Cafe con Pam

Cafe con Pam is the weekly podcast featuring fearless Latine/x and People of The Global Majority that break barriers, change lives and make the world a better place while living in the US. Cafe con Pam is the platform where Latine/x are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversations about mindful productivity, business, and liberation. Of course, while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.

Society & Culture
Personal Journals
Fostering Creativity, Collaboration, and Legacy...
Euran Daniels' Story of Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, and Overcoming Challenges
58 min
Honor Your Sacred Space with Pam
Body Signals, Clarity, and Honoring Sacred Spaces
20 min
Overcoming Adversity and Finding Purpose with J...
The Resilience Journey from Setback to Success
43 min
Insight on Investing, Education, and Breaking B...
Dr. Kelly Ducloux's Non-Traditional Path to Success
51 min
Championing Heart Health with Yanela Vickers
Yanela Vickers' Resilience and Empowerment Journey
60 min
Immigrant Resilience and Self-Compassion with D...
Dr. Sonila Sejdaras Shares her Personal Healing Journey
57 min
Is Calladita Culture Keeping You Small?
Unveiling the Calladita Culture: Exploring Self-Expression and Embracing Inner Power
13 min
Pursuing Dreams and Overcoming Challenges with ...
Embracing Heritage and Building Empowerment: Flor Blake's Story
73 min
Empowering Our Narratives with Natalia Molina
Unveiling Our Heritage: Natalia Molina Explores Mexican Labor and Community Formation
63 min
Create Your System
Unleash Your Productivity: How to Build Effective Systems for Your Priorities
18 min
You Need a System
The Power of Systems: Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency, and Clarity in Daily Life
14 min
Strategic Planning and Promoting Cultural Under...
How Ed Vargas Guides Students and Empowers Underrepresented Communities
78 min
Shifting Perspectives with Barbara Valenzuela
Barbara Valenzuela's Mission for Special Needs Support
43 min
Neurodiversity and Academia with Dr. Yvette Mar...
Empowering First-Gen BIPOC navigating Higher Education
59 min
Leading with Meaning and Fulfillment with María...
María Aguirre's Journey of Empowerment and Leadership
55 min
Promoting Inclusive Education with Chanita Solrei
Empowering Parents and Ensuring Student Success
54 min
Desafíos y logros en la industria alimenticia c...
Regina comparte su viaje desde la justicia social hasta el emprendimiento
61 min
Reflections and Emotions from the St.Jude Exper...
Lessons on Creating Change from St.Jude
42 min
Desmitificando la cultura indígena a través del...
Explorando la animación, la dirección y la inspiración detrás del trabajo de Alba Enid Garcia Rivas
41 min
Healing Wounds and Building Generational Wealth...
Healing from Within: Reflections on Wounds, Real Estate, and Personal Growth
60 min
Navigating the Challenges of Dietetics with Nar...
Exploring Digestion, Symptoms, and Seeking Solutions for better Gut Health
50 min
Tu no eres tu ansiedad
Aprende a gestionar la ansiedad: Consejos prácticos y ejercicios efectivos
26 min
Resiliencia y dedicación en el mundo culinario ...
Cómo Carmen Miranda encontró inspiración y éxito en su trayectoria culinaria
59 min
You Are Not Your Anxiety
Tapping Sequences to Find Inner Peace and Overcome Fear
18 min
Creating Change Through Real Estate with Arturo...
Primestor's founders talk about combining Vision and Impact in Real State Development
59 min