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3 New York Hip Hop Mc's link up to interview guest artist, managers, music marketing personnel, cinematographers, actors and actresses, producers, pretty much any field that is influenced by the Hip Hop culture. Tap in as they discuss with featured guests the state of Hip Hop from the past, present and the future. This is the hottest Hip Hop Podcast out there.

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The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 62 Feat. Artz Pt. 2
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 62 Feat. Artz Pt. 2
43 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 63 Feat. Spit Ge...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 63 Feat. Spit Gemz & Aye Wun Pt. 1
34 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 62 Feat. Artz Pt. 1
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 62 Feat. Artz Pt. 1
41 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 61 Feat. JR Writ...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 61 Feat. JR Writer Pt. 2
33 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 61 Feat. JR Writ...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 61 Feat. JR Writer Pt. 1
62 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 60 Feat. Meeko G...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 60 Feat. Meeko Gattuso Pt.2
18 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 59 Feat. Marc Re...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 59 Feat. Marc Reign Pt.2
44 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 59 Feat. Marc Re...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 59 Feat. Marc Reign Pt.1
55 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 60 Feat. Meeko G...
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 60 Feat. Meeko Gattuso Pt.1
70 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show ep. 58 Feat. Cassidy...
34 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show ep.58 Feat. Cassidy ...
54 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show ep. 57 Feat. Fred Mo...
29 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show ep. 57 Feat. Fred Money
47 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show ep.56 Feat. CloudyRo...
Cloudy is a Cinematographer who works with unsigned as well as industry Artist
47 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.55 Feat. Black Ro...
<p>Part 2 is locked and loaded with Black Rose back in the place to be with The Hip Hop Advocates and were picking up right where we left off. We have some footage from an event we attended, hosted by the Global Goal Music Group that shows some of the performances that night. Black Rose jumps on the Shown N Prove stage and performs her single &quot;What Chu Sayin&quot; and she kills it as expected. We jump over from there to the Album of the week which fits perfectly with our guest so tune in to find out and of course we close it out with the official video for &quot;What Chu Sayin&quot; featuring some very familiar faces from the NY comedy scene. Make sure to add Black Rose&#39;s single to your playlist and run it up. Thank You Black Rose for always keeping one thou!! Pow!!</p>
21 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Ep.55 Feat. Black Rose pt.1
<p>This week we have the multi talented Black Rose with us here to tell her story. She is an Actress, Music Artist, Comedian, Writer, Activist the list goes on. Black Rose is from Uptown Manhattan and she credits her hometown for being the strong personality she is today. Her surroundings have influenced her creativity to get the most out of any idea you can come up with it and execute it to your fullest capability. She gets into her musical influences for the Top Five segment and it&#39;s a roster of All Time great singers. Searching for Black Rose brung up some cool pictures with memorable stories behind the flicks we found. Her music video for her single &quot;What Chu Sayin&quot; closes out the episode but stay tuned cause part two is next and she gives us a sensational performance on the Advocates stage.</p>
41 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.54 Feat. Solo Jon...
37 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.54 Feat. Solo Jon...
<p>This new episode is featuring a native Bronx, NY artist by the name Solo Jones. &nbsp;He opens up on his relationship with his teenage son and how he keeps him fresh and inspired to be creative with his music and vision. &nbsp;His new music video "Traffic" is probably one of the most creative new visuals out there today where he is driving around NYC in a dolly doing different day to day things. &nbsp;We get into his Top Five and the difficulty of narrowing it down to just five all time because there are different categories and eras of Hip Hop that hit equally great but have completely different outcome on the sound. &nbsp;The Searching for Solo Jones segment brought up some funny stories behind the pictures we picked out and stay tuned till the end for his latest music video for his single "Traffic". &nbsp;Part 2 coming next week.</p>
51 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.53 Feat. Budega
<p>For this special episode of The Hip Hop Advocates Show, we sit down with Budega team member Kels Acosta at their Queens location in Richmond Hill. &nbsp;We touch on the full experience you will receive walking into a Budega location and all the different products they have to offer. &nbsp;When you walk in, it is all about comfort and education so dont hesitate to join the family. &nbsp;Watch the full episode and see how to become a member.</p>
24 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.52 Feat. Rhinocer...
<p>As you may have already noticed with part one, the Rhinoceros Funk is must see TV. &nbsp;We had a lot of fun as the night went on. &nbsp;Figz went into the vault and found some vintage album covers of prior work Rhino put out. &nbsp;His level of intellect on the stories he tells will grasp any audiences attention. &nbsp;Not hard to tell once you get to know him that he is a professor by day and an ill rhyme sayer by night. We got "Bars With Rhino" in full effect and he got the album they were on right but could not remember the songs. &nbsp;It was close enough!! &nbsp;There is a lot unwrap in his music that is worth dissecting the bars and understanding what he is actually trying to relay to the listener. &nbsp;It gets put on full display on the Show N Prove segment of the show. &nbsp;Make sure to check out the Album of the Week "Silent Funk" and get educated.</p>
51 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Ep.52 Feat. Rhinoceros Fu...
<p>This is a special episode featuring the well versed, unforgiving, mind motivating Rhinoceros Funk. &nbsp;We promise nothing but a nonstop laughter and learning experience. &nbsp;&nbsp;Rhino gets into his beginning as a college radio personality in the late 90 early 00s and how it prepared him for his radio show alongside his radio host partner DJ Fred Ones on Guerilla Grooves Radio. &nbsp;Listening to Rhino speak will make you appreciate the incredible lyrical ability in his rhymes and nostalgic personality he delivers with his flow.<br> It took some prying to get the Top Five out of him, but we got it, and it consists of some elite emcees. Searching for Rhino brings some funny ass stories that'll definitely have your ears glued till the end. &nbsp;Stay tuned for part 2 next week!!</p>
45 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep. 51 Feat. OSVN pt.2
<p>We're back in action with OSVN sitting down with the Advocates for part 2 of the interview and we get deep on dreams and aspirations. &nbsp;Some things we wish to obtain sometimes need to be spoken into existence before they actually happen so we can pave the road in front of us to get there. &nbsp;Gotta be a dreamer to be an achiever!!<br> We had some fun on Bars With OSVN and we stumped him on where some of the bars the songs came from that he wrote and rhymed but the main object of the game is to show recognition to the picture being painted by the artist through their words. &nbsp;There is a beauty in listening to a song and painting the picture of what is being said in your mind to connect with the message, sort of like a prayer which is what makes Hip Hop such a beautiful thing.<br> We get two songs for the Show N Prove first one called "Mind Set" followed up with his latest single release, "TWOU NWA," which can be streamed and downloaded on <br> Make sure to checkout the website for the whole Undeniable catalog, music videos, and merch.</p>
62 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.51 Feat. OSVN pt.1
<p>We got one half of the Hip Hip duo Undeniable in the building, one of Corona Queens own &nbsp;OSVN. &nbsp;It was an honor to have such a professed individual come in and touch on topics that most are too scared and misinformed on. &nbsp;We take him back to reminisce on his beginning of creating his own rhymes and how being dedicated and focused helps develop ones creativity. &nbsp;OSVN tells the story of how Undeniable came about back in the day from kids in the neighborhood &nbsp;having fun, to coming together as a group to give us countless classic work like the Five Finger Discount series and their debut album Black Market Artists.<br> We get an elite Top Five of lyricists that OSVN is rocking with and inspire him when he creates his music with a few honorable mentions and we went Searching For OSVN to allow him to tell us some stories behind some of the pictures we pulled up. &nbsp;He's got dope music, fly merch so make sure to reach out to get yours and don't miss the music video for the track 'What A Life" at the end. &nbsp;<br> What we are doing today will be for the future generation to see how it's supposed to be done and how you're supposed to move in this world just like the creators and innovators we looked up to before us. &nbsp;This is about legacy and our legacy is Hip Hop!!!<br> <br> Go checkout for exclusive music and merchandise.</p>
66 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Ep.50 Feat. Lil Dee pt.2
<p>Were back in full effect, picking up where we left off last week with Lil Dee. &nbsp;We tap into how good his memory is on Bars With Lil Dee, and he got each one right and even continued each of the lines with the bars that followed. &nbsp;His Show N Prove was epic performing one of his latest singles called "King" make sure to stream it available on all platforms. &nbsp;This kid is mature beyond his years and he is displaying it not only in the conversations &nbsp;we had with him but you can hear the growth in his music. &nbsp;The future is now and the example of how a true Hip Hop artist is supposed to carry himself is on full display. &nbsp;We need to praise and appreciate talent like this when we see it because in a day and age when everyone thinks they can rhyme, it's true talent that should prevail. Anyone can market themselves to portray an image of greatness, but when you're called upon to prove it thats when the respect is earned. Go tap into the EP "They Call Me Danny James" and check for the countless freestyles and battles this young legend has been a part of. &nbsp;Since 10 years old, he's been perfecting his craft keeping emcees on their toes and he's just getting started.</p>
35 min
The Hip Hop Advocates Show Ep.50 Feat. Lil Dee pt1
<p>We made it to a half a century of episodes and what better way to celebrate than with one of the best young talents this Hip Hop culture has to offer today. &nbsp;Coney Island's own Lil Dee is in the building and kicking it with the Advocates to tell his story. &nbsp;Dee wrote his first rhyme when he was 10 years old and never stopped from there, consistently writing and practicing till he gained the confidence at 12 to begin taking his dream serious. &nbsp;He joined different circuits online that showed him how to better market his creativity and led to him be recognized by some legendary people in the Hip Hop culture. &nbsp;Much praise to Lil Dee's father who saw the potential and the desire in his son and supported him all the way to bring him where he is today. There is an upcoming project he will be dropping soon called "Escape From Coney Island" where Lil Dee will be showcasing his maturity and growth to go along with upcoming collaborations with Kool G Rap, J Dilla and Dres (from Black Sheep), Diamond D and many more legends in Hip Hop. &nbsp;As it is in his music, Dee is beyond his years on his perspective in life and his goals which is a big reason he is able to connect with such a broad audience of all ages. &nbsp;Fresh out of High School Lil Dee continues his academic endeavors today in learning how to be more self efficient with producing, engineering and learning the business side of the music industry. &nbsp;Being self efficient is the best way to get where you're trying to go in life. We asked the question and Lil Dee had the answers with an elite Top Five list of artist that he listens to and helped mold the artist he's becoming. On the segment "Looking for Lil Dee" we showed him some pictures we found so he can tell the story behind each shot describing where he was, who he was with and what was going on at that time. It was an awesome time to sit down with this young brother but stay tuned for next week cause part two only gets crazier!!</p>
53 min