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What we can -- and can't -- expect from NASA's ...
Already, astronomers and scientists have gotten a tremendous amount of new information to analyze. What could we learn next about the universe?
23 min
‘I suffered and no one else needs to:’ Feds rel...
For three days, Luke Brown was in the most severe pain he’s ever experienced. He had contracted monkeypox, which is now a global health emergency. He tried everything to help ease the pain, and nothing worked. He eventually found out about a drug called TPOXX, normally used to treat smallpox, that can also be effective against monkeypox symptoms.
15 min
How low could gas prices go? Weekly economy che...
Gas prices keep going down pretty consistently, how low could they go? How much do gas prices impact how Americans feel about inflation? And how many more tools does the Fed have to cool down the economy? Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is back on the podcast to break down the most important economic stories of the week and why they should matter to you.
10 min
How are the pandemic pets doing now? Plus tips ...
23 million American households got a dog or cat in the pandemic, but life looks a little different now. How are they doing?
23 min
You have the right to remain silent, but you ca...
What did the court decide in Vega v. Tekoh, and why is it important? We asked David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.
19 min
An 'extraordinarily fringe doctrine' gets the S...
In North Carolina, the state Supreme Court threw out an electoral map it says was so partisan, it violated the state's constitution. North Carolina Republican lawmakers say it shouldn't matter if the map breaks state law or not, because the courts shouldn't have any oversight of the legislature when it comes to electoral matters. And now the Supreme Court wants to weigh in.
24 min
Cracking the wall between church and state
A recent Supreme Court ruling caught our attention because of what it could mean for the 'wall of separation' between church and state in America.
9 min
Most baby boomers want to age in place at home....
What would it take to make your home fit for aging in place, and what can home care services offer? If you haven’t thought about the kind of care you or your older loved ones will want, you need to start.
15 min
A dangerous mix: the pandemic is putting the lo...
Alcohol disorders spiked during the pandemic, and the long-term health implications are concerning. Eric Gremminger, who has battled substance abuse himself, believes he has solutions to get people the help they need.
21 min
What Gen-Z thinks about education, entitlement,...
'They DoorDashed from a ghost kitchen endorsed by a YouTube influencer.' If you don't understand that sentence, you need to learn about Gen-Z.
27 min
Lessons from a pandemic about preventive medicine
Preventive medicine means a lot of things, like getting vaccine shots and going to your doctor regularly. It's incredibly important, and that has been crystalized by the COVID-19 pandemic in a couple of key ways. We asked Dr. M. Tonette Krousel-Wood, President of the American College of Preventive Medicine to come on the podcast to talk about the challenges the pandemic brought to the field of preventive medicine and what we've learned over the last two very tough years.
16 min
Freedom of speech or coerced prayer? SCOTUS rul...
The Supreme Court ended its term with a string of key decisions. Law expert Kermit Roosevelt examines a case that blurs the lines between church and state.
14 min
Shakeup across the pond: why (and how) Boris Jo...
Boris Johnson's tenure as prime minister is coming to an end. Politics expert Dr. Joshua Weikert explores the implications of Johnson's resignation.
23 min
More than a teahouse: exploring the origins and...
Despite a recent act of vandalism, Shofuso Japanese House and Garden continues to remain open for discovery and exploration. With its distinct design and many gardens, the Fairmount Park landmark is both a site and experience to behold. It also boasts a compelling origin story. But for as rich as the history is at Shofuso, Associate Director of Organizational Culture Rob Buscher also believes it holds particular relevance in today’s world, serving as symbol of unity among various members of the West Philadelphia community.
18 min
Flying the unfriendly skies: how "revenge touri...
If you've tried flying recently, odds are you've run into trouble - from ticket prices to cancelled flights. Travel and tourism expert Dr. Benjamin Altschuler weighs in on the factors fueling the problems.
20 min
"This is not an echo chamber of Democrats": cou...
Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony at the January 6th hearings was compelling. Political science expert Ben Berger wonders if it will be enough to move the GOP further away from former President Donald Trump.
21 min
Economy update: the textbook definition of a re...
We're getting hints about GDP numbers from the second quarter, and so far estimates have us looking at the textbook definition of a recession... but is there a silver lining? Are some recessions not like the others?
9 min
Covering an out-of-control crisis: looking at h...
Between a surge in mass shootings and everyday violence, America continues to grapple with guns. Criminal justice expert Dr. Jason Gravel examines how the media is covering the crisis.
19 min
Monkeypox is ‘concerning,’ spreading, and unwar...
Now, we're seeing a lot of stories that bring back memories of the early days of the COVID pandemic, like problems with testing, tests not getting where they are needed, vaccines being nearly impossible to find. The virus is also showing up in higher numbers in men who have sex with other men -- why is this?
15 min
Losing faith: how a "lack of reality" is fuelin...
According to Dr. Bill Rosenberg, there's a "lack of reality" in American politics, and it could carry major implications and costs when it comes to certifying future elections.
21 min
Ginni and Clarence Thomas: Questions about ethi...
Has something like this ever happened before? What does it mean to the court’s legitimacy, and its perception in the public eye?
15 min
What does a recession mean if you're trying to ...
What are the odds we head into a recession? What would being in a recession mean for the average American? What does it mean if you're trying to buy a house?
24 min
Parent's guide to COVID vaccines for kids under...
What's the difference between Pfizer and Moderna for children? What do parents need to know about vaccines for kids this young? Why did it take so long to get approval for this age range?
14 min
Recycling: Despite good intentions, we're still...
We want to recycle because it seems like an easy, low barrier to entry way of showing some love to the planet. Unfortunately, most of us are not doing as much good as we think we are when we recycle, because we're doing it incorrectly.
42 min
Ask an economist: Is a gas tax holiday a good i...
There's a lot of talk about a vacation from the gas tax. Is this a good idea from an economic perspective, or are there hidden pros and cons? Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza breaks down the biggest stories in the economy this week and what they mean for you and me.
11 min