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Is democracy dismantling in Israel? Understandi...
What Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms could mean for Israel and beyond.
31 min
Tiny kids, big influence: how Gen Alpha is shap...
Generation Alpha may be young, but their impact is already being felt. An expert tells the stories behind the trends.
16 min
All the Presidents’ mistakes: examining preside...
Author Ronald Gruner looks at the ups and downs of presidencies from the past century.
22 min
Could Silicon Valley Bank’s failure push us tow...
What happened to the bank that supported so many tech startups, and what it means for everyone.
30 min
Virtual nursing: how a struggling industry can ...
The nursing industry's struggles pre-date the pandemic. What could help turn things around? According to one expert, virtual nursing could be the answer.
19 min
A cure for education culture wars?
As school board debates over books and other forms of expression intensify, an education expert looks at consequences and solutions.
22 min
Get the lead out! A fresh approach to a longtim...
The Biden-Harris administration has prioritized clean drinking water. An environmental engineering expert takes a look at the plan, and offers a fresh approach.
14 min
Beached whales, disappearing crabs - what’s hap...
What’s causing these ecological problems, and how concerned should we be?
33 min
The GOP's Pennsylvania problem: can Republicans...
Pennsylvania might be considered a swing state, but a group of political strategists think Republicans need to adopt new strategies.
24 min
A not so shining moment? The NCAA faces a wake-...
The influence of the NCAA as we've known it could be on the decline. An expert explains why, and whether the NCAA can do anything to stop it.
17 min
Politicians and mental health: a complicated hi...
Forever, it seems, mental health has been a taboo topic in D.C. One expert thinks more politicians should be like John Fetterman.
22 min
The real problem with the alleged Chinese spy b...
The United States being spied on by foreign nations is nothing new. What is concerning, according to one expert, is our difficulty distinguishing friend vs. foe.
21 min
How to save for retirement in 2023
Most retirement plans weren’t designed for today’s economy. What can we do?
18 min
The rotation of the Earth's core is slowing: wh...
A change in the rotation of the Earth's core sounds like a big deal. But is it really? Astronomy expert Dr. Eric Jensen explains.
13 min
Classified documents found: just how much troub...
Classified documents falling into officials' hands after leaving office is nothing new. A political science expert looks at why it's causing such a big stir now.
21 min
Is the Supreme Court preparing to gut workers' ...
If the Supreme Court votes as expected, labor precedent in the United States could go out the window, and that could mean big trouble for unions.
29 min
One year of war between Russia and Ukraine - wh...
After a year of horrific attacks, is there an end in sight?
39 min
The FTC wants to ban non-compete clauses. How m...
A new proposal would mean employers can’t stop their workers from taking a job at a competing company.
22 min
Why ‘Dry January’ might not do as much good as ...
'Dry January' has become a big thing in recent years. Public health expert Dr. Mariana Lazo isn't sold on it, though.
13 min
To tip or not to tip, and other questions about...
When it comes to the service industry, how much of the cost burden should fall to consumers? Travel and tourism expert Dr. Benjamin Altschuler weighs in.
19 min
Is there any hope for a broken immigration system?
Between bureaucracy, special interest groups, and complicated history, the United States finds itself dealing with a multi-layered immigration problem. Immigration expert Sarah Paoletti discusses the causes and possible solutions.
22 min
Problems in the teaching pipeline: how to chang...
Teaching has always been a tough profession. Over the last few years, it's only gotten tougher. Education expert LaTayna Pattillo explores how to better recruit and retain teachers.
20 min
Meta, Crocs, and cream cheese - the fastest gro...
Morning Consult’s annual report shows what brands consumers gained interest in over the year - and some of them might surprise you.
19 min
Recession or revival? Predictions for the 2023 ...
Economist David Fiorenza explains where we are with inflation, the job market, and more to start the new year.
17 min
“Big Brother really is watching today” - New us...
Businesses are tracking consumers based on facial features in ways you might not know about.
24 min