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How the Philadelphia Orchestra changed U.S. Chi...
The Philadelphia Orchestra toured China for the first time in 1973 – what did this trip mean for U.S. and Chinese relations?
28 min
How close are we to finding the cure for Alzhei...
About one in nine people over 65 have Alzheimer’s in the United States - but a new drug could help.
15 min
Clinical trial participants don’t represent eve...
White people make up a majority of clinical trial participants. How can we bridge the gap?
15 min
A new age of women's sports
The past few years have seen a lot of firsts in the industry, what does this mean for women’s sports?
20 min
The debt is due - what happens when federal stu...
Interest will accrue again starting September 1 and minimum payments will resume in October.
18 min
With the U.S. credit rating down, is there any ...
Earlier this month, Fitch Ratings downgraded the U.S. credit rating from an AAA to an AA+. What does this mean for us?
21 min
How close are we to an HIV vaccine?
Why has this proven so elusive for decades?
22 min
What it takes to run a food bank in the COVID a...
Government COVID programs that helped have gone away - the need has not
16 min
How to prioritize self-care at work
Focusing on what you need to get the job done, rather than what’s not working, can be key to performance and mental health.
23 min
What role could drugs like Ozempic play in the ...
Mainly known to help with type 2 diabetes, drugs like Ozempic might point to a new age of weight loss pills
22 min
Digital marketing is hard… unless?
The Unless Project aims to help four nonprofit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area
19 min
The end of affirmative action: what does it mea...
What went into the decision and how will it affect the future of college admissions?
26 min
The. Worst. President. Ever?
Some people hate Barack Obama, others George W. Bush, but neither started the Civil War.
26 min
With such controversial SCOTUS cases, how are l...
Do principles like standing and precedent matter like they used to?
18 min
Kids are missing too much school. How do we get...
In 2022, more than 16 million students were chronically absent, meaning they missed 10% or more of the school year.
23 min
From Twitter to Threads, how is social media ch...
Now more users are rethinking what they want newer platforms to look like
24 min
Balancing work with life: can it actually be done?
Find out how a CEO went from stressed to Zen, and how his experiences formed the basis of a new fictional book.
13 min
A Russian paramilitary group rebelled - now wha...
Saint Joseph’s professors explain the Wagner uprising and what it means for the war in Ukraine.
28 min
Can social media solve the Gen Z mental health ...
With Gen Z having the highest rates of poor mental health, what role can social media play?
15 min
A degree in…. cannabis?: Inside Delaware Valley...
After decades of stigma surrounding the plant, what can this program teach students about cannabis?
23 min
Why can’t more projects be as fast as I-95?
Temporary lanes were rebuilt on the major highway in less than two weeks. What made reconstruction so simple?
15 min
Breaking down barriers for kindergarten
What’s keeping children from having the skills needed to learn and what can parents do to help them?
19 min
SCOTUS redefined the Clean Water Act, again
What does this new definition include and how will it affect EPA regulations in the future?
16 min
SCOTUS upheld the Voting Rights Act – Is this a...
How and why a conservative majority supported the VRA.
15 min
The PGA / LIV merger: did the Saudi government ...
Last week the two major golf organizations announced plans to merge. One of them is backed by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. What does this mean for the future of the sport?
21 min