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Ask an economist: What would you include in the...
We're heading toward the end of the year and there's still no stimulus. How much longer can small businesses hang on?
9 min
America's relationships shifted dramatically un...
In part four of a series on the next administration, we're taking a look at the biggest challenges and opportunities around the globe waiting for the next President of the United States.
29 min
Timing, side effects, multiple doses: Everythin...
Several vaccines are in the pipeline. Here's what you need to know about them.
25 min
America's agriculture challenge: Can we both in...
Part three of our series on the next presidential administration: How will a Biden/Harris White House administration make its mark on the world of agriculture?
18 min
Both Biden and Harris come from the Senate. Wil...
Part two of our series on the next presidential administration: Assuming Republicans maintain control of the Senate, how would a Biden White House achieve a productive legislative relationship with Congress?
18 min
Are lame duck presidents actually that lame?
What's been accomplished in the past by lame duck presidents? And who were the most effective and least effective lame duck presidents in history?
11 min
"It's unconscionable" Congress hasn't passed a ...
Real people need real help right now, so why can't the politicians in Washington get their act together? Dr. Avenel Joseph, Policy VP at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joins the podcast to break it down.
13 min
From Trump to Biden, an abrupt shift in America...
One of the most important issues of our time is climate change, and it's an issue that the Trump and Biden administrations view very differently. So what can we expect the Biden White House to do to address the environment?
13 min
It's a terrible time to pull the plug on pandem...
A lot of coronavirus programs end at the end of the year. What happens when this wave crashes?
8 min
This holiday shopping season could be make or b...
Is Black Friday even going to be a thing? How is the sales strategy changing? And how pivotal is this holiday shopping season for small businesses who have just been annihilated by the coronavirus pandemic?
21 min
The pandemic was politicized in America. Our he...
Healthcare workers are dealing with a lot of illness and death and heartbreak, and also seeing a portion of the population not wanting to adhere to rules that would help make their job a bit easier.
16 min
You can use Google Maps to see where COVID-19 c...
There's a feature on Google Maps called the COVID layer that lets you check out how many cases are in a certain area.
7 min
The COVID-19 pandemic is worse than ever. How d...
Health experts are using words like catastrophic and horrifying -- but is anyone listening?
26 min
The staggering sum of money in American elections
A massive, historic amount of money was spent on Election 2020 in America. So, what did it buy, and what does that do to our democracy?
21 min
Can our local economies survive another round o...
Are we going to see another round of shutdowns as the virus keeps spiking? Can our local economies even survive something like that?
10 min
COVID-19's body blow to college sports ripples ...
The US Olympic teams of the future will be dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, including a narrower pipeline for athletes and canceled programs at schools across the country.
15 min
What makes Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine stand out ...
What’s next for Pfizer and this vaccine, and what makes it different from the dozens of other vaccines in the pipeline?
17 min
What does the Supreme Court's conservative over...
Now that three justices nominated by President Trump are on the court, what's in store for the Affordable Care Act?
18 min
Job hunting? "When you say it online, it never ...
A study from Temple University shows there's a good chance that your posts about politics could be a factor in getting the job you applied for.
21 min
Office real estate is getting hammered by worki...
Companies and businesses are realizing they don't need as much space, and that's having some pretty significant ripple effects in commercial real estate.
22 min
New Jersey voters passed legal weed. Here's wh...
Now that the vote is over, how long until it's on the store shelves? Where will it be sold?
17 min
Dreaming of a stimulus Christmas, why Wall St...
Breaking down the biggest questions about the economy as the US Election concludes and the coronavirus pandemic ramps up across the world.
10 min
The pros and cons of never going into the offic...
Working from home could be here to stay. Is that good news or bad?
20 min
Election 2020: Why is Pennsylvania taking so l...
It looks like Election 2020 could come down to Pennsylvania, but why is it taking so long to count the votes?
13 min
Did anyone really get it right? Takeaways from ...
With the benefit of hindsight, let's zoom out a bit out and take a look at all the ways that different countries tackled this pandemic. Can we Frankenstein together a single best approach?
19 min
How the 2016 polling kerfuffle inspired the Wes...
After the presidential election polls seemed to get it wrong in 2016, a West Chester University statistics professor saw an opportunity.
12 min
Constitutional quirks, election oddities, and t...
Take a deep dive down the rabbit hole into plausible if unlikely situations in the US election process and the "what would happen if" scenarios the founders didn't necessarily plan for.
19 min
It's the witching hour on Wall Street
Something weird is happening in the stock market.
12 min
Trump, Biden, and the paths to 270: the electio...
What are the key indicators you should be looking for on November 3rd to get an idea of how the election is turning out?
19 min
Important lessons about medical debt learned f...
Medical debt is scary, but it doesn't have to ruin your life, and there are steps you can take to come out on the other side.
22 min
With the holidays and flu season around the cor...
With flu season and the holidays right around the corner, there's going to be a lot of extra symptoms floating around, and a lot of anxiety about making the decision to spend time with loved ones.
20 min
The economic inequality crisis: how the pandemi...
Economic inequality has been a stark issue in the United States for a long time, and it has just gotten worse and worse during the coronavirus pandemic.
28 min
The police shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr: What...
Walter Wallace, Jr. was shot and killed by Philadelphia Police officers who responded to a call about a man with a knife.
19 min
There's more water on the moon than we thought
Pack your swimmies and flippers 'cause there's big news from the moon.
15 min
Term limits, adding justices, and other plausib...
It's not as far-fetched as you might think to imagine Supreme Court Justices with term limits in our lifetime.
15 min
What's going on with the Philly area real estat...
After more than seven months into the pandemic, how's the market holding up and what's happening in the Philly area specifically?
17 min
Liability shields, housing bubbles, and how the...
We've been watching a housing market that's been absolutely on fire for months now -- is it time to start talking about a housing bubble?
9 min
The Supreme Court's decision on Pennsylvania ma...
Pennsylvania will be allowed to count mail-in ballots for this year's election that are received up to three days after November 3rd, after legal challenges made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
10 min
COVID testing in the US right now is 'somewhere...
The Association of American Medical Colleges is calling for a coordinated national testing strategy to try and help get us out of this mess.
9 min
Do presidential debates change minds anymore? ...
If you showed the debate between Biden and Trump to someone 50 years ago, what would they think?
26 min
What an asteroid 200 million miles away can tel...
Dr. Harold Connolly, Jr., Mission Sample Scientist on the OSIRIS-REx mission team joined the podcast just a few hours before the spacecraft made contact with the asteroid to talk about the mission and the secrets the team hopes Bennu wants to tell.
11 min
After the explosion, what's the future of the P...
A fire, an explosion, a bankruptcy, a new owner... what does the future have in store for a massive and troubled piece of land in South Philadelphia?
14 min
How close are we to COVID-19 herd immunity?
We talk a lot about herd immunity -- so how does it work, and what happened in other places around the world that have tried to use herd immunity as a strategy?
24 min
Long term unemployment is helping to turbochar...
Hiding in the unemployment statistics is the rising number of people who are experiencing long-term unemployment -- they've been out of work for 27 weeks or more.
19 min
How long until election results are final? When...
A ton of information has been sent out about voting by mail, along with a lot of disinformation. So what's true, what's not, and what do you need to know?
19 min
If Washington doesn't finish a relief bill, 202...
Towns and municipalities are grappling with some extremely hard decisions if Washington doesn't send relief soon. 
10 min
Political campaigns are microtargeting you with...
Ever feel like ads you see online are almost designed specifically for you?
29 min
For firefighters, the pandemic has changed the job
23 min
Childhood obesity was already a crisis in Ameri...
Before the coronavirus pandemic, childhood obesity was one of the most complicated health challenges of our time -- and now public health researchers worry the crisis has deepened.
14 min
"A huge shift in how we care for patients." Hom...
From telemedicine to home monitoring, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated healthcare innovation in several key ways that are here to stay.
15 min
Why did more than 1,000 birds fly into building...
14 min
(Rebroadcast) If you think coronavirus social d...
18 min
A century ago, open air schools fought disease
26 min
How is the pandemic making its mark on the 2020...
18 min
Battleground states decide elections, and the l...
20 min
Coronavirus stole the spotlight, but the opioid...
8 min
It looks really bad for the airline industry. H...
17 min
Will the promise of massive layoffs convince Wa...
8 min
COVID, Politics, and the CDC
13 min
Trade wars, tech fights, and coronavirus: How t...
21 min
Can we anticipate the next crisis? How using ho...
18 min
Why no one was charged for killing Breonna Taylor
17 min
The K-shaped recovery: How to supercharge inequ...
8 min
DNA testing is adding a twist to diversity trai...
17 min
"This is how you keep doctors from going bankru...
10 min
Struggling with pandemic productivity guilt? He...
17 min
Harvard epidemiologist: U.S. needs to produce C...
9 min
Do high schools teach financial literacy adequa...
17 min
Scientists in Philly were studying human resili...
27 min
What if every car in the U.S. was electric?
17 min
"Nearly half of America" is in serious financia...
15 min
After decades of declines, do labor unions have...
Labor unions and politics have gone hand in hand in America for decades. But after decades of declining union power in the country, how is organized labor fitting into the 2020 election? Which side will unions take? And, is modern day organized labor powerful enough to even make a difference ?  Dr. Laura Bucci, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Saint Joseph’s University joins KYW In Depth to talk about the history of unions and politics and what they mean in America today. See for privacy information.
29 min
A housing market that looked untouchable is sho...
US housing starts took a tumble in August. 860,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. It's looking like there might not be another coronavirus relief bill before the election. David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW in Depth to break down the news of the week and explain what it means for the health of our economy. See for privacy information.
13 min
Why finding phosphine on Venus has astronomers ...
Most of the popular talk about life in outer space has centered on Mars. That is, until a few days ago, when astronomers reported an exciting discover on Venus. So, what did they find? Why is it a sign of life? What could life on Venus even look like? And why haven't we checked there until now? Dr. Eric Jensen, Professor of Astronomy at Swarthmore College joins KYW In Depth for a fascinating conversation about aliens, outer space, and why Venus is suddenly the hottest planet in the solar system. See for privacy information.
18 min
Could the dollar be dethroned as the world's re...
The US Dollar is the world's reserve currency. We've been hearing a lot in financial reports about the dollar being weak or strong day to day or month to month, but what does that actually mean? How important is it? And could the idea of the dollar being the world's reserve currency change? Dr. Amir Shoham, Associate Professor of Finance and International Business at Temple University's Fox School of Business joins KYW In Depth to break down what's going on with the our currency, who its biggest competitors are, and what needs to happen to keep the dollar on its throne. See for privacy information.
12 min
School, coronavirus, changing routines: How to ...
Many families are spending a lot more time together this year than ever before because of the coronavirus pandemic. But now that parts of the country are open again and people are trying to get out of the house -- what does that mean for kids who have gotten used to spending all this time at home with their families? Dr. Yesenia Marroquin, clinical psychologist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia joins KYW In Depth to talk about what families can do to help kids manage the anxiety that comes with changing routines. See for privacy information.
17 min
Ventilators aren't enough for some very sick CO...
Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory had a eureka moment. They discovered something that helps explain the varied symptoms of COVID-19, and why ventilators don't always help the sickest patients. And it may send the search for treatments in a whole new direction. Dr. Dan Jacobson, Chief Scientist for Computational Systems Biology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory joins KYW In Depth to break down what they found and what it means. See for privacy information.
25 min
Could legalizing recreational marijuana help Pe...
There's a lot of talk in Pennsylvania politics about legalizing recreational marijuana as a way to help close the budget gap. In an earlier podcast, we talked about what that could mean for criminal justice reform in the commonwealth. Today, we're tackling what it would mean for Pennsylvania's pocketbook. How would it work? How much money would legal weed bring in? What would stores look like? What can PA learn from other states that have been down this road before? Dr. Kevin Fandl, Associate Professor of Legal Studies at the Fox School of Business at Temple University joins KYW In Depth to talk about the economic impact of legalizing of recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania. See for privacy information.
23 min
The coronavirus childcare crisis is having a de...
Kids are going back to school, but for most students that includes at least some amount of at-home or virtual learning as the pandemic continues. And if a young child is learning from home, that means a parent or somebody has to be home to help them. In a lot of families, this puts a tremendous amount of strain on the status quo, and sometimes one of the parents even has to quit their job to take care of the kids at home. In most cases, it's the mother who ends up dropping out of the workforce. Dr. Karen Aronian, principal of Aronian Education Design LLC and education policy fellow with Columbia University joins KYW In Depth to break down the ripple effects the coronavirus pandemic is having on working families and the effects a workforce exodus like this will generate long after 2020 is over. See for privacy information.
14 min
Election polling stumbled in 2016. Should Ameri...
We are less than 2 months away from the Presidential Election and that means we are getting a constant stream of polls. National, state, likely voters vs registered voters -- the amount of information is pretty staggering. But, the polls and pollsters got criticized pretty soundly after the 2016 election when Donald Trump surprised many people to win the presidency. Can we trust the 2020 polls after what happened in 2016? What actually did happen with the polls, and how do we know it won't happen again? And how does the pandemic change what polls can tell us about the race? Dr. Paul Brewer, Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware and Research Director for the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication joins KYW In Depth to answer our questions about what the polls are saying about election 2020. See for privacy information.
20 min
Memories from Ground Zero, 19 years after 9/11:...
19 years ago, Philadelphia Police Sergeant Greg Masi was sent to New York City. America had been attacked, two planes had just flown into the Twin Towers, and Philadelphia wanted to help New York. At Ground Zero, Sgt. Masi found thousands of people working together to rescue survivors, and to recover victims. He experienced sights and smells he'll never be able to forget. And he says that even though many of the 9/11 first responders who are still with us are fighting illnesses and cancers from the work they did 19 years ago, if he was asked to do it all over again, he'd go immediately. See for privacy information.
25 min
Is Wall Street's tech party wearing out its wel...
Another week of wild headlines in the economy to talk about. Tech stocks are on fire, until they aren't. Are massive unemployment numbers the new normal in America? And proof that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the US, there's a new COVID-19 store in the King of Prussia Mall. David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW in Depth to break down the news of the week and explain what it means for the health of our economy. See for privacy information.
10 min
Life hacks to ease work-from-home back and neck...
When the coronavirus pandemic hit, people with office jobs started working from home, trading their desk for the couch or the kitchen table. Then, a lot of workers in their new DIY offices started noticing back and neck problems that weren't there before. So what can you do? Dr. Rahul Shah, board certified Orthopedic Spine & Neck Surgeon with Premier Orthopaedic Associates in South Jersey joins KYW In Depth to break down why our posture is all messed up, what we're doing wrong, and the key things we need to be doing to relieve back and neck pain and keep it from getting worse. See for privacy information.
16 min
Key takeaways from the college sports coronavir...
So how is the world of college athletics dealing with the realities of the coronavirus pandemic? Schools have started classes across the country with mixed success, how has that affected the landscape? Dr. Karen Weaver, Member of the Graduate Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania joins KYW In Depth to talk about the challenges athletic departments are facing right now, how the experiment of bringing back sports during the pandemic is going, and what could be in store for college sports in the winter. See for privacy information.
16 min
The questions Americans are asking about early ...
We all dream of retirement, but for most people that dream doesn't become a reality until their mid-60s or so. But with the pandemic and everything else that's happening right now, a lot of people are thinking about what they need to do to achieve financial independence sooner rather than later. Jeff Bush, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Informed Family Financial Services joins KYW In Depth to talk about what he's seeing, the questions he's getting about early retirement, and the questions you should ask if you want financial independence early. See for privacy information.
15 min
Despite the "mask wars" you see online, America...
Public health has moved to the forefront of public consciousness since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It's probably safe to say that public health isn't something too many of us thought about on a daily basis before mid-March, but a new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for the de Beaumont Foundation shows that the American public is now recognizing the importance of strong public health departments. Dr. Brian Castrucci, President & CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation joins KYW In Depth to talk about what the poll revealed and what it means. Read about the poll's findings here: See for privacy information.
11 min
Behind the calls to regulate big tech, a debate...
Technology companies have gotten big. Facebook, Twitter -- some of the most recognizable names in corporate America. But they've also been surrounded by their share of controversy, and there have been many calls for government regulation for places like Facebook and Twitter. So what does that mean? Is it realistic? And, to what extent are these companies already regulated? Brett Frischmann, The Charles Widger Endowed University Professor in Law, Business and Economics at Villanova University joins KYW In Depth to talk about the arguments surrounding regulation of this enormous section of American enterprise, what could be coming as the discussions heat up, and what the term 'big tech' even means. See for privacy information.
21 min
Potholes on Wall Street, how $500 billion evapo...
Last week's new unemployment hit a pandemic-adjusted low, but the formula used to measure it changed too. After months of big tech powering stock gains, why the sputter on Wall Street? And why do you keep seeing headlines about the all-powerful American Dollar not being as big as it used to be? David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW in Depth to break down the news of the week and explain what it means for the health of our economy.     Clip 1 See for privacy information.
10 min
Legalizing marijuana could help broke states. I...
There seems to be momentum building for legalizing recreational marijuana right now in several states, including Pennsylvania. Most of the arguments are economic: states are broke and allowing people to legally buy and sell cannabis products would be a new source of tax revenue. But if we go down that road, there are going to be significant implications for criminal justice reform flashpoints as well -- like the over-policing of minority communities and the statistical overrepresentation of people of color involved in marijuana arrests. Jules Epstein, Professor of Law and Director of Advocacy Programs at Temple University's Beasley School of Law joins KYW In Depth to break down the criminal justice side of the marijuana legalization debate. See for privacy information.
17 min
Why are some American farmers leaving their cor...
Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, how have agriculture and farming and the essential supply chains we rely on for food held up? John M. Urbanchuk, Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Agribusiness Department at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA joins KYW In Depth to talk about how food production was hit by the pandemic, how the recovery process is going, the biggest challenges to the industry right now, and why some farmers opted to leave some of their fields unplanted this year instead of putting down corn or soybeans. See for privacy information.
17 min
From "the golden era of travel" to an industry ...
Tourism has taken a massive hit during the coronavirus pandemic, and that means tough times for airlines. Just how bad is it right now, and how bad can it get? Dr. Benjamin Altschuler, Assistant Professor of Travel and Tourism at Temple University joins KYW In Depth to talk about how coronavirus has steamrolled the airline industry, the massive job losses that have happened already and what's on the horizon for an industry that's really kind of teetering on the brink right now. See for privacy information.
17 min
Why is the stock market bad at showing how the ...
The economy is difficult to read these days. Millions of people are out of work and there is economic uncertainty everywhere, but the stock market keep rolling right along, setting highs and making big gains. So, how good of an indicator is the stock market actually? Does it really paint a good picture of how the economy is doing? And how can it be doing so well when so many Americans are struggling? Scott Deacle, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Ursinus College joins KYW In Depth to break down why the stock market can do well when unemployment is so high, how we should be viewing the market as an economic indicator, and why the Dow Jones is not a very useful index. See for privacy information.
18 min
"If people are in need, there's no shame in thi...
The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people to deal with economic pain and uncertainty like they never have before. We've heard a lot of talk about unemployment benefits, but there are other kinds of benefits that are available for people who just need a little help during tough times. And there are people who can help you navigate the process of finding out what benefits you might qualify for, and what you need to do to apply. That's what Benefits Data Trust does for people in Pennsylvania. Trooper Sanders, CEO of Benefits Data Trust joins KYW In Depth to talk about the need right now in the Philadelphia area and the things you can do right now if you need some help.  Learn more about Benefits Data Trust at their website: The BenePhilly Hotline: 833-373-5868 See for privacy information.
17 min
Finding poll workers was hard before coronaviru...
Staffing polling places on election day has always been a challenge, but right now during the coronavirus pandemic, people are even more leery of spending an entire day volunteering to be around a line of people coming and going to the polls. On top of that, a lot of the volunteers that work the polls in the US are older, which means they're at higher risk for severe illness from the virus. So what is it going to look like for people who go to vote in person in November? And with so many people voting with absentee ballots, could we see a shift in how we vote all together? Dr. Stephen Pettigrew is the Director of Data Sciences for the Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a senior analyst for the NBC News Decision Desk and Analytics Lab. He joins KYW In Depth to talk about the future of voting in the United States and what's in store for us come November. Read Dr. Pettigrew's research here: See for privacy information.
25 min
Give them a dedicated space, even if it's the k...
This is going to be a school year like we've never seen before. Just about all students will be learning at home at least part of the time, which means technology will be more important than ever. But having that technology available is easier said than done. Larry Lieberman, CEO of joins KYW In Depth to talk about digital divides in American homes, and tips for parents, teachers, and students to excel during a very strange and trying school year. See for privacy information.
17 min
New jobless claims top a million again, but are...
Another week of new jobless numbers over a million. It seems like that used to be a big number, but now it's the new normal. The Dow Jones announced a shakeup this week -- what does that mean for the storied index? And is there a light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of existing home sales? David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW in Depth to break down the news of the week and explain what it means for the health of our economy. See for privacy information.
8 min
Jobs are disappearing rapidly. What options do ...
Shifts in the labor force are painful during normal times. Right now, the workforce is changing rapidly without the kind of heads up that we normally get. This pandemic happened very quickly, and half the economy essentially shut off to try to contain it. For workers in some industries, it seems like there's not a lot of hope on the horizon. So, how exactly has COVID-19 accelerated changes in the workforce? Where are we heading? And for people watching their jobs disappear, is there a solution out there? Dr. Doug Webber, Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Temple University joins KYW In Depth to talk about the rapid changes in the labor market and what's happened in the past during similar circumstances. See for privacy information.
20 min
What is consumer sentiment, and what can it tel...
When you're tracking the health of an economy, there are a lot of indicators to look at. One of the key ones is consumer sentiment. But what exactly does that mean? How is it tracked? Why is it important, and what is it telling us about the economy? Dr. Benjamin Liebman, professor of economics at Saint Joseph's University joins KYW In Depth to talk about what you should know about consumer sentiment and consumer confidence, and how they impact the world around you. See for privacy information.
18 min
Former CDC director: this pandemic has laid bar...
At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, 28 million Americans didn't have health insurance -- but it's a lot more than that now. A former acting CDC director is warning that this is just one of the problems the coronavirus pandemic has revealed about American healthcare, and the longer COVID-19 spreads, the worse those problems will get.  Dr. Richard Besser, President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former acting director of the CDC joins KYW IN Depth to talk about the country's response to COVID-19, where we're heading, and the state of health insurance in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic.  >>> See for privacy information.
10 min
Students with special needs face enormous diffi...
The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for all students, but especially for students with special educational needs. We wanted to find out the extent of what families are going through right now, and what parents need to know to help make the upcoming school year just a little bit easier. Margie Wakelin, Staff Attorney in the Education Law Center's Philadelphia office joins KYW In Depth to break down the hurdles that have emerged in the spring, what we've learned from them for the upcoming school year, and what families can do to help their children stay on track. The Education Law Center: See for privacy information.
21 min