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Roe v. Wade was overturned. Here’s what's next ...
For people who have been fighting to overturn Roe and Casey, is this the endgame, or one step on the road to a national ban on abortion? Has a reversal of rights like this ever happened before in the Supreme Court?
20 min
Why the Supreme Court decided a 100-year-old gu...
The Supreme Court issued a decision striking down a more than 100 year old New York state law dealing with who could get a permit to carry a gun in public. Why did the court just now decide to strike down the law, more than a century later?
24 min
Food bank: the need now rivals the height of th...
The pandemic is still going on but we're also seeing levels of inflation that we haven't seen in decades. So what kind of impact is that having on food banks?
19 min
What could the bipartisan gun framework actuall...
A bipartisan group of US Senators says they have come together on framework for legislation that will help address the gun violence crisis in the US. We wanted to talk about this legislative framework, and ask: what is in it, what should be in it, and will it become law?
27 min
Biggest takeaways from the Jan 6 hearings so far
The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th, 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol has held its first few public hearings. What have we learned? What is resonating with the American people, and what is not? Where do these hearings fit in US History?,
25 min
Economy update: Massive interest rate hike, inf...
The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by a significant amount to try and tackle inflation. Recession concerns are rising. Retail sales went down a third of a percent. Homebuilding slumped in May. Put all these things together, what do they mean for the economy? What's important, and what's hype?
10 min
Summer learning loss hits some students harder,...
Summer learning loss, where the long summer vacation leads to the loss of some academic skills and knowledge in students, is a real issue for just about every child, but it hits certain groups harder than others.
24 min
Americans rank most trusted brands: 'Do you tru...
Which brands do Americans trust the most? The global data intelligence company Morning Consult has released its Most Trusted Brands report, so we called Joanna Piacenza, Head of Industry Intelligence at Morning Consult to find out which brands are the most trusted in America, why, and how the list changed from last year.
20 min
Robert Kerbeck’s real-life corporate spy espion...
How a Penn theater grad ended up conning Wall Street firms.
27 min
Got a bad lawyer? Tough luck, Supreme Court says
A recent Supreme Court ruling could put the post-conviction rights of incarcerated people in jeopardy. Prisoner advocacy expert Dr. Jules Epstein explains the decision, and the problems it could pose.
14 min
Pandemic economy update: should we talk about a...
Inflation remains on the rise. But what should we expect looming around the corner? Economist David Fiorenza checks in with his weekly pandemic economy update.
10 min
There was a spike in online test cheating last ...
In 2021, breaches in proctored online exams rose by more than 6%. So what does that mean? Are students suddenly cheating in school a lot more than they have, or is something else to blame?
18 min
"It's a perfect storm and it's pretty bad": wha...
Election integrity is a red-hot political issue. Legal expert Dr. Craig Green examines the undercurrent of forces at work threatening to undermine the credibility of how we pick our public servants.
24 min
Putin, Epstein, and shady sources of money in s...
Should we care where the owners of our favorite sports teams get their money from? Henry Abbot of TrueHoop has been asking this question for a long time, and his reporting has taken him down some pretty eye-opening rabbit holes.
22 min
Wall Street Bets and Gamestop stock, revisited
Meme stocks and retail investors sticking it to hedge funds were the biggest stories in the world for a few months, but what happened when the hype died down?
17 min
Examples of implicit media bias that should mak...
Allegations of political bias happen every day just about everywhere you look, but there are other examples of bias that are worth a hard look as well.
13 min
Pandemic economy update: A much needed win for ...
Hourly earnings are up over 5% from a year ago, payrolls are up nearly 400k in May, and leisure and hospitality are leading the way in jobs added -- more really good news for regular people in this economy. Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is back to break down the biggest economic stories of the week and what they mean for you and me.
9 min
"Is it as gross as it sounds?" Why oil companie...
Gas prices are insane. Yes, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a factor, but according to oil industry expert Scott Jackson, other forces are at work, too.
19 min
Three months later: Russia's missteps in Ukraine
It's been more than three months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Dr. Melissa Chakars from Saint Joseph's University provides an update on where the conflict stands, and the direction it could be headed.
27 min
The neuroscience behind freestyle rap with Anth...
Anthony Veneziale started Freestyle Love Supreme with Lin-Manuel Miranda, and he's been studying the human brain while freestyling.
21 min
The secret plan to fight inflation: what happen...
With apologies to Josh Lyman, the secret plan to fight inflation isn't that secret after all: raise interest rates. The Federal Reserve has already raised interest rates a couple of times this year, and more rate hikes are on the horizon. So what else happens when rates go up? Will the Fed's actions result in any other real impacts on regular Americans? What does it mean for people buying or selling a house? Or for how much interest your bank account accumulates?
13 min
The zip code story: how our upbringing influenc...
CJ Gross talks about his new book "What's Your Zip Code Story?" and explains not only how we can better understand our class biases, but what we should do to overcome them.
20 min
Pandemic economy: Cancel student debt and spend...
Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is back to break down the biggest economic stories of the week and what they mean for you and me.
11 min
Why mass shootings in America don't result in n...
Every time this happens, people ask why it happens so much in the United States compared to other countries. Why does the gun culture in the United States and access to guns seem immune from legislative regulation, even after mass shootings? Why does it seem like nothing ever changes, no matter how many people are killed, even children?
26 min
Dr. Colleen Lelli: The trauma children absorb a...
The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas is the most recent in a long list of horrific school shootings in America. This country continues to accept that this just happens here. And as a result, we have young children trying to process fears and problems that adults can’t or won’t address.
21 min