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Chris is restoring two Firebirds! Plenty of car talk and plenty of laughs.
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#71: Auld Lang Syne
Shaq attack!!
34 min
#70: Christmas Day
27 min
#69: Batteries Included
34 min
#68: Kazoo Kid
35 min
#67: Tesla Cybertruck
Have you seen this thing? I totally dig the look.
32 min
#66: Ford Electric Flatulence
The Ford Mustang Mach E is here and it's an SUV. Cool.
37 min
#65: Zero Deals Have Been Dealt With Fun
63 min
#64: The Yellow Zip Tie
40 min
#63: High and Tight
I talk about the baseball postseason, Long Island has a time machine, and cheesy music videos.
51 min
#62: Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts Van
The Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts van became an unexpected icon movie vehicle icon in the 90's after the success of the film. I would be willing to bet that nobody would have expected the Mutt Cutts van to become such a recognizable vehicle. It rarely...
40 min
#61: Damn, I'm Thirsty
This was supposed to be a live stream but I obviously have no idea what I'm doing. The good news is the Yankees clinched the AL East and we made another stupid episode.
57 min
#60: Your Balls Are Out
I ramble about my honeymoon in Jamaica, nude beaches, Jeremy Renner, classic rock stations and plenty more.
48 min
#59: The Story of John DeLorean
The story of John DeLorean is one of success and controversy. He helped launch and design the GTO, Firebird and obviously his own car the DMC-12. DeLorean changed the automotive industry forever yet his legacy was tainted after a drug trafficking scandal.
46 min
#58: I found my old Trans Am!
I found my third gen 1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am! I had this car back in high school and happen to find it. It's a crazy story! I'm stupid happy to have my third gen Trans Am back. I missed this car.
49 min
#57: Crossfire
You get caught up in the...
49 min
#56: Born to be Wild
Chris starts his day off with a trip to Caffeine and Octane. The conversation leads to the earthquakes in California. Naturally wild talking about the ol' west Chris brings up the recent reemergence of Bob Lazar. Independence Day, Fireworks, and the...
61 min
#55: Interview with an Anonymous Police Officer
Officer Porkchop McBacon
63 min
#54: The Last Suppah
A Trip to Boston
41 min
#53: Hey, Hey, Hey
OJ Simpson opened up a Twitter account and it's definitely going to be a highlight of the Summer. At the same time, Bill Cosby tweeted out a Father's Day note which was weird and awesome. The Blues won the Stanley Cup and the Raptors got their chips...
51 min
#52: Who is Justice Beaver?
Chris gives his take on Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise. Naturally, this leads to a discussion about Mission Impossible and cool dreams. 1:20 Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise 16:45 Dreams that I have 21:25 Difference how men and women wake up...
42 min
#51: Take the Bait
Chris reacts to this week's Twitter outrage, the straight pride parade in Boston. Mix that up with some nostalgic commercials, the Brittany Furlan podcast, and the new Apple monitor stand and you got yourself a podcast.
58 min
#50: Dropping Babies like They're too Hot to Ha...
Episode 50! Thanks for all the support thus far! We're growing thanks to you guys tuning in and listening to our shenanigans. This episode is too hot to handle, too cold to hold. We drop babies like their hot, we get spammed and hacked, we're turning...
51 min
#49: Don't Climb Mount Everest
In this episode Chris talks about his car karoake, Ace Ventura, climbers on Mount Everest, and a couple that can orgasm from hugs. OH BOY! 3:14 Forgotten phone and car karoake 13:46 Informercial Blooper 16:29 Man Bitten by a Bat 19:39 Jim Carrey and...
54 min
#48: Too Much Time on My Hands
This episode was going well but Zack had too much important stuff to he just left. He's was bored by the Godzilla and Terminator discussion.
40 min
#47: You're Doing it Wrong
You're doing it wrong. 2:00 Game of Thrones Petition 4:20 Robert Pattinson Batman 6:40 Batwoman Trailer reaction review 13:48 Arnold gets drop kicked 20:31 Bully and the Beast poop process
28 min
#46: How to Start a Podcast || My Experience
Starting a podcast could seem overwhelming at first but it's not that bad! I have some tips from my experiencing starting a podcast and a YouTube channel. There's a few things to consider when you're starting out with regards to format, workflow,...
29 min
#45: Cobra Kai Season 2 Review || Season 3 Pred...
Best show on TV
51 min
#44: Projared Sub Count is Tanking HARD
45 min
#43: The Mandela Effect
Examples of this phenomenon
47 min
#42: Avengers Endgame Review SPOILERS
Go see this movie
61 min
#41: Avengers: Endgame Review (Spoiler free!)
Korey Goodwin joins the show to give a spoiler free review of Avengers: Endgame.
45 min
#40: I'm Getting Married!
A Tale as Old as Time
37 min
#39: Game of Thrones and things
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1. Steve joins us as we discuss the season premiere of the 8th season of Game of Thrones.
52 min
#38: The Sebastian Maniscalco Show
Starring: The Drunk Guys sitting in front of me!
30 min
#37: The Most Iconic Cars in Movies
And TV...
32 min
#36: All By Myself with Disney Easter Eggs
Spicy stuff
22 min
#35: Men's Therapeutic Cuddle Group
Stroking Beards
35 min
#34: Peaks and Valleys
Chris had a stupid week
54 min
#33: Saturday Morning Cartoons
Comedy Podcast
47 min
#32: Old Offensive Commercials
Could never air today
57 min
#31: Baby Food and Bourbon
Comedy Podcast
46 min
#30: Hot Wing Challenge - Zamunda Fire
Comedy Podcast
51 min
#29: Jussie Smollett and Brie Larson
Comedy Podcast
48 min
#28: A Heavy Metal Special
Comedy Podcast
46 min
#27: Ron Burgundy has a Podcast
Comedy Podcast
52 min
#26: A Whale of a Time
Comedy Podcast
43 min
#25: A Crappy Job
Comedy Podcast
46 min
#24: Toxic Avenger's Masculinity
Comedy Podcast
55 min
#23: The Darkest Knight
Comedy Podcast
47 min
#22: Tai Mai Shu
Comedy Podcast
48 min
#21: There Arose Such a Clatter
Comedy Podcast
43 min
#20: A Shockingly Good Time
Comedy Podcast
50 min
#19: Airport Adventures
Topics: 1. Tumblr bands adult content. 2. A Florida Woman threatens a man with a knife after he calls her out for farting. 3. There's been a rise in underground psilocybin therapists. 4. Geoff's trip to Vegas and the airport. Website:...
41 min
#18: The Giant Cow
Topics: 1. Celine Dion launches a new clothing line, "Celinununu," and some are calling it satanic. 2. Russia announces they plan to build a base on the moon shortly after the USA announces they are also planning on revisiting the moon. Moon wars! 3....
45 min
#17: Get Healthy
 Topics: 1. Health, fitness, and diet. We discuss holistic health and the keto diet. 2. A Japanese man married a Hologram. 3. An autistic monkey is treated with anti-depressants. 4. A man dressed as Spiderman scaled a building without any safety...
49 min
#16: Roast Beef Sandwiches and Skynet
We're talking: - Waymo announces plans for the first self-driving car service - Atlanta is ranked #1 for singles - Stony Brook University offers a course in active shooter training - Marvel Trivia
43 min
#15: The Warm-handed Doctor
Topics of discussion: Harvard believes an "interstellar object" in space may actually be an alien probe. A Dutch man wants to legally change his age. A North Carolina man punches a bear in the face. Geoff's trip to the doctor
51 min
#14: Bustin' Makes me Feel Good
On this episode we discuss: 1.) A 30 years old UK woman is marrying a ghost. She also claims to have had sexual relations with at least 20 ghosts. 2.) Disney employees say the magical theme park is a popular place for people to spread the ashes of...
47 min
#13: Netflix Way, Horror Movies, Ice-T, Cat All...
On this episode we discuss: 1.) A man is forced to leave his Delta flight after an allergic reaction to cats. 2.) Ice T is arrested for toll evasion and driving without a license plate or registration. 3.) The Wall Street journal releases an article...
47 min
#12: Jamal Khashoggi, Male Contraceptives, Song...
On this episode we discuss the following topics: 1.) A drunken Wales man scales a 150ft suspension bridge in an act to evade the police. 2.) The Saudi state's acknowledgment of the death of Jamal Khashoggi, the American journalist. 3.) New...
45 min
#11: Emotional Support Squirrel, Banksy, Kanye ...
On this weeks episode we discuss the removal of Cindy Torok from her Frontier Airlines flight after sneaking on board her emotional support squirrel. We cover the auction where a Banksy painting was destroyed shortly after the winning bid. We talk...
46 min
#10: Lunar Lander, Presidential Alert, Brett Ka...
Lockheed Martin announced a Lunar Lander prototype that will allow astronauts to remain on the moon for up to 2 weeks. Over 225 million cell phone users received a "Presidential Alert" notification. Though the alert was actually sent by FEMA, many...
45 min
#9: Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh, Megacruise, ML...
Chris and Zack discuss the sentencing of Bill Cosby, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Megadeth's announcement of the "Megacruise," the UFC cards, and the MLB Wild Card game.
54 min
#8: Coca-Cola, Judy B. Cochran, Stormy Daniels,...
Chris reminisces about Blockbuster. Coca-Cola shows interest in cannabis based products. Texas Mayor Judy B. Cochran hunts and kills 12 foot aligator. Stormy Daniels says Trump's junk looks like Toad. The FBI releases the official reason why they...
46 min
#7: Pink Pantherz, Observatory shutdown, Jade e...
Kathy joins Chris and Zack and discusses the mysterious closing of a Solar Observatory in New Mexico, Pink Pantherz coffee shop forced to change wardrobe, Gwyneth Paltrow's pays out 145k for her jade eggs, and Elon Musk.
65 min
#6: Colin Kaepernick, Nike, Burt Reynolds, Elon...
Chris has a panic attack
37 min
#5: Matt, Laserblast, ASMR, Roommate Pranks
Bad Movie Night
52 min
#4: Taylor, Asia Argento, Jim Carrey, Alex Jone...
Taylor joins Chris and Zack for a conversation around Asia Argento and it deteriorates from there...
47 min
#3: Fart parties, MMA, Drug Tests, Geoff
Chris and Zack invite Geoff to the show to bring back great memories and discuss MMA.
57 min
#2: Left vs. Right, Millennials, Pornography, P...
Left vs Right, Millennials, Pornography, Podcasting
48 min
#1: Phil Strub, Alex Jones, James Gunn, Keto, F...
Phil Strub, James Gunn, Alex Jones, Flat-earthers, Keto
46 min