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America relies on immigrant doctors, but there'...
The US was already facing a shortage of doctors before the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the medical community is being stressed to its breaking point. There's a bipartisan bill aimed at getting them some reinforcements -- it's called the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, and it would make 40,000 unused immigrant visas available for doctors and nurses who want to come here to work. To put that number in perspective, nearly 30% of doctors and nurses in the US are from other countries. That's more than 37,000 doctors and 600,000 nurses. Today on KYW IN Depth, we're joined by two special guests to talk about the shortage of doctors and nurses and what's being done about it. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware is one of the original sponsors of the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, and Dr. William Pinsky is President and CEO of the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the commission that vets doctors who are trying to get visas to come to the US for clinical training. See for privacy information.
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Why is the stock market going gangbusters while...
Millions of people are relying on unemployment benefits in the United States, at the same time Apple became America's first $2 Trillion company. The stock market is doing very well, even as unemployment numbers reversed a trend and went back up last week. What's going on? David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW in Depth to talk about the divide in the American economy during the coronavirus pandemic, how the labor force is shifting amid continued record unemployment, and how economists are viewing the debacle over the post office. >>> See for privacy information.
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Get ready for ugly mask parties: How coronaviru...
A handful of months into the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, and a whole lot of people have traded in business casual for leggings, sweatpants, and t-shirts. So how's the fashion industry doing now that we all wear sweatpants to work at home? Jefferson University Fashion Design Program Director Farai Simoyi joins KYW In Depth to talk about how coronavirus has changed the fashion industry, the changing face of fashions weeks around the world, and how the future looks for the young stars of fashion design. See for privacy information.
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More people are getting backyard chickens. And ...
One of the ways some people are staving off pandemic boredom is by raising chickens in the back yard. Seriously, it's a thing that's happening in 2020 more than in previous years. Something else that's happening more now: the CDC says rates of infection are 22% higher than this time last year. So, how do you take care of a backyard flock the right way? Dr. Sherrill Davison, lead avian health expert at Penn Vet joins KYW In Depth to break down what you need to know about your chickens, how to tell if they're sick, and the best things you can do to avoid salmonella and other diseases. Penn Vet website: The CDC on salmonella: See for privacy information.
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Grading the Federal Reserve's response to the C...
The Federal Reserve continues to play a critical role in the American economy, and even more so during the coronavirus economic crisis. But there's been some criticism of the work the Fed has been doing. So what has worked, and what hasn't? Dr. Jonathan Scott, Professor of Finance and Department Chair at Temple University's Fox School of Business joins KYW In Depth to talk about what the Fed has been doing to help mitigate some of the economic damage, how history will look back on the response to this crisis, and why some Federal Reserve programs have been wildly successful, and others just haven't even seemed to get off the ground. See for privacy information.
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Political conventions have changed so much, do ...
COVID-19 has forced 2020's political conventions to go online. So will this concept stick around? Are the days of thousands of supporters crowding into crowded arenas over, even after this pandemic? Dr. Benjamin Berger, Associate Professor of Political Science and the executive director of Swarthmore College's Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility joins KYW In Depth to break down how political conventions have changed over the years, the purpose they surve in modern day America, and why they have more in common with college or reality TV than sports. See for privacy information.
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New Philly area homebuyers are looking for thes...
What make a house more desirable right now during the coronavirus pandemic? Are people still moving, despite the virus? How has the process of buying and selling a house changed? Maria Quattrone, CEO and founder of Maria Quattrone & Associates at RE/MAX @ Home in Center City, Philadelphia joins KYW In Depth to talk about the challenges in real estate and the most important features new homebuyers are looking for during COVID-19. See for privacy information.
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How do you keep a school bus safe from COVID-19?
A new school year is approaching and districts are putting forth plans on how to safely educate students during the coronavirus pandemic. And for those schools that are going to welcome students back in person in some way, there's the added question of transportation. How do you get kids to school and keep them safe? Can you even do that on a school bus? Tim Ammon and Jim Regan, co-managers of the Student Transportation Aligned for Return To School (STARTS) Task Force join KYW in Depth to talk about keeping students and drivers safe on the school bus during COVID-19 and the challenges facing school transportation right now. Check out the STARTS guidelines here: See for privacy information.
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Meet PPE for PA: the volunteers 3D printing saf...
As long as we're in this pandemic, there's going to be a great need for PPE -- personal protective equipment. These are things like masks and face shields that have been in short supply since COVID-19 first spread in America. Getting it remains a challenge for the doctors, nurses, and first responders who are on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. This is where the nonprofit PPE for PA comes in, a coalition of volunteer makers, craftspeople, and coordinators who crank out face shields and face masks by the thousands with 3D printers and sewing machines. Shai Perednik is one of the leaders behind PPE for PA and the PA COVID-19 Makers Group. He joins KYW In Depth to talk about their mission, the demand for PPE, and what it takes to get PPE made and delivered. Learn more about PPE for PA here: The Perednik Foundation's Givebutter page: See for privacy information.
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Why has COVID-19 hurt small businesses so much ...
New unemployment claims for last week dropped under a million for the first time since March. Congress left DC without passing another relief bill. Small businesses have gotten hammered by the pandemic, more than their bigger counterparts. Have the Federal Reserve's lending practices been fair or effective? David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW in Depth to break down the good news and the news that isn't so good about the American economy right now. See for privacy information.
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TikTok, Microsoft, and President Trump: What's ...
The massively popular app TikTok has been in the news a lot lately for what might seem like an unlikely reason -- it's found itself firmly in the crosshairs of the US government. Why is that, what does it mean, and what could happen as a result? Salil Mehra, Charles Klein Professor of Law and Government at Temple University's Beasley School of Law joins KYW In Depth to talk about why TikTok became a national security concern and what happens next. See for privacy information.
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How does Kamala Harris change the Democrats' od...
California Senator Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden's running mate on the Democratic ticket in November. So what does Harris bring to the table, and what does her selection mean for the presidential race? Dr. John Kennedy, Political Science Professor at West Chester University joins KYW In Depth to break down Kamala Harris's impact on the ticket, how the Republican party is likely to target her selection, and what her addition means for the election in November.  See for privacy information.
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Does your mask need to cover your nose to be ef...
Masks have become a key weapon in the fight against the coronavirus, but they've also been a source of controversy in the US, even becoming a political issue. The Association of American Medical Colleges has come out with consensus guidance on facemasks, the "Do’s and Don’ts for Face Coverings," so we asked Dr. Atul Grover, Executive Director of AAMC Research and Action Institute to join KYW In Depth to break down how and when they should be worn, what you should look for in an effective mask, and most importantly, just how important your mask is in the fight against COVID-19. You can check out the consensus guidance and download a PDF here: See for privacy information.
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The Big Ten cancels fall football: What Penn St...
The Big Ten has decided to postpone fall sports as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means no college football in the fall in State College, Pennsylvania. Football isn't just fun in Nittany Lion territory, it really helps power the economic engine there -- hotels, restaurants, and shops lean heavily on the home fall weekends for revenue. Fritz Smith, President and CEO of The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau joins KYW In Depth to talk about what an autumn without football means for State College and the people who live and work around Penn State. See for privacy information.
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Harvard epidemiologist says we're looking at co...
What is we're looking at COVID-19 testing the wrong way? That's what Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Michael Mina suggests. Instead of treating testing as a diagnostic tool alone, what if there was a way to use it for public health purposes -- and what if making that change could reduce transmission of the disease by 95% in just a few weeks, prevent a huge number of deaths, and save billions to maybe even trillions of dollars? See for privacy information.
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This is "the single most important thing" stude...
A lot of parents are totally overwhelmed just trying to keep their kids on track academically. With distance learning and the cancelation of sports, it can be easy to deprioritize physical education for kids. But that's a mistake. Matthew Flesock, Executive Director of the UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind program joins KYW In Depth to talk about what kids are missing when they miss phys ed, and what parents can do to make sure kids get the activity they need even without gym class or sports. See for privacy information.
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How far will airlines go to get you to fly duri...
Coronavirus has both wrecked tourism and supercharged innovation for the industry. From head-turning marketing campaigns to rapid digital innovation, the parts of the tourism industry and its marketing machine that emerge from the coronavirus pandemic probably won't resemble what they looked like a year ago. Dr. Laurie Wu, Assistant Professor at Temple University's School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management joins KYW In Depth to talk about creative marketing strategies the tourism industry is hoping will convince you to travel and the innovation that's emerging from the pandemic induced travel emergency. See for privacy information.
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If want to expand your COVID-19 bubble, first d...
Your COVID-19 bubble is the people you are hanging around with during the coronavirus pandemic. And several months into the pandemic, a lot of people are getting pretty starved for human interaction closer to how it was before the virus took hold. So, can you safely expand your bubble? And what can we learn from professional sports about how to do it with as little risk as possible? Dr. Thersa Sweet, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Drexel University joins KYW In Depth to talk about COVID-19 bubbles and the best practices for getting more social time without risking your health. See for privacy information.
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During the coronavirus pandemic, the opioid epi...
When the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, Philadelphia and a lot of other places around the country were already neck deep in another a public health crisis -- the opioid epidemic. Fast forward a few months, and it seems like COVID-19 kind of pushed the public spotlight away from the addiction emergency. So right here in Philly, how did the city keep up with one health crisis... while another took hold? Dr. Kendra Vine, Director of Substance Abuse Prevention and Harm Reduction for the city of Philadelphia joins KYW In Depth to talk about how addiction has changed since coronavirus took over our lives. See for privacy information.
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The pandemic created a hunger crisis like the P...
Food insecurity is a big problem in the US during normal times. Several months into the coronavirus pandemic, it's reached a level that is pretty hard to fathom. Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs, the future is unsure, and all of this has made the work of hunger relief organizations like Philabundance even more critical than usual. We wanted to know how Philabundance is dealing with an unprecedented crisis like this pandemic, so we asked Sara Hertz, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Philabundance to join the podcast to talk about what the last few months have been like, how bad the problem of food insecurity is right now, and the options people have if they need help, or if they want to help. See for privacy information.
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What you need to know about flu season during t...
Flu season is going to sneak up on us before we know it, and we're still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Will addressing both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time pose a challenge for healthcare workers? What should people be concerned about, and which concerns are overblown? Dr. Evelyn Balogun, Medical Director for Inspira Urgent Care and Occupational Health joins KYW In Depth to answer our questions about flu season and what it's going to look like this year. See for privacy information.
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How politics, trade, and coronavirus are shapin...
The US - China relationship is critical for many different reasons, and it's a relationship that's been tested significantly recently between consulate closings and the continuation of a trade war during the coronavirus pandemic. We wanted to take a deeper look at the relationship between the two countries, so we asked Dr. Miguel Glatzer, Associate Professor of Political Science at La Salle University to join KYW In Depth to talk about why the relationship is strained, what both sides want right now, and why the frostiness between countries might compare better to the pre-WWI era than another Cold War. See for privacy information.
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The new volleyball coach can't step foot on cam...
The coronavirus pandemic has brought college athletics to a standstill, and in the process it's created some odd situations, like what Meredith Schamun is dealing with right now at the University of Pennsylvania. Schamun was hired as the new head women's volleyball coach for the Quakers right as the pandemic was taking hold in the US. Since getting the job, she hasn't yet been able to step foot on campus. We caught up with Schamun to find out what the last few months have been like and see how she's adjusting to a new coaching job during the pandemic. See for privacy information.
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Doctors worry the coronavirus pandemic could le...
People have spent a lot more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic. That's a good thing when we're talking about controlling the spread of the virus -- but we didn't just stop going to the gym, or going out to dinner. A lot of people were too nervous to go to the doctor's office as well. Studies are showing that the number of screenings for cervical, colon and breast cancers in the first few months of 2020 are a lot lower than they have been in previous years. So what could that end up meaning for our health, and for the cancer rate in the country? Dr. Angela Nicholas, Chief Medical Officer at Einstein Medical Center in Montgomery County joins KYW In Depth to talk about at home cancer screenings and who should make it a priority to drop what they're doing and get screened, pandemic or no pandemic. See for privacy information.
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How the record breaking GDP plunge fits into th...
The US GDP plunged by 32.9% in the 2nd quarter. That's a massive number, and a good indication of the damage coronavirus has done to the economy. David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW In Depth to talk about what the GDP plunge means, why unemployment is ticking up again, and how coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the economy. See for privacy information.
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