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The #1 Dynasty League fantasy football podcast. We talk fantasy strategy, trades, free-agent signings, weekly sits and starts, buy lows and sell highs, rookies breakdowns, and everything else NFL. Whether you're just starting a league or have been in a dynasty fantasy league for years this podcast has it all! We're here to help you create your dynasty and win league championships!

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Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 025 Dynasty League Sta...
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike pick up where they left off in how they approach start up dynasty leagues. Where to find value and why you should not reach for players. What position holds value and where to find it.
36 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 024 Fantasy Football W...
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike discuss the NFL week and the effects it has on your fantasy football team. Fromm injuries, bad performances and stars of preseason.
60 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 023 Dynasty League Sta...
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike discuss what they woudl do in a start up dynasty draft and how they would approach it. They dicuss what to do in the first 2 rounds and strategy. They also discuss quarterbacks in depth.
39 min
Dynasty Ners Podcast Ep 022 Fantasy Week in Review
In this episode we discuss the latest injuries, stars of camp and analysis of the weeks pre season games. From Marvin Jones broken foot to Blake Bortles shining in his first NFL game. We have you covered on all things NFL and their impact on fantasy...
54 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 021 Fantasy Football W...
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike discuss what has haapened over the last week in the NFL. From injuries to more tahn a couple of players, Suspensions and players standing out at camp. Also tune in for a T-Shirt Giveaway.
54 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 020 NFL Back Ups
In this episode Rich, Matt and mike discuss back ups in the NFL that ma be able to help your dynasty team. Its hard to figure what back ups in the league will contibute down the road but the Dynasty Nerds crew set you on the right path. If you havent...
37 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 019 Hater Episode
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike dicsuss the fantasy players they just don't like even though the majority does. Guys that they believe get drafted to high for the value that they offer. Some the guys arn't even vad players but the guys on't like...
41 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 018 Under the Radar Pl...
In this episode Rich and Mike discuss some of the fantasy football players that are flying under the radar and can be had for cheaper than what they're worth. It's always a good thing when you get more than you paid for and these guys can provide just...
43 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 017 Rookie Tight Ends
In this epsiode Rich, Matt and Mike dicuss the rookie tight end class and who will be abl to help your team in the future. From likelt top five tight end Eric Ebron to the very athletic Colt Lyerla who has huge off the field issues to worry about....
39 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 016 Rookie QB's
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike discuss the rookie quarterback class and how they will fair in the NFL now that they have a home. From the electric Johnny Manziel to the long shot TOme Savage tehy let you know who will have hte best chance to help...
54 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 015 Rookie Rb's Pt 2
In this episode Rich and Matt discuus the second half of the running backs selected in the 2014 NFL draft and a few undrafted free agents. With running backs falling in the draft more than they ever have there is plenty of talent to be had in the...
35 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 014 Rookie RB's part 1
In this epsiode Rich, Matt and mike dicuss the rookie running backs drafted in the first four rounds. They tell you who will have the best chance at long term success and who you should take off your boards completely. Running Backs are the key to...
49 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 013 Rookie WR Analysis...
In this episode Rich, MAtt and mike discuss the rookie wide recievers selected in the fourth round and on with a couple of undrafted guys thrown in that they like. From Matavis Bryant and his tremendous upside to the undrafted Brandon Coleman. Drafts...
36 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 012 Rookie WR Analysis...
In this episode Rich, Matt and Mike break down the rookie wide receivers drafted in the second and third round. They break down how the players long term outlook will benefit your fantasy team. From the highly though of Davante Adams to Rich's small...
49 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 011 Rookie WR Ananlysis
In this episode Rich and Matt break down the top seven rookie receivers selected in the NFL draft. THey give you their analysis on how they think the players will perform for your fantasy team. The draft is loaded with talent and they tell you where...
37 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 010 Dynasty Rookie Dra...
In this Episode Rich and Tommy discuss the rookies that they feel are good value in each round. With this years draft loaded with talent it is important to know where the best value is for each round. With the amount of talent in this draft you can...
33 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 009 NFL Draft Round 1 ...
In this episode Rich dicusses the results of the first round of the NFL draft and the rise of Brandin Cooks and Eric Ebron. He also discusses that Kelvin Benjamin mughtnot be as hot a name as he should be.
18 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 008 NFL Draft Preview
In this episode Rich and Matt discuss the upcoming NFL draft and the ideal landing spots for some of this years rookies. They break down the ideal landing spots for some of the top ranked running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. Dynasty value...
52 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP007 Rookie Late Round P...
This is episode is the second part and conclusion of Rich and Matt discussing some of the later round rookie prospects. They dicsuss the rise of Cody Latimer  and the similarities between two of the fastest running backs in the draft. The late...
43 min
Dynasty Nerds Podacst Ep. 006 - 2014 Rookie Lat...
We discuss sleeprs you can get in the later rounds of your rookie draft. This is part one of a two part podcast.
42 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 005 Tight Ends
In this episode we discuss the importance of having an elite tight end and how much of an edge it gives you over your opponents. We also discuss some of the incoming rookie tight ends and give our analysis on them. 
39 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast EP 004 Rookie QBs
We discuss the incoming 2014 rookie quarterback class. From Johnny Football to Tom Savage. We give our take on who has the chance tobe the future face of a franchise and who will likely be holding a clipboard.
63 min
Dynasty Nerds Podcast Ep 003 Rookie Running Backs
Rich Dotson discusses the incoming rookie running back class with Matt O'Hara. they talk about the runningbacks they really like to the ones they're not so in love with. From Carlos Hyde to Isaiah Crowell. This years RB's are talented and are all over...
51 min
70 min