People Problems

We discuss the organizational challenges, realities, and funny happenings in the weird world of working humans. This is not a podcast about work, but rather about humans at work and the incredible teams and people who (sometimes) swoop in to save the day. We’ll say some unpopular things, keep it real, and do everything we can to remind the world that Human Resources people are people, too. #notHR

092 - Full of Sh*t or Imposter Syndrome?
“I shouldn’t be here”, said no one ever. Except, you to yourself, all the time.
45 min
091 - HR's Bastard Step Child
Learning & Development is often secondary, nay tertiary, to the ‘sexier’ HR functions like Talent
63 min
090 - Strive for Mediocrity (with Matt Abrahams)
Strive for mediocrity... so you can achieve greatness.
59 min
089 - If It Works for You (HR & Crystals)
The team uses their time to explore Tyson’s favorite hobby and educate Alexa on the wild and wacky world of rock vibes.
37 min
088 - Follow the (Servant) Leader
Alexa and Tyson are joined by Ivan Quiroz - the multi-time demotee turned always optimistic retail manager extraordinaire, servant leader evangelist, and...
60 min
087 - So your colleague just died…
We're presenting a real tear-jerker this week, fam.
54 min
086 - It Could Be Worse (Toxic Positivity)
We’ve all done it.
41 min
RERUN: Finding Pain & Other Useful Sales Skills...
You just might learn a thing or two from sales...
57 min
085 - BLACKBOX HR: How Your Employer Buys Healt...
It's a mystery to most, but not anymore!
23 min
BONUS EP! How to Handle Corporate Politics With...
Guest: Frank Sutera, former VP International Production @ Sony Pictures Television Networks
31 min
084 - So Easy A Robot Could Do It
ChatGPT has taken the internet (and quite possibly our jobs) by storm!
35 min
083 - Navigating Corporate (with @SurfingCorpor...
102 min
082 - So You’re Sleeping with a Coworker
67 min
081 - The HR Brand & Branding HR
53 min
080 - Doc Club Edition: Stutz
34 min
079 - Who’s In Charge Around Here Anyway?
23 min
078 - Keeping Your Sh*t Together (aka. Goal Set...
41 min
077 - 2022 Wrapped!
49 min
076 - Would You Rather... Holiday Party Edition!
30 min
075 - Life Admin (aka. The 4-Day Work Week)
The rise of the 4-day workweek experiment is upon us, and for good reason…it might actually work.
54 min
074 - Holiday Breaks & Breakdowns
Everybody needs a break. All the time. Everyday. 365/24/7 or so it seems. The duo discusses how PTO and the holidays collide, the new norms in time off, unplug culture, and how to try your best to chill the F' out (cough cough). Take a break and give...
32 min
073 - HR Wallflowers
'Tis the season to be grateful! Which is also the perfect time to dissect and nitpick the persona of the HR professional. Are they all wallflowers? Or did the job make them so? What are the best and worst characteristics of how the HR persona...
37 min
072 - Real Talk About Resumes with @DanfromHR
Technology, the internet, and everyone's gosh darn opinions are making the topic of resumes red hot right now. Back by popular demand, @danfromhr, joins our hosts to discuss the do’s, don’ts and “please god, no” of resumes in an ATS world. *...
56 min
071 - Employee Love Languages
Are you big on the limelight? Do you need data? Love or loath making decisions? Turns out, we communicate professionally with similar styles to how we give or receive love personally. Tyson and Alexa are enthralled by Erich Kurschat, DISC expert and...
63 min
070 - WTF is an HRBP, Round 2 with @HRShark
Back by popular demand, Tyson and Alexa are joined by the hilarious and effective Clark, boy genius behind @HRShark, to revisit the discussion around HRBPs and other such silliness. We discuss how to set the bar for talent, how managed performance...
42 min