On this podcast, we'll talk about iconic women and women's movements both historic and contemporary.

Society & Culture
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Khutulun (1260 - 1306 AD)
Khutulun, the Mongol Princess of 10,000 horses, was born in 1260, during a period of high conflict within her father’s empire. She stood out from her 14 brothers as the most skilled rider, shooter, and strategic military leader and supported her...
10 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Scarlett Curtis (UK)
As a young teenager Scarlett Curtis @scarcurtis had what should have been a very standard operation for scoliosis… but it left her in crippling pain. For a year, she was in pain every day, used a wheelchair for long periods, and couldn’t stand the...
7 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Lady Godiva (990 - 1067 AD)
The legend of Lady Godiva (~990-1067) says that this aristocratic, land owning woman stood up to her husband about his over-taxation of the people of Coventry. And despite her continued assertions that he was oppressing his people, he saw her as a nag...
7 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Zarifa Ghafari (Afghanistan)
Today I would like to introduce to you: Zarifa Ghafari, an Afghan advocate, activist, politician, and entrepreneur. She’s known for her efforts to empower women in Afghanistan, and is currently one of the few female Afghan mayors and the youngest to...
7 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Miley Cyrus (USA)
Today’s Iconic Woman is Miley Cyrus, who you probably know as a controversial public figure who broke out of her Disney Channel child-star mold as a sexually awakened, drug-using force to be reckoned with.   She’s made a huge splash on the...
8 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Fatima al-Fihri (800 - 880 AD)
Do you ever think about what you are doing with the limited time and resources you have in this life? What will you leave behind when you are gone?   Meet Fatima al-Fihri, the founder of the world’s oldest university, which is still operating...
8 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Wu Zetian (624 - 705 AD)
Meet Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in the history of China, who lived from about 624-705 AD.  Now listen, Wu Zetian doesn’t have a reputation for being Miss Congeniality or anything, in fact she’s known for her ruthless determination and...
8 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Lauren Singer (USA)
Today’s Iconic Woman Under 30 is Lauren Singer, an environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger in the zero-waste movement.    You’ve probably already heard of “waste management” - which is how waste is handled or redirected...
7 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Susan Fowler (USA)
Today’s Iconic Woman is Susan Fowler, who gained notoriety as a whistleblower against Uber, a company she worked for at the time.   Finally, she landed at Uber, as a Site Reliability Engineer, where she had finally had enough of the blatant...
7 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Boudica (30 - 61 AD)
Today I’m excited to be highlighting Boudica, a Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe, who led one of the most destructive and deadly revolts against the Roman Empire almost 2000 years ago.    After her husband, the king, passed away, he left...
7 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Hayley Kiyoko (USA)
Have you heard of “Lesbian Jesus” Hayley Kiyoko? She’s a singer, songwriter, actress, and music video producer… and in 2016, she came out to the public as gay!   She said she has known she was attracted to girls since she was just six...
6 min
TODAY'S WOMEN: Jameela Jamil (UK)
Today’s Iconic Woman is Jameela Jamil. She’s an incredible comedic actress, model, and radio presenter… but she’s also a writer and an activist! She’s particularly passionate about accessibility and women’s rights, especially regarding...
8 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Cleopatra (69 BC - 30 BC)
Today’s Iconic Woman is Cleopatra, the infamous Egyptian queen. She was born over 2000 years ago in 69 BC. At just 17, she became a co-regent alongside her father, and when he passed away a few years later, he left his kingdom to her and her younger...
8 min
TODAY'S WOMEN: Dominique Crenn (France/USA)
Today’s Iconic Woman is Dominique Crenn, a 3-star michelin rated chef. There are only 137 restaurants in the world that have 3 Michelin Stars, and only 15 in the USA - and Dominique Crenn’s flagship, Atelier Crenn, is the only one in America where...
10 min
TODAY'S WOMEN: Stacey Abrams (USA)
There are so many iconic stories of women who impacted this election but there’s one that arguably contributed more than maybe any other.   Stacey Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, author, and voting rights activist from Georgia. She...
9 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Kristine Davis (USA)
Did you know? Women make up only ¼ of workers in STEM-qualified industries and they made, on average, 20% less than men in STEM-qualified industries. And, less than 25% of students pursuing undergraduate engineering degrees are women.  ...
6 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Tomoe Gozen (1157 - 1247)
Today we’re talking about Tomoe Gozen, a warrior worth a thousand men. Tomoe is known as a leading commander and the first female general of 12th century Japan. She was extremely talented with bow and arrow, long sword, martial arts, and riding...
5 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Nadia Murad (Iraq/Germany)
Today I bring to you the story of Nadia Murad, an Iraqi activist and Nobel Prize laureate working to help women and children victimized by genocide, mass atrocities, and human trafficking to heal and rebuild their lives and communities. @nadia_murad...
8 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Kim Petras (Germany/USA)
Kim Petras is best known as an international singer & songwriter from Germany, currently living in Los Angeles. She has been releasing music as an independent artist under her own imprint, BunHead Records. She began recording and releasing music...
7 min
TODAY'S WOMEN: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (USA)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of 9 female students in her class at Harvard Law School; tied for the top of her class at Columbia Law School; was the first woman to be on two major law reviews; co-founded the Women’s Rights Law Reporter, the first law...
8 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Olga of Kiev (? - 969 AD)
Have you heard of Olga of Kiev? She was the first woman to rule Ancient Russia and she’s famous for cleverly outsmarting and defeating her rivals (who are the ones who murdered her husband), as well as for her conversion and commitment to the spread...
8 min
WOMEN UNDER 30: Amanda Nguyen (USA)
Today I want to share the story of Amanda Nguyen… back in 2013, as a senior at Harvard University, Amanda survived rape. She got a rape kit, but she knew as a young 20-something with limited time and resources that she was not well-positioned to...
8 min
TODAY'S WOMEN: Shonda Rhimes (USA)
Today I am excited to bring to you the story of the iconic screenwriter and producer, Shonda Rhimes. You probably know her best as the showrunner for Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice, as well as the creator of How to Get Away with...
8 min
WOMEN OF HISTORY: Hypatia (? - 415 AD)
Meet Hypatia, the world’s first known female mathematician AND the world’s first known female philosopher. She was also the greatest mathematician and greatest philosopher of her time, which is a title that no other woman in history can...
8 min
TODAY'S WOMEN: Tammy Duckworth (USA)
Today’s Iconic Woman is a modern-day warrior woman… Tammy Duckworth, survivor of a series of war injuries that occurred when she was co-piloting a helicopter in combat during the Iraq War!    Tammy is a woman of many firsts - she was the...
7 min