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How do you run an aquarium during the coronavir...
The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey is closed, which means there's no money coming through its doors. But, the animals still need to be fed and cared for, and there's a dedicated skeleton staff doing just that. Vince Nicoletti is the Executive Director of Adventure Aquarium, he joins KYW In Depth to talk about the steps the aquarium is taking to care for all the animals during the shutdown, how to support the aquarium, and the different ways he thinks the business will change after the pandemic is over. See for privacy information.
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What have we learned about how COVID-19 affects...
There's been some news lately about kids and COVID-19, so we wanted to ask an expert what we've learned about how this coronavirus affects children. Dr. Jeffrey Gerber, associate professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia joins KYW In Depth to answer questions about kids and coronavirus -- like, how many pediatric cases have we seen in the Philadelphia area? How many have been serious? When can parents start thinking about play dates again? How can we keep kids safe when childcare centers reopen? And should parents still take kids to the doctor to get checkups and vaccines during this pandemic, and what happens if they don't? See for privacy information.
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"I hope people see us in a new light." Working ...
Grocery store and supermarket workers are on the front lines of this pandemic in a major way. We wanted to talk to someone who has been doing one of these jobs since the pandemic started. Amy Paris works at a ShopRite supermarket in the Philly suburbs. She was nice enough to join the podcast to talk about what it's like working at a grocery store -- which just happens to be both one of the most important and riskiest jobs out there right now.  See for privacy information.
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What projection models say about reopening soci...
We hear a lot about projection models in the conversation about reopening society and when to do it. Dr. Michael Robert, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science at University of the Sciences joins KYW In Depth to break down what the models are and what they are created to do, what they're saying about the pandemic and our response to it, and when is too soon to reopen. Here’s a page with links to the different models Dr. Robert talked about and some info about all of them: See for privacy information.
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Jon Meacham studies crises of the past to find ...
Jon Meacham is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer and biographer, he's written about Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, George H. W. Bush. And his new project is a podcast -- a limited series called "Hope, Through History." The show takes some of the worst and most challenging times in American History, and explores how we as a nation got through them. Jon Meacham talked about making the podcast on KYW Newsradio with Ian Bush. Given the timeliness of the subject matter, we thought that you here at KYW In Depth might be interested in hearing about it too.  Check out the podcast on See for privacy information.
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What is Remdesivir and how does it help COVID-1...
President Trump says the FDA has granted emergency use authorization for Remdesivir to treat patients with COVID-19. So how does it work, and it is a real answer to this deadly virus? Or is it just better than what we have now? Dr. Frederick Bushman, Professor and Chair of Microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania and the co-director of the Penn Center for Research on Coronavirus and Other Emerging Pathogens joins KYW In Depth to explain what Remdesivir is, how it helps patients and how well it works, what else the drug is used for, and what the Center for Research on Coronavirus and Other Emerging Pathogens is working on right now. He also weighs in on if this coronavirus started with an animal, or if it's an escaped bioweapon from a lab somewhere ("Yeah, it's a complete pack of nonsense." - Dr. Frederick Bushman). See for privacy information.
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Will the tourism industry ever be "normal" agai...
The coronavirus pandemic cut off non-essential travel and one of the casualties of that was the tourism industry. Hotels, airline and tourist attraction business has all but disappeared. So how long will the impact last, and is there a way to return to normal? Dr. Yang Yang, an associate professor in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University joins KYW In Depth to talk about the future of tourism, in Philadelphia and around the globe.  See for privacy information.
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The Jersey Shore's harsh economic reality durin...
New unemployment claims during the coronavirus pandemic hit 30 million this week, GDP is down 4.8%, and it's even more clear that staying home is having a very real impact on the American economy. David Fiorenza, Assistant Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW In Depth to talk about W-shaped recoveries, why the markets did better in April when everything else pointed down, which sectors could see job creation, and what kind of situation he thinks the Jersey Shore will be facing during the summer of 2020. See for privacy information.
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How the coronavirus pandemic will change the wa...
One of the many ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that a lot of people have had time to adjust to working at home. And a lot of companies have probably realized that even when things return to normal, portions of their workforce won't necessarily have to come into the office to be productive. There's a good chance that the pandemic will have a direct role in changing how the office of the future is designed. John Campbell is the president of FCA architects, an architecture and interior design planning firm in Philadelphia and New York City, specializing in the workplace, healthcare, and research facilities. We asked him to come on KYW In Depth to talk about the future of open offices, how he thinks the way offices are designed in the future is going to change, and how he's seeing it changing already because of this pandemic. See for privacy information.
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"The Last Dance" EP talks Michael Jordan, Phila...
We're all looking for things to distract us during the coronavirus lockdowns, and sports content is at a premium right now. That's one of the reasons the 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan, "The Last Dance," has been such a massive success. Mike Tollin, Philadelphia native and Executive Producer of "The Last Dance" joins KYW In Depth to talk about working with Michael Jordan, the challenges of making the show during the coronavirus pandemic, and his reaction to the incredible success of the series. See for privacy information.
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Are you binge baking during COVID-19 shutdowns?...
Have you gone to the grocery store, only to be met by an empty flour shelf? A lot of us are using the opportunity of being stuck at home to make delicious things in the oven. But, unfortunately, cookies and brownies and cupcakes usually come in only one serving size -- exactly as many as are currently in front of you. So, we turned to an expert for some tips on how to make it out of COVID-19 quarantine without becoming a chocolate chip cookie. Kathleen Zelman, a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and the nutrition director for WebMD joins KYW In Depth to talk about how to keep from eating all of the cookies, what to substitute in your recipes to make them healthier, and the science behind why extra body fat makes it more difficult to stave off disease.  See for privacy information.
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Woman saves her aunt and a stranger with COVID-...
Two people from South Jersey who were in critical condition from COVID-19 have been released from the hospital, after they received convalescent plasma transfusions. After recovering from a mild case of COVID-19 herself, Marisa Leuzzi heard about Mayo Clinic’s national clinical trials and wanted to donate her plasma in an attempt to save her aunt, who was critically ill with the virus. Her donation ended up helping another person as well. Today on KYW In Depth, KYW reporter John McDevitt joins the podcast with Marisa Leuzzi's story -- how she found out about the procedure, got the wheels turning, and donated her plasma. See for privacy information.
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How much can the Federal Reserve really do in t...
We've heard a lot about steps that the Federal Reserve has taken over the last several weeks to try and keep the gears of the economy moving in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. Given the role the Fed is playing these days, we thought it would be important to dig deeper and learn more about what the Federal Reserve is all about. Dr. Jonathan Scott, professor and Chair of the Department of Finance at Temple University's Fox School of Business joins KYW In Depth to break down what the Fed does and how much capability it has to correct the economy -- especially during an emergency like the coronavirus pandemic. See for privacy information.
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What's in the new $484 billion coronavirus bill...
Another emergency spending bill has been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. Scott Deacle, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Ursinus College joins KYW In Depth to break down what's in the bill, who is getting the money, and his concerns over the ultimate economic cost of the coronavirus crisis. See for privacy information.
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COVID-19 changed college admissions. What does ...
At this point, high school seniors are wondering what kind of college experience they're going to have. And it's a little up in the air if we're going to see a crowded college campus ever again -- we just don't know. Sara Harberson is the founder of Application Nation, the former associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, and the former Dean of Admissions at Franklin and Marshall. She joins KYW In Depth to talk about why she thinks the college experience is going to change, how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting enrollment at colleges, and why high school seniors have more leverage this year when it comes to applying for financial aid. See for privacy information.
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169 inmates in Montco jail test positive for CO...
Health officials keep stressing that the main reason we're wearing masks is to protect other people. Some people who get the virus never get any symptoms, and they could infect others without knowing it. This week in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania we got a pretty incredible illustration of that. All 939 inmates at Montgomery County Correctional Facility were tested for coronavirus. Of the 740 results they have so far, 169 are positive. But none of the 169 positive inmates showed any symptoms. Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh called into KYW Newsradio on Tuesday morning, April 28, to talk about the results from the correctional facility, where she thinks we are in the fight against COVID-19, and what needs to happen before we're ready to reopen. See for privacy information.
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"We just have to keep going and hope that thing...
Farming is a hard job during the best of times. But now, restaurants are closed, agricultural supply chains are disrupted, and what used to be difficult can feel nearly impossible. Today on KYW In Depth, three farmers join the podcast to talk about it. Paul Hartman is a dairy farmer at Scattered Acres in Berks County. Kyle Whitmoyer operates Whitmoyer Cattle in Northumberland County in Central Pennsylvania. He also grows organic corn, soybeans, and small grains. Josh Alderfer joins the podcast from Alderfer Poultry Farm in Montgomery County. He sells specialty eggs -- organic and cage free. "You can't just tell them to stop producing eggs. They're going to lay an egg every day, and you have to find a home for it." - Josh Alderfer See for privacy information.
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Neurosurgeon finds COVID-19 can travel to the b...
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Neurovascular Surgery Chief Dr. Pascal Jabbour became alarmed when doctors found that relatively young patients with COVID-19 were developing unusual blood clots and having strokes. Then he and his colleagues also noticed that the virus seemed to be able to infect the brain itself, causing encephalitis. Today on KYW In Depth, Dr. Pascal Jabbour talks about his team's findings on COVID-19 patients who have strokes, the theories on how the virus travels to the brain, and being a surgeon during a deadly virus pandemic.  See for privacy information.
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How to look out for child abuse during COVID-19...
With so many people out of work and staying home, children who were already in a bad situation could be even more vulnerable right now. And because they don't have teachers or coaches checking on them in person every day, child advocates fear more instances of child abuse could be happening behind closed doors, without being reported. Abbie Newman is the CEO of Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center in East Norriton, PA. She joins KYW In Depth to talk about warning signs you need to keep your eyes out for and resources for people who think they know about a child who is being abused.  "If you are next door to a family and you hear something or see something that kind of makes you think, 'I wonder if that child is safe. What's going on over there? I'm concerned.' People still have eyes, they just just need to use them more at this point. And everybody needs to consider themselves a mandated reporter. If you think you are seeing something, call the state's childline hotline."  - Abbie Newman Links to resources we talked about in the show: Pennsylvania's Childline Hotline is 1-800-932-0313. Find Mission Kids online: Safe 2 say PA, where kids can help their friends: Find out more about Laurel House: See for privacy information.
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College coaches are changing how they recruit b...
The coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on just about everything having to do with college athletics. One specific aspect that we wanted to explore is how college coaches are dealing with recruiting -- how do you recruit athletes when you can't go anywhere? University of Pennsylvania men's basketball coach Steve Donahue and Villanova football coach Mark Ferrante join KYW In Depth to talk about how they are recruiting during the pandemic, and how the way coaches across the country recruit athletes could be changing long-term. See for privacy information.
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Financial survival tips for the coronavirus pan...
More than 26 million people are unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic. People are trying their best to navigate a financial nightmare that they didn't see coming. Beverly Harzog, credit card expert and consumer advocate and a consumer finance analyst for US News and World Report joins KYW In Depth to offer some emergency financial survival tips, like what to do when your credit card provider shrinks your card limit, how and when you should contact your lender, and why you might want to practice your negotiation skills. See for privacy information.
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Big ideas to fight food insecurity as coronavir...
The United Nations World Food Program issued a warning this week that the coronavirus pandemic means "famine is a very real and dangerous possibility." Food insecurity is already an issue all over the world, and sadly, that includes right here in Philadelphia. Mariana Chilton, director of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities and professor at Drexel University joins KYW In Depth to break down why we're facing a hunger crisis, and her ideas about what is needed to fight back.  See for privacy information.
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Ask an economist: Could states go bankrupt beca...
Another week has gone by with more dismal economic indicators, including an additional 4.4 million jobless claims. We're checking in with David Fiorenza, Assistant Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business, who has kind of become our in-house economist at KYW In Depth. Fiorenza joins the podcast to discuss the unemployment numbers, the new package from Congress to help small businesses, and the statements from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about states declaring bankruptcy. See for privacy information.
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Social distancing with U.S. Soccer star Carli L...
Life without sports is a brand new experience for all of us, and even more so for professional athletes. U.S. Women's National Soccer Team star Carli Lloyd was in the middle of training for the Olympics when coronavirus abruptly changed those plans. Carli Lloyd joins KYW In Depth to talk about what she's doing during the coronavirus shutdown, how it's affecting training routines, and what she's been binging on Netflix lately. See for privacy information.
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What is the impact of coronavirus on the enviro...
Philadelphia Health Officials recently released a report saying that air quality in the city during the coronavirus pandemic is the cleanest it has been in decades. Pictures from around the world compared to ones from years ago appear to show the same results. But is a pandemic truly good for the environment or are we looking at this all wrong? Dr. Franco Montalto, a professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at Drexel University joins KYW In Depth to break down how coronavirus restrictions are affecting the environment and if any of the changes could be sticking around after we go back to normal.  See for privacy information.
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