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“A love letter from your mind”, to men of color
A new campaign offers resources for Black and Hispanic men dealing with “racial battle fatigue”.
11 min
Does sex on TV and in movies really sell?
A new study from UCLA suggests that adolescents want less sex and intimacy in the TV shows and movies they watch. What are the implications behind these findings?
18 min
The NCAA's incredibly bleak outlook
This should be one of the best times of the year for college sports, right? One expert says reading legal tea leaves offers a totally different picture.
21 min
The life-saving links between communication, cu...
How can breaking down language barriers and a better understanding of cultural competency improve healthcare for immigrant communities? A Temple University professor's grant produced key findings.
23 min
The age of constant political campaigning
Campaigns and election analysis start so far in advance now - how can voters keep up?
28 min
Why do we always think the economy is bad?
The GDP growth rate is great, but what do that and all these other numbers really mean?
20 min
Food banks on the frontline of battles over bas...
Even in the wealthiest suburb of Pennsylvania, food banks are witnessing patrons come face-to-face with harsh realities.t
18 min
"Is this real life?": worsening storms pose urg...
This year has yielded the most costly storm damage in U.S. history. But experts believe there could be effective mitigation strategies to use in the future.
25 min
Why new CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen thinks pub...
Dr. Mandy Cohen assumed the top post at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July. She shares her vision for how to make it better.
28 min
Flush it out: how wastewater can help improve p...
Sure, wastewater is gross, but guess what? It also can contain valuable clues to how viruses impact our communities. An expert explains how.
18 min
As violence increases, school safety evolves
New technology can help school staff respond to a crisis.
23 min
“We sometimes just want to believe” - the theor...
A Villanova instructor puts conspiracy theories to the scientific test.
24 min
Searching for clarity in Speaker of the House c...
How is the House going to clean up its mess? American government and politics expert John J. Kennedy takes a look at Speaker of the House.
17 min
Reckoning with accountability in American polit...
As Trump heads to trial, are we getting better or worse at holding powerful people accountable?
28 min
School vouchers: system saver or educational sm...
School vouchers have become an increasingly divisive issue. An education expert weighs in on what she considers a “band aid” solution for a much bigger problem.
16 min
Lantern flies aren’t as destructive as we thoug...
When the spotted lantern fly first arrived in the U.S. we were told to kill it, but what could a new study tell us about the real effects of the species?
15 min
What the end of emergency childcare funding mea...
Federal childcare funding enacted early into the pandemic is set to expire at the end of the month – how will this affect parents and childcare providers?
9 min
The death penalty: questions posed by data and ...
The killer responsible for the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue received the death penalty, a complex issue underscored by data that raises questions about the merits of capital punishment.
21 min
How to re-evaluate your relationship with work ...
Author Manisha Thakor explains how to escape the “cult of never enough”.
25 min
“An American problem”: youth sports and its hur...
Millions of American children play youth sports, but that number is on the decline. Find out which factors are driving this trend, and what can be done to fix it.
22 min
Loneliness: what to do when it gets serious
Close to 33% of people in the United States experience loneliness on a regular basis – why does it happen and is there any way to make it better?
17 min
How the Philadelphia Orchestra changed U.S. Chi...
The Philadelphia Orchestra toured China for the first time in 1973 – what did this trip mean for U.S. and Chinese relations?
28 min
How close are we to finding the cure for Alzhei...
About one in nine people over 65 have Alzheimer’s in the United States - but a new drug could help.
15 min
Clinical trial participants don’t represent eve...
White people make up a majority of clinical trial participants. How can we bridge the gap?
15 min
A new age of women's sports
The past few years have seen a lot of firsts in the industry, what does this mean for women’s sports?
20 min