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What are the ‘transformational’ climate change ...
Some of the biggest and most impactful items in the Inflation Reduction Act deal with the environment, sustainability, and trying to mitigate climate change. So what are they? Is it going to work? Do we have enough time to stop the acceleration of climate change before it's too late? We asked Dr. Samantha Chapman, Professor of Biology at Villanova University and Co-Director of the Center for Bio-Diversity and Ecosystem Stewardship.
25 min
What is in the Inflation Reduction Act, and wha...
The Inflation Reduction Act was passed by Democrats without a single Republican vote in the House and Senate and signed into law by President Biden. It deals with climate change, healthcare, taxes and more -- and it's such a large and wide ranging piece of legislation that we needed some help to really understand of what this law does and what it doesn't do.
25 min
'This case is rotten all around:' Unexpected de...
The police killing of Breonna Taylor was thrust back in the headlines recently when federal charges were announced against the four current and former Louisville, Kentucky police officers that were involved in the botched raid that led to this tragedy back in March of 2020. So why is this important? What does it mean for police departments, and police accountability?
21 min
A new round of the American Rescue Plan is comi...
Inflation and gas prices are down, and economist David Fiorenza is optimistic for the coming months.
8 min
Americans are still spending money, even with r...
These are strange economic times, but in the midst of surging inflation and recession fears, Americans are still spending money. D. Meghan Pierce helps us understand why.
19 min
Hidden in plain sight: the insidious spread of ...
Raise your hand if you know someone who was radicalized online during COVID-19. A lot of people have gone down an online video rabbit hole and emerged with some pretty wild beliefs and worldviews. Some situations strain families. Other times, the outcomes can be a lot worse.
21 min
How bad was pandemic learning loss? We have an ...
Kids in the US have had a couple of rough years at school because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout it all, there has been a lot of concern for how much learning for kids was interrupted, and the impact that has. So is this something we can measure?
16 min
Behind China's 'unprecedented' reaction to Nanc...
Political leaders take trips to other countries and areas all the time, and usually they don’t draw a lot of attention. But that was not the case with a recent trip that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made. The Speaker traveled to Taiwan on a recent trip through Asia, and that did not sit well with China, which responded with fiery rhetoric and alarming military drills. So what’s the big deal? Why did this strike such a nerve? We asked Dr. Edward Wang, Professor of History and Coordinator of Asian Studies at Rowan University.
26 min
Update: Did COVID make the US weaker than other...
A few months ago we asked Sigal Atzmon to come on the podcast to talk about her concern that the US would emerge from the pandemic weaker than other countries. A lot has happened since then.
17 min
Al-Qaeda: the rise and deterioration of a world...
What does the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri mean for Al-Qaeda? Is the world any safer today than it was a week ago? What does the terror landscape even look like now?
20 min
Jobs numbers that would make an economist blush...
The most optimistic economists wouldn't have believed these jobs numbers. Are we finally back to pre-pandemic employment figures?
12 min
"I worry about this every day": nurses look at ...
In the new, post-Roe world, Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses CEO Terri Brinkley discusses a rapidly-changing landscape for nurses and health care practitioners.
21 min
New public health funding report is eye-opening...
Public health has been front and center the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its importance, it still doesn't get the respect it deserves and funding is a consistent problem.
20 min
What if there was an NBA arena in Center City, ...
What would 76 Place look like? How would it change Center City? How would it impact the neighborhood?
15 min
'It's not necessary to stay at threat level re...
What do you need to know about the new Omicron subvariant? At this stage of the pandemic, should you be worried at all, especially if you are already vaccinated, boosted, and generally doing what the public health officials and doctors say you should be doing?
21 min
An extremely strange recession: weekly economy ...
GDP estimates are in and it looks like we could be headed towards the textbook definition of a recession, albeit a very strange one. Have we seen anything like this before, a recession when the labor market and jobs numbers are this hot?
8 min
What a 2005 Supreme Court case could mean for U...
The tragic school shooting in Uvalde was made more enraging when more and more information come out about how many law enforcement agencies and officers were on site -- and yet no one acted. Police have a responsibility to act in a situation like that, right?
33 min
A case of polio was found in New York state. Sh...
A new case of polio was reported in Rockland County, New York. Should we be worried about yet another infectious disease spreading, particularly one that is almost eradicated?
16 min
What we can -- and can't -- expect from NASA's ...
Already, astronomers and scientists have gotten a tremendous amount of new information to analyze. What could we learn next about the universe?
23 min
‘I suffered and no one else needs to:’ Feds rel...
For three days, Luke Brown was in the most severe pain he’s ever experienced. He had contracted monkeypox, which is now a global health emergency. He tried everything to help ease the pain, and nothing worked. He eventually found out about a drug called TPOXX, normally used to treat smallpox, that can also be effective against monkeypox symptoms.
15 min
How low could gas prices go? Weekly economy che...
Gas prices keep going down pretty consistently, how low could they go? How much do gas prices impact how Americans feel about inflation? And how many more tools does the Fed have to cool down the economy? Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is back on the podcast to break down the most important economic stories of the week and why they should matter to you.
10 min
How are the pandemic pets doing now? Plus tips ...
23 million American households got a dog or cat in the pandemic, but life looks a little different now. How are they doing?
23 min
You have the right to remain silent, but you ca...
What did the court decide in Vega v. Tekoh, and why is it important? We asked David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.
19 min
An 'extraordinarily fringe doctrine' gets the S...
In North Carolina, the state Supreme Court threw out an electoral map it says was so partisan, it violated the state's constitution. North Carolina Republican lawmakers say it shouldn't matter if the map breaks state law or not, because the courts shouldn't have any oversight of the legislature when it comes to electoral matters. And now the Supreme Court wants to weigh in.
24 min
Cracking the wall between church and state
A recent Supreme Court ruling caught our attention because of what it could mean for the 'wall of separation' between church and state in America.
9 min