Back To The Arena... The Interviews

Back To The Arena is a syndicated radio show playing the best of classic hair metal mixed with today's new melodic rock. We speak with artists who have released, or will release new albums and play music from their latest release. On Back To The Arena... The Interviews, you will hear the interview from our shows along with music off that band's latest release.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
206: Jeff Pilson (Revolution Saints)
Jeff Pilson of the Revolution Saints Joins DC on this week's show
26 min
205: Guernica Mancini and Mona Lindgren (The Gems)
Two Of The Ladies From The Gems Join DC To Discuss Their Debut Album "Phoenix"
46 min
204: Niko Vuorela (Temple Balls)
Niko Vuorela from Temple Balls Joins DC On This Episode
39 min
203: Cassidy Paris
Australian Rock Star Cassidy Paris Joins DC On This Episode
41 min
202: Hugo Valenti (Hugo's Voyage)
Hugo Valenti from Hugo's Voyage joins DC To Discuss Their Album With Original Material
31 min
201: Metalite (Podcast Exclusive)
Members Of Metalite Join DC For This Podcast Only Exclusive
29 min
136: Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx joins us on this...
Hear DC's conversation with Danny Rexon before their 2021 album release
34 min
135: Former singer of Rainbow and Alcatrazz, Gr...
Graham Bonnet joins DC to talk about the Graham Bonnet Band
30 min
134: Two Members of Sven Gali Join The Show
DC talks with David Wanless and Dan Fina of Sven Gali
22 min
133: Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever)
ADV joins DC again to discuss the new Edge Of Forever album.
73 min
132: Ronnie Atkins
Ronnie Atkins joins DC to discuss his third solo album, Trinity
31 min
131: Pete Newdeck (Vega)
Pete Newdeck from the UK band, Vega joins DC on this episode
32 min
130: Magnus Henriksson (Eclipse)
DC talks with Magnus Henriksson, Guitarist for the band Eclipse
27 min
129: Chris Impellitteri
Legendary guitarist, Chris Impellitteri joins DC on this retro rewind episode
35 min
128: David Huff of Giant
David Huff, drummer and original member of Giant, joins DC on this Retro Rewind Episode
38 min
127: Ronnie Romero
Ronnie Romero is back on these back-to-back episodes to talk about his new album
33 min
126: Ronnie Romero
Ronnie Romero Joins Us To Talk About His 'Raised On Heavy Radio' Covers Album
31 min
125: Mitch Malloy
We talk with singer/songwriter, Mitch Malloy about his new album.
38 min
124: Alessandro Del Vecchio (Steel Bars)
I talk with Alessandro Del Vechhio about the Steel Bars tribute album
47 min
123: Mark (Hell In The Club)
I speak with Mark, the drummer for the Italian band, Hell In The Club
31 min
122: Robin Eriksson (Degreed)
DC speaks with the lead singer of Degreed, Robin Eriksson
33 min
121: Jeff Scott Soto
DC talks with Jeff Scott Soto about the album, "Complicated"
45 min
120: Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe)
Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe talks about their album "From Womb To Tomb"
40 min
119: Ken Mary (Flotsam & Jetsam)
Retro Rewind Episode - Flotsam & Jetsam drummer, Ken Mary joins me on this episode
26 min
118: Ron Keel (Ron Keel Band)
Retro Rewind Episode - I talk with The Metal Cowboy, Ron Keel, of the Ron Keel Band
44 min