Norteno 210 Podcast

Norteno 210 Podcast is centered around all things San Antonio. We talk about what the real deal on what it's like to be an entrepreneur, influencer, politician, advocate, you name it in the historic city of San Antonio.

Society & Culture
In this episode, I speak with San Antonio artist Bob Ram about the most random topics. It's organized chaos. Enjoy.
50 min
Breaking Generational Curses
In this episode, I sit and speak with San Antonio entrepreneur, Brittany Martinez about how she overcame rough times, people trying to hold her back, moving to SA with nothing and her children to begin a thriving business and giving back to fellow women entrepreneurs in her business CB X LA beauty lounge.
45 min
I'm Not a Player I Just Crush a Lot
I sit with comedian Jon "Polar Bear" Gonzalez and talk about the ebbs and flows of comedian life including abstinence and mental health
59 min
Defying the GOATs in Rap
Nothing is off the table with 2-1-0 artist Only3ree!
72 min
Aliens & Exes
This episode is about hot topics and just general convo with my girl Tara Rodriguez, owner of My B.F.F. Aesthetics. We kickback and chat about trending issues and topics.
32 min
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Patsy Torres, Princess of Tejano and San Antonio singer, Steffanie Martinez, life long singer and dancer, their journey in the Tejano world and what it's really been like for them both.
57 min
Let's talk about s3x baby!
In this episode, I sit with Amy, sexpert and owner of Love Shack Boutique in San Antonio, TX. We talk about sex education, being the owner of a "love" store, giving back to the community, wild stories and more!
57 min
Put some respeck on my name
It's Savannah's world and we're just living in it.
44 min
The G.O.A.T. & the Gallo
In this episode, I speak with the Tejano legend Shelly Lares and her first signed artist to her label, "El Gallo" Dez
63 min
It's ya girl Jenny B!
I sit with San Antonio artist Jenny B. We talk about the hustle of being a mom, artist, entrepreneur and overall baddie.
57 min
Emmy award winning TV reporter from the barrio ...
I sit with journalist, Jose Arredondo and talk about his upbringing on the westside of San Antonio, what led him to become a journalist and subsequent Emmy award winning TV reporter.
47 min
What it's like to be a veteran in SA
I sit with Jacob, a Marine Corps veteran to talk about his story and what it's like to be a veteran in Military City
41 min
American Sons Film an upcoming PBS documentary
In this episode, I speak with April Rodriguez and filmmaker Andrew Gonzales. *Trigger warning: war, loss of life, mental health*
49 min
Self Love is the Best Love
In this episode, I sit down with Elizabeth and we talk about the importance of self care, what it means to us, what it took to get to this point and how to care for ourselves as business owners, etc.
37 min
Chef Life in San Anto
What's the real deal on being a chef in the 210? Find out from perspective of local chefs Gilberto and Kaius!
41 min
Single in San Anto part 2
This time we hear from the boys on what it's like to be single in San Anto
64 min
Single in San Anto
What is it really like to be single in San Antonio? I brought Desi and Nina in to talk about it from both a straight and LGBTQ+ perspective. How it differs and all of our experiences. Being single in San Anto involves navigating dating apps, seeking effective communication and vulnerability in partners, and exploring various avenues to meet potential dates, while acknowledging the importance of love languages and self-growth.
40 min