Judged by the Cover

The Judged by the Cover Podcast is all about album cover design. I will be discussing the designs of a variety of album covers, how the cover design helps tell the story of the album, and any cool facts and stories I find along the way. I believe that album art can be one of the major factors in someone listening to and buying your music, so come on a journey with me as we discover why having an album cover designer is a key to your musics success.

Music Discovery - Coming Home by the Dangerous ...
31 min
Judged by the Cover - Best of 2023
The best of 2023 in Cover Art, Physical Packaging, and music!
45 min
The Ugly Christmas Sweater Edition
There is no shortage of Christmas albums…covering everything from traditional hymns to some of pop cultures finest trying to create music that evokes the feelings of the season. Most of these album covers have your traditional Christmas elements (Christmas trees, presents, snowflakes, red and green colors, etc…)…but there is also no shortage of “interesting” finds. So we are going to explore a few of them that I find to be most unusual in this special edition of the Judged by the cover podcast.
22 min
I Never Knew - Brent Crowe Interview
Today we have another special interview episode, and this time it is with a great friend of mine Brent Crowe.
84 min
Did they steal that album cover design...? - Th...
The cover art for The Clash's London Calling album may have some controversy to it...
21 min
Brave the Storm - Abe Montalvo - Monoliths Inte...
Abe discusses his new signal Brave the Storm, upcoming 2 song EP, tips on song writing, a synth wave side project, and much much more!!! Trust me, don't sleep on this interview!!
53 min
Cars on Album Covers
If you love cool cars, or love cool album covers, check out todays episode Cars on Covers.
25 min
An album cover that saved a t-shirt business - ...
17 min
Too Good - The Phil Hyland Interview
43 min
Now I know the story, 20yrs later - Meteora
9 min
The group that put band logos on the map - Chicago
11 min
The best selling debut album of all time - Boston
13 min
The Album Cover That Started JW Creates - Minor...
8 min
Judged by the Cover - Teaser
3 min