The Organizational Learning Curve

Welcome to ”The Organizational Learning Curve,” the podcast dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of learning and development within organizations. Join us as we delve into the strategies, insights, and best practices that drive continuous growth and improvement.

In each episode, we will engage in thought-provoking conversations with industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who have successfully navigated the complexities of organizational learning. We will explore a wide range of topics, including leadership development, employee training, talent management, performance optimization, and more.

Through captivating interviews and insightful discussions, ”The Organizational Learning Curve” will provide you with practical tools and actionable advice to enhance your own learning journey. Whether you are an HR professional, a manager, an aspiring leader, or simply someone passionate about personal and professional growth, this podcast is for you.

Join us as we uncover the latest trends, research, and innovations in the field of learning and development. Gain valuable insights into how organizations can create a culture of continuous learning, foster employee engagement, and drive organizational success.

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In this podcast episode, Dr. Westover talks with Rick Davis about common gaps in leadership training and common leadership struggles in organizations.Rick Davis ( is a retired battalion chief from the...
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