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Hey Amiga, Welcome to The Fearless Mujer Podcast! I'm Micaela - a mother, published author, speaker, a storyteller at heart, and a Chicana who loves Jesus and her Cafecito! I'm a Mujer that believes that every heart is worth healing. It's why I pour into the mission of helping Mujeres create strategies to life's hurdles and setbacks; because I believe that every setback is a just a stepping stone to something greater. - Trust me I've lived it. And I also believe that every Mujer has a story worth telling. It's why I teach and coach women, to build and share their story through podcasting.

So what is The Fearless Mujer? It's a space created for the girl who has ever felt rejected, alone, misunderstood, judged and without a seat at the table. It's a space for the girl who is ready to renew her mindset, let go of old versions that no longer serve her, and who's ready to step out of fear, stop caring what people think, and for the girl who's ready to fearlessly pursue the dreams God has put on her heart. So girl, I invite you to join me for real and raw conversations with Mujeres who are no longer holding back! Grab your Cafecito Hermosa, and let's do this!

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