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Vladimir Putin is scrambling; here's the evidence
Recent developments in Russia's war against Ukraine suggest that Vladimir Putin's position could be weakening. Dr. Melissa Chakars and Dr. Lisa Baglione examine the state of the invasion.
19 min
Can recent legislative achievements help Democr...
The Inflation Reduction Act, the infrastructure bill, gun control legislation, and the American Rescue Plan -- they add up to more legislative wins than most presidents see in their first two years. But is it enough to keep Democrats in power in the midterm elections?
23 min
On the ground in Puerto Rico: Fiona's destruction
Hurricane Fiona has hit Puerto Rico hard. Dr. Michelle Carlo checks in from the island with a first-hand account of the damage.
15 min
Most Americans agree: democracy is in jeopardy....
Now more than ever, the institutional norms of American democracy are being challenged. Political science expert Dr. Susan Liebell examines what's happening.
27 min
What to expect from the Fed's next meeting: Wee...
The Fed is set to hold its September meeting next week. Economist David Fiorenza gives a preview in his weekly update.
9 min
Artemis: NASA's bold mission to establish a per...
NASA wants to go back to the moon. We are still waiting for the launch of Artemis I, which had to be scrubbed a couple of times, but they are going to try again soon. This is a bold and exciting initiative, and we wanted to learn more about it, so we asked Dr. Karen Masters, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Haverford College to come on the podcast and talk about Artemis.
25 min
America was founded on independence from Britis...
From news articles to social media to wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news channels, America is fascinated by the monarchy. When you think about it, isn't that kind of odd?
20 min
Who's to blame when a medical robot misdiagnose...
Artificial intelligence has helped advance medical care, but it creates some complicated legal issues.
24 min
You're being targeted - Digital ads in the 2022...
Political ads are everywhere right now. We find out what goes into the candidates' digital strategies.
26 min
The connection between gas prices and inflation...
Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza explains what lower gas prices, changes to the housing market, and more American Rescue Plan money mean for the economy.
9 min
New British Prime Minister Liz Truss takes over...
Who is Liz Truss? Has her path prepared her to take over as British Prime Minister? Dr. Joshua Weikert provides analysis.
20 min
Quiet quitting: bad mindset, or bad label?
Discussions surrounding 'quiet quitting' have gone viral recently, but in both theory and practice, is it really all that bad? Career development expert Jennifer Rossi Long weighs in on a multi-layered concept.
22 min
Will Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan actu...
A Temple University finance expert explains who this new program helps most, and we ask: is it enough?
17 min
Is the housing market finally course correcting...
For sellers, the housing market has been bountiful. For buyers, it's been a train wreck. But Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza thinks the dynamic could be shifting.
12 min
Mikhail Gorbachev's complicated legacy
Like his tenure leading the U.S.S.R., Mikhail Gorbachev's legacy is complicated. Russian studies expert Mark Schrad reflects on the late Soviet president.
23 min
"It's a shocking number": a look at what's happ...
We've still got about months to go but a lot has happened in 2022. Morning Consult's Lindsey Roeschke looks at the factors effecting the travel and hospitality industry.
24 min
Nursing is a much harder job now. Have schools ...
Nursing is an incredibly hard job in the best of times. For the last few years, nurses have been facing significant stress, burnout, and political opposition on top of their normal jobs.
24 min
'Just the clothing they were wearing.' What ref...
Many had to leave in the middle of the night, possibly with a bag, some just the clothes they were wearing. We wanted to talk about what the last year has been like for the people who resettled here in America. What kind of challenges have Afghan families faced in a new country? What kind of support do they need?
10 min
Positive inflation news for once? Weekly econom...
More big news about the Federal Reserve tackling inflation came down, is the worst over or will there be more to come?
10 min
Monkeypox Q&A: Updates on the virus, vaccine, a...
The US response to the monkeypox outbreak continues to hit snags, as access to vaccines, ability to find treatments, and even getting appropriate care in the doctor's office can be anything but a sure thing. So where are we in the timeline of this outbreak? Have we learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic that should have helped us respond to Monkeypox? And why is there still so much red tape around TPOXX, a treatment we know works?
22 min
Vaccines, boosters, and back to school COVID ri...
In back-to-school season, what should you know about COVID vaccines for kids?
13 min
'I've never seen big pharma lose.' Big deal hea...
The Inflation Reduction Act, the big package passed by Democrats in Congress and signed into law by President Biden addresses a lot of issues, and that includes healthcare. This law is going to have a noticeable effect on a lot of Americans' healthcare costs, and we wanted to know exactly what that will mean, so we asked Dr. Robert Field, Professor of Law and Professor of Health Management and Policy at Drexel University.
24 min
Inside the case of India Spellman and the Phill...
Right now, McCorkel and the Philly Justice Project are fighting to free a woman named India Spellman. Spellman was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2013, for a crime McCorkel says she clearly didn't commit. So how does something like this happen? How often does it happen? And why has McCorkel made it her mission to fight for women and girls behind bars?
25 min
Could supply chain issues really be going away?...
Supply chain issues have been a major problem in the economy. But Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza seems to think companies have started to make smart adjustments.
9 min
Liz Cheney loses, Mar-a-Lago raid, and a Januar...
Since the last time we talked about the January 6th hearings, the FBI raided President Trump's Palm Beach golf club, and Wyoming Republicans rejected Liz Cheney. Wild. Let's talk about that.
33 min