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The world is full of horrible things, and these two dinguses are here to bring them to light for their atrocities. Join us every Sunday for some good old fashioned roasting.
Society & Culture
Ep. 20 - Drag
31 min
Ep. 19: Fall
38 min
Ep. 18: Submissions
It's Submission Sunday! Join Vic and Linds as they tear apart things that YOU hate!
33 min
Ep. 17: Roadtrips
Ain't nothin' that says 'summer' more than a good ol' fashioned road trip! Join Lindsay and Vic as they reminisce on their worst road tripping experiences.
27 min
Ep. 16: Summer
Are you more of a "lay in the sun 24/7" or a "leave me alone in my air conditioned bedroom" kind of summer person? Join Vic and Linds as they dissect the controversial summer season (and give some bowling tips).
25 min
Ep. 15: Pride
Love is love is love is love is love is love is love!! Join Vic and Linds as they talk about the ups and downs of what it's like to be apart of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and their most honest opinions on pride!
30 min
Ep. 14: Mother's/Father's Day
Are your parents really your parents if they don't do something ridiculous and embarrass you every second of every day? Join Vic and Linds this week as they tell some of their favourite parental stories, and the hardships that come with parent-related...
37 min
Ep. 13: Prom & Graduation
Overpriced dresses. Awkward photos. Soggy food. Bad music. Did anyone actually have a good prom? Join Vic and Linds as they go over their prom/grad experiences and the toxicity of the current school system.
37 min
Ep. 12: School
Going to school was a long, hard 13 years, and all it taught us was how to bullsh*t essays and function on 3 hours of sleep. This week, Vic and Linds go over their worst times from school.
37 min
Ep. 11: Submissions
Hate people who chew loudly on the bus while it's snowing? Oh boy is this episode for you! Join Vic and Linds as they go over things that make YOU cringe!
31 min
Ep. 10: Star Wars New Trilogy
Is Kylo Ren REALLY a bad guy? Short answer: yes. Long answer: absolutely yes. Join Vic and Linds this week as they tear apart Episodes VII, VIII, and Rogue One.
36 min
Ep. 9: Star Wars Original Trilogy
Have you ever wondered what Jabba the Hutt feels like? Join Lindsay and Vic as they tackle the hard-hitting topics of Episode IV, V, and VI.
33 min
Ep. 8: Star Wars Prequels
May the Fourth be with you, and may the strength to sit through all 3 prequels movies be with us, too. Join Vic and Linds as they list what's wrong with Episodes I, II, & III (hint: it's everything).
34 min
Ep. 7: Submissions
It's Submission Sunday! Vic and Linds take a small break from the things that annoy them, to talk about things that annoy YOU!
31 min
Ep. 6: Injuries
Objects thrown at their head, pulled muscles, blood clots lodged in their lungs... These are all things that have somehow happened to Vic and Linds. This week we talk about our most ridiculous injuries, with guest star Brie! CW: This episode includes...
28 min
Ep. 5: Pets
Everyone loves their furry little family members... until they pee on your bed. This week, Vic and Linds go over the complicated love/hate relationship with pets. CW: This episode includes mentions of death and grief.
42 min
Ep. 4: Food
WARNING! This episode contains: - Unpopular opinions on food. - Several sexual innuendos. - Guttural sounds we're not proud of.
38 min
Ep. 3: Springtime
Bunnies? Eggs? Chocolate? SNAKES? Join Vic and Linds as they share Easter traditions and make new ones.
27 min
Ep. 2: Dates
Some dates are better than others. Join Vic and Linds as they reminisce on some of their more memorable romantic outings.
38 min
Ep. 1: Manners
Some people just weren't raised right. This week we talk about manners, and those who can't use 'em.
30 min
Ep. 0.5: A Mediocre Introduction
Welcome to No Thanks! Allow us to introduce ourselves.
17 min