The Middling Manager Hub Podcast
Employers and employees both have needs and in a perfect world those needs match-up for a win/win. As managers we are often caught in the middle of brokering the relationship between employer and employee when those needs and values don't match perfectly. The Middling Manager Hub Podcast focuses on the manager role in being a bridge between the individual employees and the organization. Building effective teams with purpose, empathy, and a commitment to the empowered teams of tomorrow benefits all parties: the organization, the individual teammates, and also the manager.
Infusing Fun and Joy Into Your Workday
19 min
Maximizing the Impact of Annual Performance Rev...
19 min
The Practice and Ethics of Quiet Firing
21 min
Why "Work Family" Culture Isn't As Great As It ...
15 min
The Benefits and Pitfalls of Quiet Hiring
17 min
Prioritizing New Hire Onboarding
When building our teams we tend to prioritize the recruitment and hiring process but we sometimes fail to follow through with effective onboarding of the new hire. Onboarding should be given the same priority as recruitment or we could experience los...
19 min
Effective Communication According to Coach Lasso
Effective Communication is the most critical skill in a manager's tool kit. In this episode we talk about Skills every manager needs, focusing on principles of effective communication, drawing some inspiration from Ted Lasso.
16 min
Building Teams with Emotional Intelligence
In this episode we discuss emotional intelligence (EQ) and the value in building the EQ in ourselves as leaders and also in our teams so that we are prepared to handle workplace challenges in a responsible and professional way.
17 min
Managing Employee Engagement In the Face of Adv...
Managing Employees during times of tumult, struggle and change can be very challenging. Tune in for strategies that will help managers monitor and address the struggles of engagement with their employees.
18 min
Managing Multi-Generational Teams & Gen Z
Managing Multi-Generational Teams can be challenging at times but the benefits far outweigh any obstacles. As managers it's important for us to understand generational differences especially as we welcome Gen Z to the workforce. Once we have a clear ...
14 min
Managers As A Human Shield
Managers have the responsibility to help their employees be successful. Sometimes this requires the manager to step in to deflect both internal and external distractions and meddling. This episode discusses ways the manager can act as a Human Shield ...
19 min
Fueling a Learning Culture in the Workplace
Change is more rapid now than it's ever been and it will never be this slow again. Change is constant and fast. If we aren't continually learning and adapting we will be left behind. Creating a culture of learning is a win for the organization and a ...
17 min
Engaging the Difficult Discussion
In this episode we dip our toes into the art of engaging challenging conversations with our employees. We talk about the pros and cons and provide helpful tips about how to make the most difficult conversations productive.
16 min
Fostering a Culture of Inclusion and Diversity ...
In this episode we delve deep into the heart of fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Discover the power of empathy, allyship, and conscious leadership in building an environment where everyone feels valued and heard. We'll...
16 min
Situational Leadership: Activities Vs. Results ...
Situational leadership is all about being a chameleon-like leader, changing your colors to match the needs of your team. Remember, leadership isn't static – it's a dynamic process that requires a blend of Activities Based and Results Based coaching s...
18 min
The Great Renegotiation
The "Great Resignation" and "Quiet Quitting" are really just opportunities as managers and leaders to engage our staff in their "Great Renegotiation" about how work life and personal life should balance. As we engage our employees and recognize the c...
19 min