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Radio Personality Joey Bravo (92.7 The Music Monster) & his equally talented daughter Aaliyah Marie talk about the latest in pop news, weird stories around the world & more. You'll love their fresh & comedic twist to everything in this podcast full of WTF's & big laughs! If you love good movie reviews, great music recommendations and smack talking... this is the podcast for you.

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Sippin With P Sho'ty: 2pac Murder Solved?!?
everyone is talking about after 27 years has the murder of 2Pac finally been solved? The recent arrest of Duane Keith "Keefe D" Davis member of the South Side Compton Crips has been charged with first-degree murder.
74 min
Sippin With Podcasters
54 min
Sippin With Skilly Waves : VMA's & Aliens
Skilly Waves joins us as our musical guest, we also get into the VMA's, Aliens & more!
73 min
Sippin With Monze Stark-Magaña : Higher Educati...
Today we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month with a very special guest, College of Southern Idaho's Dean Of Enrollment Services, Monze Stark-Magaña
51 min
Sippin With Taylor Swift: Cancelled??
Is there a break-up in the future for one of the Jonas Brothers? Scooter Braun's downfall...does Taylor Swift have everything to do with it? What's he hiding? Is he enroute to being cancelled? All this and more!
37 min
Sippin With illa : Hollywood & Hip Hop
74 min
Sippin With Thomas Valles: McFarland, USA
On a bonus episode of “Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie,” we had the honor of having the real Thomas Valles who was one of the teens that was portrayed in the Disney movie "McFarland, USA.”
42 min
Sippin With Fighters: Is Jake Paul The Real Dea...
Sippin With Fighters: Is Jake Paul The Real Deal?? We'll break down his latest fight! We also bring on special musical guest Cesar Cervantes Jr. who also happens to be a MMA fighter himself. Plus fights between baseball players & Doja Cat!
51 min
Sippin With This Fool: Cardi B's Jealousy
The Critically acclaimed comedy is back! This Fool returns!...Cardi B's Jealousy, her microphone hit...oh yeah someone's got smacked! The Exorcist & Jigzaw are back! New music to set your vibe & more!
41 min
Sippin With Futurama: Cancelled or Revived?
Futurama, cancelled or revived? Is there a break in the 2Pac murder case? Does Ariana Grande have a M.O.? We may be on to her ways!
37 min
Sippin With Simply Liz
There's a new drop that we really need to talk about! A collaboration that we thought would never happen again, the late great, 2Pac & Nate Dogg! Yeah, this track is going to blow your mind!
47 min
Sippin With Threads
The epic battle (lol) between Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg continues! Meta has now released a new app "Threads" which is very similar to Twitter. Lawyers are ready to jump in! Now if you're ready to jump on "Threads"...There are some things you should know!
40 min
Sippin With Busta Rhymes
From King Troll 50 Cent going at Ja Rule once again, but we gotta admit this is hilarious! To all the fresh performances at the BET Awards to Busta Rhymes phenomenal performance & Lifetime Achievement Award!
40 min
Sippin With Flamin Hot
Today's show is Flamin Hot! It's about to get spicy! So get something to quench your thirst near by! We give our review for the new Flamin Hot movie which is the story of Richard Montanez, who helped revitalizes Frito-Lay and disrupts the food industry with his creation of the Flamin Hot Cheeto. Plus much more!
50 min
Sippin With Untouchable
Today we have very special guests, P Sho'ty & Bonez Nevarez of Untouchable on the show. We get into their impact on the Magic Valley's Chicano Rap scene from Idaho & beyond. Their group had several hits like Thug Lady, Burning Hot, Mi Tierra, Another Banger & many more.
59 min
Sippin With Brad Pitt
Two of our favorite shows Dave & Ted Lasso had their season & series finale! Spoiler ALERT, we'll be talking all about those episodes from the mind blowing guest stars & all the crying we did on the series end of Ted Lasso. Plus some BIG news has been released about Miles Morales aka Spider-Man! We're sure you'll be excited as we are! And so much more!
36 min
Damian Chapa known for his breakout role as Miklo in the worldwide cult classic "Blood In Blood Out" stops by Joey Bravo's studio for a 1 on 1 interview. Listen to never before heard stories from the making of the movie, the fandom, the impact on the Latino culture & much more!
38 min
Sippin With Fast X
At this point Joey just watches Fast & Furious movies to talk smack! lol This plus new movie & show reviews from Guardians of The Galaxy 3, Dave : Met Gala episode, Primo & more. We also have some new music to suggest!
38 min
Sippin With MGK
MGK vs Jack Harlow? Usher vs Chris Brown? What's this writers strike all about? Oh yeah, today we got that drama for you & your mama!
38 min
Sippin With Suge Knight
41 min
Sippin With BEEF!
47 min
Sippin With Movies
44 min
Sippin With Creators
65 min
Sippin With Lyricists
67 min
Sippin Special: 100th Episode
66 min