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21% of us want to open gun stores: COVID-19 pol...
80% of Americans say flattening the curve during this pandemic is more important than their personal freedom. 4% percent of us think the bars should be open. 21% of us think golf courses and gun stores should be open. These are just a few of the findings SurveyUSA has been getting from polling during the coronavirus pandemic. SurveyUSA founder and CEO Jay Leve joins KYW In Depth to break down some of the insights he's gotten from the polling, and what it says about how we are feeling and how we are doing while we put life on hold to fight COVID-19. See for privacy information.
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Coronavirus social distancing makes grieving ev...
Loss and grief are difficult to face during the best of times. But right now, those feelings can be even more acute because of the isolation that comes with social distancing. Director of the Counseling Center at West Chester University Dr. Rachel Daltry joins KYW In Depth to talk about the ways social distancing has changed how we grieve and memorialize the loss of a loved one, and what kind of emotional impact this pandemic is having on us as a people.  "I worry a lot about our first line responders, our healthcare... they're holding a lot, and we're going to have to really take care of them and each other when the pandemic slows down and we get back to the normal." - Dr. Rachel Daltry See for privacy information.
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Can water companies keep going if people stop p...
America is facing record unemployment and with so many people suffering economic hardships, some bills aren't being paid. So what happens if a lot of people can't pay their water bill? President of Aqua New Jersey Larry Carson and President of Aqua Pennsylvania Marc Lucca join KYW In Depth to talk about how the water companies coping with the crisis and what options people have if their water has been turned off.  See for privacy information.
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This has been incredibly frustrating." NJ Congr...
New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim is trying to get a federally funded COVID-19 testing site in South Jersey. He called in to KYW Newsradio on Friday morning, April 10th to talk to KYW's Brandon Brooks about his efforts to get FEMA to open another site. Congressman Kim is also the only member of Congress from New Jersey on the small business committee in the house, and Brandon Brooks asked him what's being done in Congress to get small businesses the assistance they need to survive until this is all over. See for privacy information.
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Montgomery County, PA: one month after the firs...
A lot has happened and quickly in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania since a few weeks ago, when it looked like the county was primed to be a focal point for COVID-19 cases in the Philadelphia area. Today, Friday April 10th, Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh called in to KYW Newsradio to talk about the new testing site at Montgomery County Community College, the status of equipment in the county, and how the county is doing about a month since the first cases of coronavirus were confirmed. See for privacy information.
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Ask an economist: After historic job losses due...
Every week, KYW Newsradio's Matt Leon checks in with Villanova Economics Professor David Fiorenza on KYW In Depth to go over the unemployment numbers and take a look at where the economy is at during this unprecedented time. Today Fiorenza talks about whether we could see another week like this in terms of unemployment numbers, the actions taken by the federal reserve this week, if he thinks we'll see another round of direct checks to Americans, and how the lending programs to small businesses are working out. See for privacy information.
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Is Philly the next COVID-19 hot spot? Health co...
The White House’s coronavirus task force says Philadelphia could be on the verge of becoming a hot spot where there could be a surge in new cases. Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley came on KYW Newsradio on Thursday morning, April 9th to talk with KYW Newsradio's Brandon Brooks about the attention from the White House, how we would know if the city is becoming a hot spot, if there are any indicators that the curve is flattening, if any parts of Philly have been hit harder than others, and how testing is progressing in the city.    See for privacy information.
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COVID-19 in prison: Philadelphia corrections of...
Coronavirus cases among inmates in Philadelphia continue to rise, but there's no official word on how the virus is affecting the staff at the city's prisons. Today on KYW In Depth, Cherri Gregg brings us up to date on the pandemic in Philly prisons and talks to Eric Hill, a corrections officers' union leader about his call for more transparency about COVID-19 infections among staff and more effective personal protective equipment when they're on the job.  See for privacy information.
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Lost your health insurance in PA because of cor...
If you're a Pennsylvania resident out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic and you lost your health insurance, you could qualify for Pennsylvania's medical assistance program. Catherine Buhrig, Bureau of Policy Director from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services joins KYW in Depth for a Q&A about who is eligible for PA Medical Assistance, how to apply, what's the maximum income you need to be qualified, what medical assistance covers, and how children can qualify for health coverage. Buhrig also talks about the eligibility requirements for SNAP, the food assistance program, in Pennsylvania.  The website to apply for assistance: See for privacy information.
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Dr. Val Arkoosh: Make sure your homemade cloth ...
Health officials say you should wear some kind of cloth mask or bandana outside during the coronavirus pandemic. Around the country, people are making homemade masks for themselves, family members, and friends. But Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh says if you're not careful, you could end up doing more harm than good. Today on KYW In Depth Dr. Arkoosh explains how to properly wear, take off, and clean your cloth mask to avoid contaminating yourself or others. See for privacy information.
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"Who would have guessed that forced separation ...
This is the last of our three episode mini series about how this pandemic has played a role in changing how we live in the little, day-to-day ways we don't always pay a ton of attention to Ursinus Professor of Psychology Cathy Chambliss joins KYW In Depth to break down how our attitudes toward public health have shifted and how they might continue to change, how introverts and extroverts are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis very differently, and the little quirky alterations to society that might reflect that the coronavirus pandemic was here, so we went home. See for privacy information.
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We are making brand new habits during coronavir...
This is the first of three episodes about how this pandemic that has totally upended all the big things in our lives is also changing the day-to-day little things. Assistant Professor of Marketing at La Salle University Meghan Pierce joins KYW In Depth to talk about how coronavirus is changing our relationship with our things, whether we could see a large shift in consumer behavior as a result of this pandemic (like we saw during the great recession), and if the new habits we are cultivating and developing during social distancing and social isolation are going to stick around. See for privacy information.
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COVID-19 has changed our social rituals, like h...
This is episode 2 of 3 in our mini-series about how this pandemic is changing how we live, not just in big broad strokes, but in little ways too. Professor and Chair of the Communications Department at Villanova University Heidi Rose joins KYW In Depth to break down how the ways we communicate, interact, and relate to each other are changing during this pandemic, and if any of these adaptations might be sticking around after this health crisis is over. See for privacy information.
18 min
Struggling with addiction during the coronaviru...
For people battling addiction, the social isolation brought on by the COVID-19 response can mean a dangerous diversion from the routine of meetings, support, and accountability. Some facilities and groups are turning to online meetings, but is that enough? Jerry Stahler, a clinical psychologist and professor in Temple University’s Department of Geography and Urban Studies joins the podcast to break down what those with a substance use disorder or alcohol addiction may be facing right now and what loved ones can do to help during these unprecedented times. Learn more about Prevention Point: See for privacy information.
26 min
The Origami Mask Project's engineers are design...
The Origami Mask Project was created by engineers and scientists in the Philadelphia area to develop simple, inexpensive, DIY face masks while there continues to be a shortage of personal protective equipment caused by the coronavirus pandemic. University of Pennsylvania Material Sciences and Engineering Professor Shu Yang and President & CEO of Archimedic Eric Sugalski join KYW In Depth to talk about how The Origami Mask Project got started and how you can join the team. Find out how to make your own origami mask online: See for privacy information.
20 min
Antibodies, plasma, and the new FDA rule about ...
The Red Cross says there's an urgent need for blood donations during the coronavirus pandemic, as blood drives have been cancelled and social distancing has kept people inside. There's also a need for plasma donations from people who have recovered from COVID-19, in the hopes that their antibodies can help very sick patients fight off the virus. But not everyone who wants to donate is allowed to, even after the Food and Drug Administration made an adjustment to their guidelines preventing sexually active gay men from donating blood. Today on KYW In Depth, a COVID-19 survivor reacts to the FDA's new rule governing whether he can donate plasma, and a Mazzoni Center doctor explains the science behind the new guidelines. See for privacy information.
16 min
COVID-19 testing center volunteer: "I needed to...
Alyssa Kirk is a nurse spending her time volunteering at a COVID-19 testing center at Citizens Bank Park. She joins KYW In Depth to describe what the day to day is like at a drive-through testing center, how the volunteers and medical professionals doing the work are holding up, and what this pandemic looks like from the perspective of someone spending every day interacting with people who think they have coronavirus.  See for privacy information.
12 min
Managing mental health can seem impossible duri...
Managing mental health can be tough in the best of times. But right now, as millions are being laid off and told to stay at home for the forseeable future, stress levels are through the roof and people can quickly find themselves in crisis. Amy Federer with The National Alliance on Mental Illness Philadelphia joins KYW In Depth to discuss ways you can manage your own mental health or help your loved ones during this extremely challenging time. Find NAMI Philly online: See for privacy information.
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Could the coronavirus crisis change how we vote...
Six states have now moved primary elections to June 2nd, including Pennsylvania. The Keystone State will also allow polling places to be consolidated for the upcoming primary. University of Pennsylvania Political Science Professor Marc Meredith joins KYW In Depth to break down how these changes, expanded mail-in voting, and the coronavirus pandemic might impact voter turnout, campaigning, and the Presidential election later this year  See for privacy information.
15 min
What options do victims of domestic violence ha...
This pandemic has changed the way we live and is causing an incredible amount of stress. People are worrying about getting sick, about losing income, and we're all being told to stay at home. For people who are now spending all their time at home with abusive partners, the situation is dangerous. Beth Sturman is the executive director at Laurel House, a comprehensive domestic violence agency serving Montgomery County. Sturman joins KYW In Depth to talk about the work they do and what options victims of domestic violence have to stay safe during the coronavirus crisis. Laurel House's website: If you need help escaping a bad situation, call Laurel House's toll-free 24-hour Hotline: 1-800-642-3150 See for privacy information.
17 min
What could the economic recovery from the coron...
Can looking at recessions from the past help us get an idea of what the recovery from the coronavirus recession might look like? Tristan Potter has studied the Great Recession extensively, he's an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Drexel LeBow College of Business, and he joins KYW In Depth to help answer a few questions about what the other side of this crisis could have in store. See for privacy information.
13 min
Which jobs are coming back after coronavirus, a...
The unemployment numbers released Thursday, April 2nd are staggering. More than six million people applied for unemployment benefits last week, and that number is going to rise. Right now, people who are being furloughed or laid off are wondering if their jobs will be there for them when the pandemic is over, or if they'll be able to get another job at all. Diane Lim, Director of Outreach and Senior Advisor at the Penn Wharton Budget Model returns to KYW In Depth to take a hard look at the unemployment numbers, break down which sectors are being hit the hardest by this crisis, and discuss what the recovery might look like.  See for privacy information.
17 min
U.S. Transportation Secretary says airlines mus...
The Trump administration is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to SEPTA as part of emergency grants to public transportation across the country. SEPTA has seen an unprecedented drop in the number of riders because of coronavirus shutdowns. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao spoke with KYW's Ian Bush on Thursday afternoon, April 2nd, to announce that $700 million dollars will be heading to Philadelphia area mass transit systems. The Secretary also talks about whether flights should be grounded, and says that you are due a refund if your flight was canceled during the coronavirus pandemic.  See for privacy information.
13 min
Why is there a shortage of COVID-19 protective ...
Hospitals and first responders everywhere are sounding the alarm: they need more protective gear to fight COVID-19, and they need it now. How did our equipment supply get so scarce, so quickly?  Today on KYW in Depth we're joined by Joe Tibbs, President at HAPevolve, a subsidiary of The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania. He helps us understand why hospitals don't have enough gear on hand to fight a pandemic, why they're having trouble ordering more, and the status of the hospital supply chain. See for privacy information.
14 min
An economist helps us make sense of the record ...
6.6 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week. Villanova Assistant Professor of Practice in Economics David Fiorenza joins KYW In Depth to help us make sense of the numbers and talk about how long he thinks the unemployment rate will continue to go up, how high the unemployment rate could go, and how many of the jobs that are gone now might not be coming back. See for privacy information.
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