Cafe con Pam

Cafe con Pam is the weekly podcast featuring fearless Latine/x and People of The Global Majority that break barriers, change lives and make the world a better place while living in the US. Cafe con Pam is the platform where Latine/x are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversations about mindful productivity, business, and liberation. Of course, while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.

Society & Culture
Personal Journals
Resiliencia y dedicación en el mundo culinario ...
Cómo Carmen Miranda encontró inspiración y éxito en su trayectoria culinaria
59 min
You Are Not Your Anxiety
Tapping Sequences to Find Inner Peace and Overcome Fear
18 min
Creating Change Through Real Estate with Arturo...
Primestor's founders talk about combining Vision and Impact in Real State Development
59 min
Managing Time in a Creative Journey with Caroli...
Exploring Time, Artistry, and Identity through games and businesses
60 min
Trusting Yourself to Pursue Your Passion with G...
Creating Lasting Connections and Impact Through Fair Trade
65 min
Lessons Learned on Planning illuminate Retreat
Lessons and Reflections from Planning the First Post-Pandemic Retreat: illuminate and Closing PowerSisters Integration Insights
33 min
Breaking the Silence with Gabi Vargas
Unveiling Mental Health Struggles in Isolation with Gabi Vargas
67 min
Creating Magic Through Words with Alyssa Reynos...
How Alyssa Reynoso Morris Found Her Voice and Transformed Her Life
58 min
Nurturing Playfulness with Gary Ware
Gary's journey to embracing creativity and fun in work and life
55 min
Everything must come to an end
Closing One Door, Opening Another: Decoding the OBLEA Framework for Aligned Decisions
15 min
Owning Pleasure and Challenging Stigmas with Me...
Empowering Readers and Revolutionizing Sexual Wellness through Steamy Lit
61 min
Choosing to be Lucky with Carlos Galvez Jr
Luck, Hard Work, and Personal Responsibility for Success
56 min
About Consent with Rosalia Rivera
Creating Change: Rosalia Rivera's Path to Empowering Parents and Children
60 min
Being a Peleonera with Impact with Liz Ramirez
Liz Ramirez shares her story and an insightful conversation showcasing the power of being a "peleonera" (a fighter) with impact.
51 min
Trans Joy is Important with Rachel and Frank Go...
Rachel and Frank talk about overcoming fear and prioritizing love in advocacy
57 min
On Getting Paid with Luis Octavio
Luis Octavio returns for a 3rd time (2nd time alone) to Cafe con Pam and he updates us on his projects and his thoughts on Pride month
57 min
Start Your Podcast with Pam
Pam shares all the things on how to start a podcast
25 min
Creating Your Own Journey with Dari Luna
Dariluna shares her story of growing up in Venezuela, her journey of choosing her career and ultimately embracing the journey we're on.
62 min
Closing Cycles with Esoteric Esa
Esoteric Esa returns to Cafe con Pam
44 min
Learning to Love Yourself with Reema Zaman
Reema Zaman shares her story of learning self-love and making life changing decisions.
56 min
Immigration and Title 42 with Abogada Alexandra...
Abogada Alexandra Lozano comes to Cafe con Pam to talk about the Trump-era policy Title 42 and what you need to know immigrants need to know about it.
55 min
Living with Anxiety and Making Bold Moves with ...
Dr Luana Marques shares her story of learning about her anxiety and her methodology to make bold moves even when fear and anxiety are present.
50 min
Finding Your Voice with Valentina Izarra
Valentina Izarra shares her story of finding her voice through listening to what truly made her heart sing despite what everyone thought was good for her.
58 min
Demystifying Cannabis and Food with Manny Mendoza
Manny Mendoza shares his story of growing up in Chicago and taking his love for food and cannabis to demystify and to bring awareness about social justice, mental health, holistic practices and restorative efforts to Black and Brown communities.
54 min
Exploring Latinidad with Fidel Martinez
Fidel Martinez shares his story of exploring identity and building a writing career rooted in his truth and power.
52 min