstar fame, getting traded to Anaheim, why the Cup is unlike any other trophy, how he takes his martini, his new book, and so much more.    See for privacy information.
47 min
102 - Tom Laidlaw - 10/30/2019
Former NHL'er, Tom Laidlaw on trying to win Survivor, playing with Wayne Gretzky, what it feels like to get traded, if hockey fights should still exist, the True Grit Life, and so much more.  See for privacy information.
52 min
101 - Stephen Jackson - 10/23/2019
Stephen Jackson on fake tough guys, Backwoods blunts, the Malice at the Palace, Don Nelson's We Believe Warriors, Darryl Strawberry, his new project with Matt Barnes, and so much more. See for privacy information.
36 min
100 - David Goggins - 10/16/2019
The soul-snatcher, David Goggins on identity relapse, looking in the accountability mirror, dropping 122lbs, detesting mediocrity, what it means to do a live autopsy, and why his mind is his most powerful weapon. A must listen if there ever was one. See for privacy information.
63 min
99 - Randy Couture - 10/9/2019
Randy Couture on the early days of UFC, fighting twice in a night, what kept him going into his late 40's, Conor McGregor, the challenges of acting, and so much more. See for privacy information.
42 min
98 - Mike Leach - 10/2/2019
WSU Cougars HC, Mike Leach on celebrating a historic season too long, what he told scouts about Gardner Minshew, the Air Raid working in the NFL, and so much more. See for privacy information.
55 min
97 - Barry Zito - 9/25/2019
An extremely open conversation with Barry Zito on the empty pursuit of fame, overcoming ego, his complicated relationship with his parents, being left off the 2010 postseason roster, and finally finding peace within himself. See for privacy information.
39 min