Evangelism Matters 2021: The Discipli...

This spring’s Evangelism Matters conference invites you to turn off your computer screen and “tune in” for an audioconference, featuring podcast-style talks on the opportunities and challenges of evangelism today.If you’ve made it this far, you’re in the right place. Starting April 12, all sessions of Evangelism Matters 2021: The Discipline of Hope, will be live and available for listening in this podcast feed. Listen to them weekly – or daily – or, if you’re as excited as we are, all at once. You’ll hear leading lights from across The Episcopal Church speak on topics like Discipleship, Baptismal identity, Team Ministry, and why loving Jesus matters.Join us as we flip the conference format inside-out with an innovative approach to sharing, learning, and growing the ministry of evangelism among Episcopalians. We’ll “see” you right here on April 12. And don’t forget to tune into our weekly coffee hour conversations on Zoom, taking place Thursdays at 7:00pm Eastern, April 12 through May 20 with our presenters, including Bishop Michael Curry.

Religion & Spirituality
Episode 6: I Love Jesus
43 min
Episode 3: Shared Ministry: An Evangelistic Mod...
48 min
Episode 5: Go! Be Evangelists of Hope!
46 min
Episode 2: Called as Evangelists for Such a Tim...
51 min
Episode 4: The Importance of Being a Disciple
43 min
Episode 1: Baptismal Identity & Evangelism
49 min
Welcome to Evangelism Matters 2021: The Discipl...
1 min