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I HATE MYSELF is a podcast hosted by Joe Trohman, co-founder of Fall Out Boy. This unscripted series features in-depth interviews with celebrities, creators, and other "successful-types," discussing how mental health has impacted their lives, coping mechanisms they’ve learned, and how they’re able to thrive while living with depression and anxiety. A clinically depressed “man” with over two decades of psychotherapy under his tool-belt, Joe, along with his co-host, comedy writer Wade Randolph, will be just the giant tool you've always needed for every sad and stressful occasion!Produced By Joe Trohman, Matthew Medney, David Erwin, Tommy Coriale, Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter, Ari Lubet, Mike Sgalambro

Mental Health
Episode 6 - Jenny Owen Youngs
Singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs tells a tale or two about leaving LA for the woods of Maine and dealing with anxiety at work.
110 min
Episode 5 - George C. Romero
George C. Romero recounts his dark, adventurous career and how he sticks to his creative guns in the face of hostility.
79 min
Episode 4 - Ryan Simpkins
Ryan Simpkins discusses the awkwardness (and sometimes terror) of trying to be a good person on the Internet.
81 min
Episode 3 - Emma Chamberlain
Youtuber Emma Chamberlain shares her advice for how to deal with your depression when it's deeply intertwined with your creative works.
80 min
Episode 2 - Ron Funches
Comedian Ron Funches explains how good mental health routines can help out, both in stand-up and in personal life.
73 min
Episode 1 - Seth Green
Seth Green (writer, actor, and director) discusses workaholism and depression.
53 min
Trailer - I Hate Myself Podcast
1 min