Norteno 210 Podcast

Norteno 210 Podcast is about keeping it real. I talk to people of all walks of life about what it's like to be an entrepreneur, influencer, politician, advocate, artist you name it in today's world.

Society & Culture
Marco's Modern World
In this episode, I speak with Marco Gamboa, author of "Within Normal Limits" and recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He speaks about life with his diagnosis, our Latin culture and more
52 min
TREBLA Podcast
In this episode, I speak with San Antonio artist, Albert Gonzales aka TREBLA Art about his humble beginnings, giving back to the community, hustling to get to where he is and more!
68 min
Uncharted: Life After Paralysis. Kevin's story.
In this episode, I speak with Kevin Figueroa, who has recently had his life turned upside down.
69 min
Podcast with a Blonde
I sit with local entrepreneur and hair stylist Atalaya aka Hair by a Blonde and we talk about being a business owner, juggling the many hats we wear, cutting people off this year and more.
52 min
David the Great
In this episode, David Hernandez-Valdez and I sit and chat about being a realtor, recent Duke of the River Walk, Zumba baddie and more!
70 min
Dimas Explains It All
In this episode, I sit down with Dimas Garcia, ex military interrogator turned investigator trainer for Fortune 500 companies turned event planner
62 min
Welcome to the pod...Ms. Lyn-Z Andrews!
In this episode, I sit down with Lyn-Z and we talk about being a Trans woman, community advocate, performer, comedian and overall baddie!
67 min
Michelle Did That Podcast
In this episode I speak with Michelle, founder and owner of Did That Salon and Texas Beauty and Barber School
73 min
It's Giving Disney Hunty!
content creator, business owner, Disney lover.. Uriel sits and spills the tea on all of it!
70 min
La Mera Mera Zerena
I sit with taquera and local entrepreneur Zerena about her business Taco Couture, postpartum depression, being a mom and more
76 min
Badley Made Episode
In this episode, I sit down with tattoo artist Fernando Badley.
74 min
Chopped Champion: Chef Cidney!
choppin' it up with a Chopped champ!
55 min
Yessica 2-1-0
I sit with local influencer/content creator AJ Rivas
52 min
Long "Livv" the Combat Queen!
In this episode, I speak with Pro MMA fighter Livv Bierley about being undefeated, signing her first contract as pro and juggling life
56 min
Project Watermelon
In this episode, I speak with Fino about his upcoming event to support the people in Palestine. He speaks about his passion and reason behind his political views. *potential trigger warning*
48 min
Hey Friends!
I sit with Gabby, San Antonio enthusiast to talk about all things San Antonio, mental health and LBGTQIA+ community
37 min
Fashion Queen
Style, grace, fashion, motherhood
69 min
Tori of all Trades
ADHD at its finest! We discuss being successful while also living with adult ADHD.
53 min
Let's Get Weird
Missy and I get real about relationships, other worldly creatures and play a drinking game. If nothing else, this episode is entertaining.
71 min
Deja Tu Huella Brizzo!
Artist, actor, chingona, Pepsi Co ambassador and winner of Bad Bunny's Deja Tu Huella campaign
45 min
One time for the birthday chick!
It's my birthday episode!
64 min
Estie Bestie
In this episode, I speak with Teresa, medical esthetician about her career, education, working at Evolve Medical Group and more.
39 min
S3X ED 101
I sit with Jasper St James, burlesque performer and co-owner of Sexology Institute
57 min
Short, Tall, Skinny, Flaca...
In this episode, I sit down with Michelle Cantu, chingona and comedian in San Antonio. We talk about the importance of women supporting women, how her career got started, what we choose to give our energy to and more.
73 min
Ayo Cuzin' Berto!
I sit with San Antonio comedian Cuzin' Berto about his new venture with Hard Rock Cafe, being an LGBTQIA+ Latino comedian and more
55 min